Bishop calls on Noy to resign, hints of shadow ouster group

BUTUAN Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, known to be close to the Arroyo administration, yesterday called on President Aquino to resign after allegedly making it apparent by his actions that he is not interested in being president of the country.

Pueblos said “some groups” are already seriously working at ousting the President.

In a phone interview, the prelate said Aquino’s appointment of his allies, classmates and shooting buddies to various government positions only proves that he is not fit to stay as president.

“He does not plan. He does not study. He does not have his own decision and just let his friends fulfill it,” said Pueblos. “He should just resign then.”

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Con Yap

  • UP nn grad

    Hah hah hah…. Lacierda is now asking the Butuan Bishop to hush and not express his opinions.

    Same-oh same-oh… Lacierda says that former presidents (in this case, GuLLLOOO-RRR–YYYAAA) should not express their opinions about former supreme court justices.

    I doubtl, though, that Presi-Noynoy will write an EO-thirty-eight-caliber to this efect because it will invite Pilipinas Supreme Court to make a decision if the Executive Branch really has that power to force the citizenry to “… be more respectful… if you disagree, then shut-up por-favor and be respectful of Persssi-II-dente”.

    • UP nn grad

      … at least now we know at least one name who gave Presi-Noynoy the idea about a Perss-idente having the right to declare “… surely, you Madam Citizen-You are guilty… so I will set up a tooothy-commission to find the err-bidensiya to convict you. What am I persssi-dente for? “