Ratings history from Cory to PNoy

Manuel Buencamino

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  • J_ag

    It is also interesting to note that all the dips in popularity since Cory would correspond to a dip in the economy.

    GMA had the misfortune of her continues growth at the expense of inclusive growth which severely increased poverty rates..

    In the year 2004 the budget almost went into primary deficits that caused the introduction of the E-Vat and her delay in raising power rates increased NAPOCORs debts.

    • Bert

      “GMA had the misfortune of her continues growth at the expense of inclusive growth which severely increased poverty rates..”-J_ag

      Sorry, J_ag, something is amiss in the sentence so I have to rephrase it for clarity, here goes: ‘GMA had the fortune of her and her family’s (personal and official) growth at the expense of the country which severely increased poverty rates.’

      I agree with your first sentence.

      Your third sentence should read, “In the year 2004 the budget almost went into primary deficits due to massive thief by high government officials that caused the introduction of the E-Vat to fill some more spaces in their pockets and the same proclivity by NAPOCOR official increased NAPOCOR debts.”

      O, ‘di ba?

      • UP nn grad

        Damn stupid Pilipinas Supreme Court!!!

        Noynoy had already said “GMA is guilty… now let me start a State Commission to find the evidence” and Supreme Court said “…nah nah nah…. State can’t go on witch hunt, using the government resources on a hunt to prove the guilt of a Pinoy-in-Pilipinas…. nah nah nah nah. That’s not the Constitution that was written in the Cory years, no sir Mister Pers-idente son-of-Cory.”

        Amazingly, Noynoy seems to have accepted the Pilipinas Supreme Court decision despite Noynoy having won with 54% of the votes with his “…daang matuwid… GMA kalaboso diyan!!” platform.

        • KG

          “State can’t go on witch hunt, using the government resources on a hunt to prove the guilt of a Pinoy-in-Pilipinas”

          Binasa mo ba
          G.R. No. 192935 at
          G.R. No. 193036?

          ang haba eh di ko rin binasa

          You keep on calling GMA a witch.

        • Bert

          “…nah nah, Noynoy, nah nah, you cannot go after my former boss, my beloved, beloved boss whom I served and who served me for so long. nah nah nah, Noynoy, over my dead body.” 🙂

          • UP nn grad

            I’ve said it before. — Corona court has made it easier for Noynoy to be presidential for the last 80% of his term.

            The Corona Court has made it clear that BongBong when he wins 2016… Bongbong can not go on a witchhunt against Noynoy even if Noynoy says “…ship Ferdie body out to Mindanao for burial” or if Noynoy sells the Spratlys to China in order to free twenty mules.

          • Bert

            You’re assuming, UP n, that there is no other one, and there is no clone. Your assumptions might be wrong.

          • UP nn grad

            what-cha-talking-’bout, bert? What clone? You saying Ninoy has another son? Or you saying Noynoy has a son already?

            Or you saying GMA has another son still not known to Pilipinas society? Or is it Ferdie having another son?

          • Bert

            Sorry, UP n, I thought I heard you say Corona.

          • Bert

            Because, UP n, if there is a clone, well, you know what happened when a president inundated her/his district with mola and projects then run for congress, well, the kababayans literally will be eating out of her/his hands, aren’t you aware of it?

          • Bert

            And, UP n, if there is a clone, any presidente will be as safe as your saving dollars in your safety box, but you’re looking at it, still you’re refusing to see it. No worry, the Filipino people see it, they know.

          • Bert

            That is, UP n, if the presidente has the acumen to make his former chief of staff the CJ of the SC, if you can get my drift.

          • Bert

            and not any Supreme Court decision as you were saying.

  • J_ag

    If national income growth is being derived from foreign income of workers and resident investments abroad rather than domestic income which is sluggish at best due to systemic and structural factors, how and what in the world is the basis and substance of the social contract?

    Our so called macro economic fundamentals are imported and our fiscal deficits and trade deficits are chronic all due to the lack of productivity in the domestic economy.

    The Philippines is now totally dependent on foreign inflows and the dictates of the financial markets which the government is subservient to.

    Where is the plan to start to de-link our dependence on foreign inflows to drive growth? 2012 is coming in fast and elections in 2013. Will the caution in project implementation remain in the face of rising demand for projects to fund election spending in 2013?

    It would be interesting to see of Pnoy runs true to form for every trapo in this country.

  • UP nn grad

    Definitely different from GMA’s numbers…. Noynoy’s numbers for his first monnths — Noynoy’s trend resembles ERAP’s trend or Ramos’ trend.

    fifty-fifty about what happens, then what happens to the VP…. I doubt (and I think it is wasteful use of governance mandate — if ) this “what happens to the VP?” is shaping how Noynoy behaves.

  • Manuel Buencamino


    Pictures tell the story when the font is too small to read.

  • Cocoy

    LOLing at the choice of photos. And good stuff, MB.