World Bank: Philippines best performer in services export

With its human capital and good telecommunication infrastructures, the Philippine has become one of the best performers in services exporters particularly in the business process outsourcing.

In a conference on the global trade in services held in Makati City today, the World Bank noted the Philippine’s superb performance in services exports that could provide more channels to sustain economic growth and reduce poverty incidence.

“Service sector performance critically depends on human capital, the quality of the telecommunications network, and the quality of institutions,” said Sebasti?n S?ez, World Bank senior trade economist.

“The experience of exporting outsourced business services in the Philippines shows that by creating an enabling environment where the private sector can deploy its creativity, developing countries can reap the benefits that services exports opportunities are opening,” he added.

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Con Yap

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    hey, cocoy…. did you read the first sentence?

    Pilipinas daw has good telecommunications infrastructures….