Metro Manila flooding – Road status [NDRRMC] (25 June 2011)

This is a status report from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and management council on roads that are or are not passable.

In Makati City, the corner of Honorable P. Binay and Heneral Bonifacio in Baragay Bangkal is not passable to all types of vehicles. P. Medina Street, dela Rosa Avenue, E. Ramos Street, T. Taylo, and L. Facundo Street in baragay Pio del Pilar are not passable to all types of vehicles.

Barangay Lingunan, Valenzuela, from Rubber Master to dumpsite are all impassable to all types of vehicles. Barangay Bisig, Polo Plaza (Barangay Polo), Elysian Street (Bargy. Marulas), Main Road (Brgy Palasan), F. Andaya Street in Brgy. Wawang pulo, Maurrutia (Brgy. Arkong Bato), and A. Deato St (Brgy. Balangkas) are not passable to light vehicles.

Maton Perez (Tonsuya) is not passable to all vehicles.

C. Arellano Sagwa, Sitio 6, Don Juana, R. Cruz (Dampalit), Matsilo (in front of M1), Messina (MH del Pilar), Bustamante, M. Clara, Tatawid intersection, Panghulo Road, Sto. Rosario, and Governor Pascual Niugan: not passable for light vehicles.

Gen. Luna and Caingin in MH del Pilar is passable for all vehicles.

Roads around Brgys Baclaran (Bagong Sikat, Bagong Ilog, Bagong Lipunan), Tambo (seaside, Camp Claudio, St. Joseph, Quirino), Sto Nino (Kaingin, Casino Filipino), Vitalez (Banana Compound, Airlane), San Isidro (Valley 15, Valley 2, Valley 6, Purok 3 & 5, Matatdo) San Antonio (Bodoni Dulo Area 3, Lower 5-4 Area) BF Homes (Lagoon Area) Don Bosco (Amethyst Street, Annex 19 & 18, El Dorado Dulo, Malacanang Dulo) and Sun Valley (Annex 41) are not passable to light vehicles.

Brgys 177, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, and 185 are all impassable to light vehicles.

Protacio and Cartimar in Taft Avenue is impassable to light vehicles.

Las Pinas – Basa Compound, Zapote and Perpetual Village in Pulang Lupa Uno are impassable to light vehicles.

Cocoy Dayao

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