US State Department renews Travel Warning for Philippines (Updated)

U.S. Citizens are advised of the risk of terrorist activities in the Philippines.  The Department of State renewed its travel advisory on the Philippines, replacing a travel warning issued on 2 November 2010.   The advisory specified areas in Mindanao, particularly the Sulu Archipelago, Maguindanao, and Sultan Kudarat provinces as well as Cotabato City.  The advisory also warned of sporadic clashes between the Philippine Armed Forces across much of Mindanao.  It also warned that terrorist attacks could occur in Manila, particularly in public places such as airports, shopping malls, and conference centers.

The United States Embassy in Manila strongly recommended that all U.S. Citizens in the Philippines to enroll with the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or at the U.S. Embassy in Manila.  U.S. Citizens can checkout the U.S. Embassy in Manila.  The U.S. Embassy is located at 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines.  The local number is tel. 63-2-301-2000.  According to the State Department website, “The American Citizens Services (ACS) section’s fax number is 63-2-301-2017, and you may reach the ACS Section by email at [email protected]. The ACS Section’s website includes consular information and the most recent messages to the U.S. citizen community in the Philippines.”

(Update) Reader lourdes pointed to an article that say, the Abu Sayyaf, an extremist group may have deployed bombers to Manila, the nation’s capital.  The entry cited Philippine intelligence reports as reported by the Associated Press.


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  • lourdes

    June 19 or June 20 or close to those dates. Daw.

    And the information is from Philippine officials.

    Posted June 15, 2011

    Associated Press
    MANILA, Philippines (AP) – A top Asian terrorist suspect and the notorious Abu Sayyaf extremist group may have deployed militants to bomb targets in the Philippines’ capital, according to a Philippine intelligence report seen by The Associated Press on Thursday.

    The threat remains unsubstantiated and comes from only one source, but the military and police are taking it seriously. Intelligence operatives fanned out in metropolitan Manila to thwart any attack, the report said.

    One of two security officials who were aware of the threat and spoke to the AP said one date mentioned for the possible bombings was June 12, when the country celebrated its Independence Day, but no attack happened. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic

    • Cocoy

      Thanks. I updated the entry to add your comment.

  • UP nn grad

    This happened before —- ( travel warning from USA) andn Presi-Noynoy preferred to rant against the travel warnings affecting tourism-Pilipinas.

    Presi-NOy doing a media-blitz to complain is the least of my worries. But I do hope no one from Pinas AFP or PNP says “… ay, nako, para sa kanilang turista lang iyan. At ang tunay…….. malayo ang Mindanao sa Meh-nila”. Less media-press-release and more action so there is no Buendia-Avenue-bus ker-blammmm like happened the last time.