Coke’s sugar buying called ‘cosmetics’

Sugar leaders yesterday said that while Coca-Cola still buys Philippine sugar, it is not at the volume it used to before.

They were reacting to the Coca-Cola statement issued Wednesday that the firm continues to source its sugar requirements locally.

Labor and planters groups Wednesday launched a boycott against Coca-Cola products in Bacolod City for its importation of premixes and high fructose corn syrup, instead of buying locally produced sugar, they said.

Cat Avelino, Coca Cola’s corporate communications director, yesterday said she could not disclose the amount of sugar they buy locally because it is competitive information.

Sugar Regulatory Administration chief Ma. Regina Martin Bautista said their records show that Coca-Cola as of end of May had a stock position of 800,000 bags of locally purchased sugar.

Manuel Lamata, United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines president, said “Yes, Coca Cola buys domestic sugar, but that is only for cosmetics. They should stop bringing in premixes and truly support the local sugar industry. Otherwise they should pack up and go back to the US.”

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Con Yap

  • Thai anton

    There should be a law prohibiting importation of high fructose corn syrup , and another law to specify that only locally sourced cane sugar will be used to sweetend any consumer food products in the Philippines,that will be a big boost to local sugar cane producer. Philippines don’t make high fructose corn syrup USA dose.

    • UP nn grad

      Pilipinas should ban the importation of bottled water.

      If there is anything about today’s news about metro-Manila (and Cotabato, too) Pilipinas has plenty of water available.

      ‘Dem foren-dyers should be encouraged to bring in purification- and bottling-equipment… they manufacure bottled water here to be sold to Pinoys-in-Pinas (and hopefully also for export).

      Oh… wait… I know the problem. Electricity/power cost of Pilipinas supra-high. Maybe Noynoy can give the foren-dyers a discount on power/electricity.