Prostitutes peddled like fish to rich convicts, informant says

Privileges enjoyed by moneyed prisoners of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) extend beyond living in special quarters. They can also enjoy the pleasures of the flesh right inside maximum security.

A source said prostitution is so “rampant” in the state penitentiary that sex workers, whom they call tilapia, are “peddled like fish to moneyed prisoners.”

“Only the rich can afford them because their price starts at P3,500 and could go even higher than P10,000, depending on the woman’s physical attributes,” said the source who once brought a prostitute in.

The money would allegedly be divided among the woman, the pimp that brought her there, the prisoner who will peddle her inside the compound, and the jail guard.

The same source said there are several ways a tilapia can enter the heavily guarded compound. One was to acquire a fake identification card, which will bear the name of anyone recorded in the prisoner’s “karpeta” or record of legitimate visitors, or through connivance with the empleyado (jail guard).

“Sometimes you give P1,500 to P2,000 to the empleyado for them to allow the woman to go in. But once she’s in, money is easy already because many men, mostly the Chinese, are waiting for her there,” said the source.

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Con Yap

  • CesVeee

    @GabbyD I guess its because of the nickname “tilapia” given by the inmates and nothing more…

    • GabbyD

      thanks ces.

      i wonder, if tilapia is the nick the author of this piece used, or if its the words of the inmates.

  • GabbyD

    peddled like fish? this is supposed to be a bad thing, but what additional info does “peddled like fish” give us?

    had he written “peddled like shoes”, would that be better?

    hell, can we not say, “peddled like prostitutes”? isnt that already enough of a bad thing — why do have 2 drag fish into this?

    • manuelbuencamino

      Sa preso tilapia ang tawag. Sa iba naman lugar gulay ang tawag. Siguro mas tama ang nick ng preso sa kanila kasi hindi ganun ka fresh yun mga pokpok na dinadala dun, hindi sila pang garden salad.

      But I agree that the prison term is unfair to tilapias. When newly caught the tilapia is quite delicious.

      Pero kung bocha at bilasa at medyo nangangamoy na eh hindi na sila masyadong appetizing. Pero kung gutom ka at wala ka ng makain, eh okay na din sila.

      I think the better term for them would be “pagpag” kasi, as the report says they sometimes service four or five customers a night. So if you are the second all the way to the fourth or fifth, pagpag na yun dumarating sa iyo.