Government on alert vs bomb plot

hilippine authorities yesterday verified an intelligence report seen by The Associated Press that a top Asian terror suspect and the notorious Abu Sayyaf extremist group have sent militants to bomb targets in Manila.

Military and police intelligence officials said they are taking the report seriously, although it remains unsubstantiated and comes from only one source. They say intelligence operatives have been deployed in metropolitan Manila to thwart any attack.

The US State Department on Tuesday renewed its travel warning for the Philippines, saying terrorist attacks could occur in the restive southern Philippines and even in Manila. The US embassy did not cite any specific reason for the latest warning.

The Philippine government has complained that such warnings fail to take into account an improving security situation.

“These are similar situations that happened in the past. The threats that were reissued talked about the same threats in the past… People should already note that these travel advisories are issued periodically,” defense spokesman Eduardo Batac told reporters yesterday.

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