Filipino buffet in Beijing offers rare taste of Philippines in capital

It’s been 36 years since diplomatic ties were established between the Philippines and China, and to celebrate, the lovely folks at the Pinoy Embassy here in Beijing teamed up with Chefs Gene and Gino Gonzalez of the Asian Centre for Culinary Studies to bring regional cuisine to the capital. There are no Filipino restaurants here, Pinoys usually get our fix of Filipino flavors from friends’ kusinas, so this was very refreshing. And it’s specifically Davao cooking, making it even more special. The Chinese loved it, and so did my non-Pinoy friends. Here’s a story I filed for CCTV. There’s a quick recipe for an unconventional adobo dish in it too!


For those of you in Beijing, the buffet runs at the Marco Polo Parkside Beijing not too far from Olympic Park, until June 30th. Go go go!


  • bentot

    u said in ur tweet that u cannot give suggestion to d superiors at cctv. So how come u were able to made this story.,?