Metro Manila Flood update [MMDA] (25 June 2011)

Flood control
Massive flooding continues in Metro Manila. Here is a timeline of events based on reports by @MMDA. We will be updating as fast as possible.

MMDA situational tweets

12:30 PM: MANILA: España Lacson-V.Cruz – 12-inches

Antipolo-España – 13-inches.

Pedro gil-Paco – 5-inches.

M.Delafuente-UST – gutter deep.

España-Maceda – half tire deep.

Antipolo-España is not passable for light vehicles

Lacson-M.Delafuente eastbound has half gutter of water while westbound is gutter deep.

11:32 AM: Marcos bridge is passable.

11:30 AM – Araneta Avenue cor. Maria Clara – subsided. E. Rodriguez corner Araneta, knee deep.

11:15 AM: Marikina Tumana river is at 16.8 meters.

9:35 AM – Araneta Avenue cor. Maria Clara- 6-inches of water. E. Rodriguez-Araneta Avenue is knee deep.

España Lacson-V.Cruz – 12-inches

Antipolo-España – 13-inches

R.Papa-Rizal Ave – 13-inches,

Pedro gil-Paco – 5-inches,

M.Delafuente-UST – gutter deep,

España-Maceda – half tire deep

Antipolo-España – not passable for light vehicles.

Lacson-M.Delafuente eastbound – half gutter, westbound – gutter deep

9:20 AM – Marikina Tumana River flood ist at 17.1 meters. No flooding in any part of Marikina.

9:00 AM Marcos Highway in front of SM is knee deep. Macapagal Bridge North and South bound is not passable due to overflowing river.

8:25 AM: Baragay Santa Cruz, Makati and Kalayaan, Yague-Montojo, Makati is 4 to 5-inches deep.

Westbound going to Libis, Quezon City is temporarily closed due to riverbank overflow. North and Southbound lanes as of 7:52 AM is passable.

8:25 AM: Flooding at Marikina Tumana River is now 17.3 meters high.

8:05 AM – España Lacson-Vito Cruz is 12-inches deep.

Antipolo-España – 13-inches deep.

R.papa-Rizal Ave – 13-inches deep,

Pedro Gil – Paco is 5-inches deep.

M.Dela Fuente-UST – gutter deep.

España-Maceda is half tire deep,

Antipolo-España is not passable light vehicle,

Araneta Ave and Ma.Clara – 13-inches deep.

E. Rodriguez-Araneta area is knee deep.

7:34 AM – E Rodriguez Araneta area is knee deep while Araneta-Maria Clara is 13-inches.

6:24 AM – MMDA has received no information regarding the status of Marcos Highway.

6:10 AM: Tumana Tiver at Marikina is 19 meters deep 18 meters deep (6:13AM).

4:00 AM: Espana-Maceda to Vito Cruz is passable to all types of vehicles.

As of 3:40 AM, Araneta Avenue is passable, with the exception of the area in front of Victory Liner, which is not passable for light vehicles.

Photo credit: screenshot of @doblezeta via instagram

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