The Conspirator in Cassock

Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos urged the President to resign, or face possible ouster, and the Palace led by Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda dubbed him, “a conspirator in a cassock“. The description is apt.

Bishop Pueblos is reading the tea leaves wrongly.

Yes, there are so many problems. While factions in government for me is a natural outcome of a democracy, Doy points out the bad side effects of rivalry.

Yes, as Manuel Buencamino points out in his Letter to President Aquino, his buddies shouldn’t be protected. It is a fair assessment.

In all of this, the nation needs serious men, and women. Serious men and women are not just in government, but out there in the private sector, being private citizens, doing what citizens do: work for themselves and their families.

Bishop de Dios Pueblos is seriously wrong. If there was one thing the Arroyo regime taught us is that our people prefer elections to change leaders. They will not stand for political revolution the likes of EDSA, short of perhaps another dictatorship. Raising these threats do this government no good. You want to lift our people out of poverty? We create jobs. Government can not create jobs with political turmoil. Businesses will not invest in such a climate.

These moves by the CBCP speak not of Wisdom that supposedly the holy spirit has blessed upon these men of faith. No, it speaks of what is human in them. It speaks of the recklessness, and the self-centeredness.

We need a nation so focused on the concerns of tomorrow. We have a serious national security concern over at the Spratly Islands. We have issues of corruption, and the restructuring being done by government. We have great issues concerning education, and healthcare. These are important national concerns that each Filipino ought to address.

The Holy Spirit, we Catholics are taught, can give us the gift of discernment. Perhaps, our fellow Filipinos in the CBCP ought to turn their haughtiness off, and listen to the God they profess to represent here on Earth. We need serious men, and serious women solving the nation’s problems. We need every Filipino onboard. And yes, we need real and responsible men and women of Faith in the future we hope to build for our people.

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Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • GabbyD

    i too dont understand what ur saying mb.

    i suppose u mean the bishop abused his position? how so?

    did he say it in church?

    • Cocoy

      See ragster’s comment below, June 15, 2011 at 6:01 am

      • GabbyD

        i suppose i’m trying to understand if he’s abused his position as a cleric. these guys have (some kind of) moral authority.

        i can understand raggster saying that its irresponsible for a CITIZEN to ask the president to resign for no reason, other than “i dont like you”.

        “i dont like you” isnt enough. heck, even “i dont like your policy” isnt enough.

        • Bishops are citizens too. And you’re right, members of the clergy do have moral authority over their charge – which burdens them all the more with the responsibility of substantiating their allusions to would-be “ouster” factions and the validity/justification for such movements.

          Again I ask, beyond the RH Bill, what other grievous wrongs have been committed by the Aquino administration, such that PNoy deserves ouster after only a year in office? If the “trigger” of the ouster is the RH Bill, and if only the CBCP rejects the RH Bill, then wouldn’t an ouster movement of this nature be based on nothing more than the CBCP’s prodding?

          And in reply to UP, we are not talking of suppression of speech. Lacierda did rebuke Bishop Pueblos for Pueblos’ self-admitted knowledge and participation in ouster plots, and called on Pueblos to observe the Church’s own rules on political participation – he did NOT say that Bishop Pueblos ought to be denied free speech. In fact no one is saying *anything* about suppressing free speech – so I wonder where you’re getting this “jackboot-on-the-throat suppress” mantra you’ve been harping all throughout this comments section.

          • UP nn grad

            My dictionary, senirota raggster, says that it is treasonous — jail-worthy — for a bishop or a school teacher to be a participant in ouster plots against Malacanang. Now, if Primer Pagunuran says the bishop is participant-ouster-plot, not worrisome, Primer doesn’t have the PNP to back up his words. A BFF of Malacanang saying the same — different story.

            My understanding of world history, translated to Pilipinas setting —- keep encouraging Malacanang BFF’s to bully the people you do not like and Malacanang will gladly oblige. When again is electon-time?

            But that’s my opinion. You and Yellow-Army, of course, can always say that Presi-Noynoy won with 54% of the votes so he and BFF’s can hush strongly the bishop of butuan.

          • UP nn grad

            and there you go, raggster.

            RH is reason enough why some Pinoys would believe Presi-Noynoy should step down and let Binay take over.

            Remember Quirino grandstand? You know, where people died. That, alone, would be reason enough why a few Pinoys would want Presi-Noy to step down and Binay to take over.

            Heck… Binay would be acceptable if Presi-Noynoy were to step down… for whatever reason.

