Hillary congratulates PH ahead of Independence Day

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday extended her congratulations to the Philippines ahead of its celebration of the 113th anniversary of Independence Day on June 12.

“On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to congratulate the people of the Philippines on the 113th anniversary of your declaration of independence this June 12,” Clinton said in a statement.

Clinton said the United States and the Philippines are long-standing friends and partners, noting that the 2 countries stood together during World War II to defend liberal democratic values.

“Today, we are working together on many new fronts.  Whether we are working to find ways to catalyze economic growth, helping victims of natural disasters, combating extremism, or calling for greater protection of human rights, our two countries share a vision of a better world,” she said.

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Con Yap

  • UP nn grad

    Hillary Cllinton did not mention China-the-bully and the Spratlys. Hillary Clinton//Leon Panetta/Barrack Obama wants Presi-Noynoy to consider if there are benefits to Pilipinas when USA gets basing rights in Pilipinas. A 25-to-40-year agreement may be acceptable to Presi-Noynoy’s colleagues in Congress who are wondering what Pilipinas can do as China escalates even more its growling aggressiveness against Pilipinas.