Thailand’s campaign

When HIV/AIDS first appeared in Thailand in the mid-1980s, unorthodox methods were used to launch a major prevention program, which resulted in a 90 percent decline in new infections, according to UNAIDS, and an estimated 7.7 million lives saved within l2 years, the World Bank says.


Thailand’s average family was then seven children, with a 3.2 percent annual growth rate. This has since gone down to 0.5 percent or l.2 children per family. In the Philippines, the growth rate is estimated at 2.3 percent.


The raging fight now being waged in the Philippines is between the pro-RH bill and those against it. Leading the anti-RH bill campaign in the Philippines is the Catholic Church and many of its followers.


Asked for advice, Thailand’s Viravaidya who led a campaign for wider use of condoms to help keep the population down and stop HIV/AIDs, said he had the same problem dealing with the Buddhist monks.


“We have Buddhist monks sprinkling holy water on pills and condoms,” he said, adding that they studied the life of Buddha and found out that he was married with one son.

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Con Yap