            You guys sould like a Pampangueno now or GMAyer of 3 or 4 years ago, except you are a Noynoyer.

            A Czech tourist who was here 5 years ago and who returns would still hear the same sentence —- “.. what reason? Why, if you ignore this or you ignore that, then what reason would anyone want for the perssss-idente to step down?”.

          • On Reply #1: False dichotomy, the words of Shmoe Joe and the words of Lacierda on possible ouster conspiracies should not weigh more or less as far as the PNP is concerned. AFAIK, there has been no executive directive to investigate Pueblos’ claims, so the PNP is still free to do so on its own initiative; as to why it hasn’t done so, feel free to supply theories here.

            On Reply #2: RH is a reason… why? Again, it is not enough to say, ” is enough.” It must be established WHY that is enough. In other words, given a whole set of plausible, viable reasons, *why* is the RH issue enough to warrant ouster?

            The GMA Experience (a term which I ought to trademark, lol) is vastly different. The charge then was not merely some morality power play/opposition against the Catholic Church, it was out-and-out corruption, cronyism, election-rigging, and blatant human rights violations almost at par with Marcos-style martial law (see GMA’s Presidential Proclamation 1017, and compare with Marcos’ Proclammation 1081). Which, by the way, the same anti-PNoy Bishops were silent over, and at times even defended. This goes to motive: why would *these* Bishops call for PNoy’s ouster? History tells us that could be a possible windfall in store for them should such movements succeed.

            BTW, “treason” is different from “rebellion” and “sedition.” Check the Revised Penal Code.

    • manuelbuencamino


      Are you asking me of he said it as MR Juan de dios Pueblos or as BISHOP Juan de dios Pueblos? Did he make a distinction?

      1. The Vatican has very strict rules on political activity by priests. Edwin Lacierda quoted chapter and verse from the Vatican’s operations manual.

      2. Priests answer to the Vatican. (As a matter of fact, priests believe that the church is above the state.) They do not behave contrary to what the Vatican dictates unless they are willing to risk censure and/or sanction.

      Thus if a priest with the rank of Bishop engages in purely political activities or utters purely political remarks, I will take that to mean as the Vatican meddling in our sovereignty. Unless of course the Bishop is rebuked by the Vatican or the Nuncio.

      3. The Bishop may or may not have abused his position because I don’t know exactly what you meant by your question.

      What I know for sure is the Bishop went out of bounds for he represents the Vatican. He is a creature of the Vatican so he has no business commenting on Philippine politics other than when such politics involves church morals, and even then who is the Vatican to dictate morality to us?

      4. Better for the Bishop to focus his time and energy on uplifting the morals of his flock. That way there won’t be as many of them who will become crooks, sexual degenerates etc. and he will not be placed in the uncomfortable position of defending corruption and the corrupt and blaming others for his failure to make good men out of them.

      • UP nn grad

        Malacanang, in my opinion (Malacanang to mean, specifically, Lacierda) was stepping close to out-of-bounds when Malacanang suggested that the bishop was a conspirator because the bishop of Butuan asked for PresiNoynoy to resign, the bishop mentioning Ochoa and the other KKK’s.

        Malacanang’s request for “huwag ninyong pintasan ang Persi-dente” should be held in check. In other words, Malacanang should not be allowed to threaten with implied jail-penalties those who are unhappy with Malacanang.

        The issue (to me) is not the bishop, the issue (to me) is Lacierda of Malacanang. It is like this:

        Tell me one reason that you would have allowed GMA to jackboot-on-the-throat suppress (with 3 months or more in jail-penalty) a complaint against her or any of her shooting-buddies, classmates or BFF’s?

        You let the KSP’s lilke de Quiros or Jinggoy or the Bishop or any discontented raise their voices. So may ingay — kung walang suporta iyong nag-iingay, tatahimik iyan, kakapusin din iyan ng laway eventually o mag-kakaroon ng ibang happening — maybe another Quirino or another Buendia or maybe OPresiNoynoy starts funding two-hundred new public schools for Mindanao or the bachelor-dude announces he will get married in 9 months.

        Huwag ninyong kakalimutan si Lacierda. You let Lacierda or any of Malacanang jackboot-suppress and Malacanang will welcome the opportunity to jackboot-suppress….. especially near election-time.

        Hindi ba katulad lang iyan sa sabi ni ManuB about indios getting elevated to positions of power?

