Divorce bill

House Bill 1799,  authored by Rep.Luz Ilagan of Gabriela Party-list, revives earlier initiatives to legalize divorce in the country. While the bill has its merits, many of which have been debated over the years, its timing may be questionable as it could take time that would be spent on the Reproductive Health bill.


This could then dilute the importance of the latter, another contentious legislation.  Rep. Ilagan is reported to have  been inspired by the example of Malta, a small island, predominantly Catholic and conservative, but which had the courage to vote “Yes” to a divorce law at its recent referendum. Should the bill be ratified in the parliament, it would mean that the Philippines would be the only country (together with the Vatican City) to forbid divorce.


But the proponents could perhaps shelve the divorce bill for the nonce while they concentrate on the RH bill which undoubtedly ranks higher in our hierarchy of priority of survival concerns.


While the divorce bill, in the opinion of some pundits, primarily affect the middle class (the rich upper class can always opt for annulment or go for a “quickie” divorce abroad while the poor do not care much about legalizing their union), the RH bill affects everyone whose survival depends on balanced population growth rate.

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