        • manuelbuencamino

          Maliwanag ang context ng pagbatikos ni Lacierda sa sinabi ni pueblos. Nagbubulagbulagan ka lang. But that’s what happens when you drink Benigno’s kool aid.

          • UP nn grad

            manuB drinks with his BFF’s, and then there is Benigno’s kool-aid, heh heh heh

            manu B’s donna-wanna talk about Lacierda nor Ochoa, and then next month is July, heh heh heh.

            Mabuti na lang for the Butuan-bishop now (and for deQuiros during GMA reign of many years) Pilipinas does not get jackboot-on-the-throat when they talk about things Malacanang allies do not want them to talk about.

    • GabbyD


      if you read the document, you’ll immediately realize two things:
      1) the quote from the press secretary was incomplete. the top of the paragraph states:

      “Such relativism, of course, has nothing to do with the legitimate FREEDOM of Catholic citizens to choose among the various political opinions that are compatible with faith and the natural moral law, and to select, according to THEIR OWN criteria, what best corresponds to the needs of the common good.” [CAPS MINE]

      2) they also forgot to note that this “NOTE” is about the lay faithful. the behavior of priests is relegated to another note.

    • GabbyD

      FYI: what does the church say about politics and priests? the relevant doc is “DIRECTORY ON THE MINISTRY AND LIFE OF PRIESTS”

      and you can look at this doc from the US bishops.

      in short, bishops have responsibilities too

  • UP nn grad

    cocoy, in his blog-post, does point to a critical need for Pinoys-in-PInas.
    “…. You want to lift our people out of poverty? We create jobs..

    Poverty and the government-initatives to create jobs were addressed in Presidente Aquino’s speech on Independence Day June 12, 2011.

  • Bert

    “On a serious note, wasn’t it acceptable 3 years ago when a bishop-this or a bishop-that clamored for the sitting president to TALSIK-DIYAN!”-UP n

    You are correct, UP n.

    When a bishop clamor for the ouster of a sitting abusive president to protect the interests of the people and of the country, that is acceptable.

    When a bishop clamor for the ouster of a sitting good president to protect the interests of a former abusive president, that is not acceptable.

    Can you see the difference?

    • UP nn grad

      O, sige na nga, bert, Boot-on-the-throat sa sino man gustong umangal sa Perss-idente ni MLQ3 or sa Perss-idente ni deLima.

      • Bert

        Ah, UP n, just as I thought. You did not spot the difference.

        That’s ok, maybe you’ll try harder next time. Yes?

        • UP nn grad

          But what did I say wrong. Are you not saying it is OKAY — …. boot-on-the-throat — shut up!!!! — Lacierda-to-Bishop Butuan who criticizes against a delima Perss-idente (Noy-noy)…. okay for Lacierda to say “Shadddd-appp!!!” to the Butuan Bishop who perrrr-teks the interest of a deLima perss-idente (GuuuLLLLOOOO—rrrr-YYy-aaAA).

          Now, what I say is that you, mister citizen bert, or Fr. Nebres ( of Ateneo-Katipunan)… regular citizens can say the shaddd-apps. Lacierda??? Malacanang??? NO. Those in power have to be held in check . I believe that agents-of-Malacanang should always be reminded ” — thou shalt not bully the critics with allusions to “conspirator-you…sharrrr–ddddapp!! …. conspirators go to jail, you know…. shhhhhHHHH-AAAAA–dddaaapp!”

          If you can’t say anything nice about them-who-reside in Malacanang, then shaddddaaappp… says the agent-of-the-Persidente. Why again not?

          • UP nn grad

            and bert says “… because it is my idol, Noyi-Noy, the bishop criticizes… so bullying this particular bishop is okay”.

          • Bert

            Ah, UP n, you can’t really get it, you need spoon-feeding. You want me to feed you what’s the difference which you don’t want to get, but I won’t. You have to really try harder. Come on, you can do it.

        • UP nn grad

          to bert, it is not acceptable to clamor for the ouster of a sitting president who bert sincerely believes is a gooder-than-good president. Of course, it makes sense for bert to say that.

          To me, any Pinoy- or Pinay-citizen — even if the person is an Aeta or is a resident of Magallanes village — every citizen has right right anytime anyday to clamor for the ouster of a sitting president…. just as bert has the right to say it is wrong for a citizen in Butuan to clamor “KKK! Ano ba iyan!!!” about bert’s per-borito president.

          But Noynoy won with 56% of the votes — he is special.

          • UP nn grad

            paulit-ulit lang ito…

            Next na… Go, Dallas!!! Beat Miami!!!

          • Bert

            Ah, UP n, you are giving up so soon. Please don’t. If you cannot see the difference I will give you a hint.

            Bishop Cruz love his country and people because he want to stop jueteng and eradicate gambling lords. Bishop Onchimar (is that the correct spell?) love his god because he was asking the politicians to pray, that his god can enlighten the politicians on RH Bill. Now, Bishop de dios Pueblos, basing from his silence during the previous administration and his noise in this new administration, many people will say that the good bishop is neither. Many people will say that Bishop Pueblos just love Goluuur-Yaaa.

            So you see, UP n? If you only try hard enough you will see that there are reasons why something is acceptable and why something is not acceptable whether yesterday, today and tomorrow.

            Can you see now the difference?

          • UP nn grad

            dassa waatt I said…

            ano ang next? Nag release na uli ng travel-warning ang USA State Department…. ano hula mo, mag-iingay uli si PersiDente Noynoy about USA-out-of-bounds for speaking things that affect Pilipinas tourisM? At wishful-thinking, i release sana daw iyong for elementary- and high-school building construction na ginipit ni Persi-Dente — huwag naman sanang gastusin sa ibang bagay.

          • KG

            Di ko kasi kilala si Bishop Pueblos . had to do further reading….
            This article says a lot:


          • GabbyD

            K G,

            hehe.. nice article. natawa ako sa “no one has died from poverty”…

          • Bert


            Anyone can paint a rosy picture of GMA, or of Bishop Pueblos, if one is inclined to, but the people, of course, knows the real score.

          • KG

            Yes Bert You are correct.For reference purposes lang I still have my bs detector fine tuned.
            I still haven’t forgotten what GMA has done. But I wish that the Palace would refrain of reminding us unless they feel that the people have already forgotten and moved on.(my opinion only)

          • @KG The main problem is that GMA still has a modicum of power as a member of Congress, and still has a significant number of allies/spin doctors with an audience in the form of the media. I dislike the constant reminder also, but I feel it is necessary lest GMA and her spin-doctors rewrite history while we work on undoing the damage of the past.

          • KG

            I like your explanation Raggster. Thanks for that.

  • UP nn grad

    On a serious note, wasn’t it acceptable 3 years ago when a bishop-this or a bishop-that clamored for the sitting president to TALSIK-DIYAN!

    This talk about “— dissent is a hindrance to national progress –“ seems to be case-by-case basis.

    To me, it is legitimate when ManuB or when cocoy, when deQuiros or when Patricio Mangubat, when Randy David or Ellen Tordesillas say that the Butuan bishop is an ignoramus. BUT…. BUT Malacanang is way off the mark when Malacanang says shaddap—conspirator-you // way off the mark for Malacanang to suggest that “— dissent is a hindrance to national progress –“

    Citizens who encourage Lacierda to smear with ” You are conspirator!!!” may want to re-consider. (This is my opinion.) To encourage Malacanang to keep using “..conspirator” against folks who embarass them with KKK- or other allegations This is to encourage Malacanang to shut down dissent with “…Shut up, conspirator! Conspirator — illegal — go to jail” , behave or else.

    That is my opinion. ProPinoy-dot- : entitled to their opinion.

    [ Of course, Noynoy won with 56% of the votes, so he can claim righteousness…… More and more Pilipinas dissenters must be feeling the pressure with each pronouncement from Malacanang saying “..shut up! You ignoramus conspirator you!” ]

    • UP nn grad

      Beware encouraging Those-In-Power to bully-silence this ignoramus or that ignoramus who had written or spoken KKK to embarass them. The next ignoramus in their path just may be your cousin-in-law, and then, there is you.

      Beware encouraging Those-In-Power to bully-silence the opposition they call the ignoramus. Just consider this — Ferdinand Marcos, like Noynoy Aquino, had the adulation of the Pinoys-in-Pinas when he won Malacanang — 51.9% (a little bit less than Noynoy) in 1965; 61.4% (a bit more than Noynoy) in 1969.

      • Cocoy

        Point well taken.

    • GabbyD

      why did the bishop say pnoy should resign? (he has denied saying this tho)


      why did people ask gma to resign?

      • UP nn grad

        Wasn’t when GMA carp’ed Hacienda Luisita was when Cory and Noynoy said “GMA- talsik diyan!!!”?

        And even Cory’s reason for jooining the “Talsik Diyan” bandwagon is irrelevant. Any and all Pinoy should be allowed to say “Perssiii-dente, tama na, sobra na. Hindi ka naman nakakatulong, layas na!”

        The danger is when you allow Malacanang to bully the complainers with implicit threat of jail — “… aha!! Conspirator! Conspiracies — against the law, so be careful how you speak!”

        But threatening-with-jail is better than Burgos-damput/nawala.

        • GabbyD

          “And even Cory’s reason for jooining the “Talsik Diyan” bandwagon is irrelevant. Any and all Pinoy should be allowed to say “Perssiii-dente, tama na, sobra na. Hindi ka naman nakakatulong, layas na!””

          really? ANY REASON is ok?

          hay, up, now ur being shrill too.

        • GabbyD

          if its true that any reason is ok, then yes, thats a reason why politics is so volatile. there;s no sense of proportion or prioritization.

          also, i doubt if, in your own personal life, ANY REASON IS OK is the way you live your own life.

          • UP nn grad

            Tell me one reason that you would have allowed GMA to jackboot-on-the-throat suppress (with 3 months or more in jail-penalty) a complaint against her or any of her shooting-buddies, classmates or BFF’s?

            You let the idiots raise their voices so they get tired with not a reasonable one llistening to their imaginations. You let Malacanang jackboot-suppress and Malacanang will welcome the opportunity to jackboot-suppress….. especially near election-time.

          • GabbyD

            nothing you write here makes sense.


        • “Any and all Pinoy should be allowed to say “Perssiii-dente, tama na, sobra na. Hindi ka naman nakakatulong, layas na!” ” True. But each and every Pinoy who does that has the burden of proving the ” Hindi ka naman nakakatulong” part for the call of resignation to have any moral force. The GMA Experience was jam-packed with justification that she ought to have stepped down. “Hello Garci” alone was enough. Where is the justification to call for PNoy’s ouster, beyond the friction over the RH Bill?

          • UP nn grad

            So would you have preferred if there was a law that prevented the GMA-Talsik-Diyan rallies, would 2006-to-2010 have been more pleasant if GMA-admin had the right to jackboot-suppress those who were disrespectful of Malacanang and the Malacanang BFF’s?

            GMA-administration is exactly the reason you let every Pinoy have the right to yell and scream about laziness, chicanery, failure to flush the toilets, drinking $150-a-bottle good-stuff, failure to kneel when the bells announce the novena. You should not want to give the GMA-administration (nor the Marcos nor Diosdado Macapagal nor Cory Aquino administration) the right to jackboot-suppress those who are disrespectful and who make nonsense-slogans like Villaroyo or Garici-fication or “Dovey-Beams” or kidney-dialysis-rumors.

            Just my opinion…… raggster, just my opinion. Go, Dallas!!! LeBron, go home!

  • UP nn grad

    Did Lacierda really call the Bishop a conspirator?

    ManuB can call the bishop a conspirator and deQuiros can call the bishop a conspirator and Kris Aquino and all the important women in presiNoynoy’s life can call the Bishop a conspirator, but lawyers close to the President should avoid using the term —- unless, of course, Lacierda and Malacanang are preparing charges against the bishop. “Conspiracy” when used by lawyers talking law automaticallly step into the definition — aaconspirator is doing an illegal act.

    Does Lacierda have legally-acceptable evidence to prepare charges against the bishop? What illegal act or actions would Lacierda be suggesting the bishop to be guilty of?

    con·spir·a·cy    [kuhn-spir-uh-see] Show IPA
    –noun, plural -cies.
    1. the act of conspiring.
    2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
    3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
    4. Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

    • Cocoy

      Did Mr. Lacierda call the bishop, a “conspirator”? The exact quote:

      “Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos of Butuan displays the zeal of a Grand Inquisitor and not the Christian humility of a shepherd. Instead of pastoral concern, he seems ignorant of the virtues of charity, humility, and prudence and instead fires from the hip, armed with a fanciful imagination, and utterly without any effort to discern the truth: practically a conspirator in a cassock, which makes him anathema to responsible citizenship, the duty of every Filipino whether in the lay or clerical state.”

      • UP nn grad

        Lacierda should follow the example of Presi-Noynoy whose generosity and Christian spirit more robust — Presi-Noynoy who pardons building-occupying conspirators in military uniforms tttRILLLi-lating GMA-talsik-diyan! with rifles.

        Pero sobra ata when Lacierda says the Bishop has “… fanciful imagination… without any effort to discern the truth”. The bishop did not just imagine Torres among KKK, apparently the bishop reads the newspapers, wouldn’t you say?

        • Bert

          Hindi sobra, tama lang.

          I think that Lacierda means that the good bishop has fanciful imagination, meaning the bishop can imagine only what he fancies, and the bishop wants to fancy only Pres. Noynoy’s KKK but the good bishop does not want to fancy Gloria’s KKK, and Gloria’s generals, and Gloria’s other fancies during her time. Fanciful imagination is just the correct description for the good bishop.

          • UP nn grad

            Maybe this Bishop of Butuan wanted to be in the media. K-S-P, and the media obliged.

            Pinatulan naman ni Lacierda. Pinag-praktisan ng rhetorical devices at iba pang ingles-ingles. Marami-rami din ang libreng oras nitong si Lacierda, ano.

  • manuelbuencamino

    Bishop Pueblos is what happens to native clerics when they become bishops.

    • UP nn grad

      hah hah hah hah… yes to kastilaloys and to Marr-kanos and to Hostrall-yanos, but no to Pinoys…. Pilipinas gene–pool not good enough to have natives as bishops… good one, Mister Manuel B.

      • manuelbuencamino


        medyo na miss mo ang point. Ang point ko ay many times the worst oppressors are the katiwalas. Ngayon yan mga native bishops ang nagmana ng flock ng mga fraile na dating katiwala ng Vatican. Ngayon yan mga indiong bishops na ang bagong katiwala at ang karamihang sa kanila ay abusado. Akala nila sa sila na ang hari. Sa madali at simpleng salita: mga langaw lang sila na nakatungtong sa kalabaw akala nila kalabaw na sila.

        Your knee-jerk reaction to see racism in what I said reveals an inferiority complex matched only by your idol Benigno.

        • UP nn grad

          HAH HAH HAH… I kinda guessed it was just your unfamiliarity with the English language.

          So what you had intended to say is something like this : (I think this is college-level English):

          “..Bishop Pueblos is what happens to a few native clerics when they become bishops”.
          You can add “… Power has gone to the bishop’s head.” You can even add a common phrase among Pinoys-in-Pinas. “Maybe the bishop has caught the KSP virus.”

          Even an allusion to a talsik-diyan complaint.

          “Maybe this Butuan bishop is just marching to instructions after receiving a brown bag from you-know-who.”
          NOTICE that I said “… to a few native clerics”.
          The 2 words “a few” makes a big difference.

          Here is a rule you should follow (especially if you are interested in starting a career as a column writer):

          For criticisms, you can slime to your heart’s desire the specific action, but beware about sliming the person’s last name nor his/her bloodline. Beware sliming a person’s gene pool.

          Unless you already are a Jose Rizal — he is the dude who wrote that “indolent Filipino” opus.

          • UP nn grad

            OR: you can say ““..Bishop Pueblos is what happens to many native clerics when they become bishops”.

          • manuelbuencamino

            Bishop Pueblos is what happens to native clerics when they become bishops.

            Your knee-jerk reaction to see racism in what I said reveals an inferiority complex matched only by your idol Benigno.

          • UP nn grad

            Hah hah hah hah hah….. you’re a cool dude, ManuB. Arrneow-graduate ka siguro, matigas ang ulo maski talo na.

        • manuelbuencamino


          I appreciate the effort you took to give me an English lesson. However I meant what I wrote that’s why I wrote it that way and not the way you would have wanted me to which, by the way, I found equivocal.

          You see I wrote it that way so that if you wanted to rebutt me then the burden of proving my statement false would be on you. Gets Mo?

          So here:

          Bishop Pueblos is what happens to native clerics when they become bishops.

          And more importantly here:

          Your knee-jerk reaction to see racism in what I said reveals an inferiority complex matched only by your idol Benigno.

          • UP nn grad

            Well, ManuB… if you insist that above is how you look at all native clerics when they get promoted to bishop-rank, then above is what youl birr-lieve of all native clerics.

            So would you recommend that the Vatican should not elevate any Pilipino cleric to bishop-level and above?

          • UP nn grad

            Two things —

            I disagree with ManuB as he says “Bishop Pueblos is what happens to native clerics when they become bishops.”

            It is also my opinion that many native clerics and many Filipinos will find ManuB’s sentence to be offensive.

          • manuelbuencamino

            I recommend that all filipino clerics join the Philippine Independent Church.

            “Recommend that the Vatican appoint etc” Napaka colonial mentality mo naman