5 Things you should know this Sunday

What are the things you missed today?

1. The local media is going nutty covering Michael Ray Aquino. He arrives from the United States and escorted by the National Bureau of Investigation agents. He faces charges in connection with the Dacer-Corbito double murder case.

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2. Business World says that the Philippines is close to getting a ratings upgrade from Fitch. Why is it important? An international agency would acknowledge fiscal gains by the government.

It is like getting a gold star in school.

3. Government says that it will include competitiveness indicators as part of the development plan.

Why should you care?

Guillermo M. Luz, co-chairman of the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), said: “The competitiveness indicators are important, because it’s possible for the country to meet its [PDP] target — for example, in terms of the length and number of roads built — but the global ranking for that indicator doesn’t change.”

4. Apple really pissed off a lot of people recently when it launched a new version of its Final Cut Pro X video editing software. The software is suppose to make it easier for prosumers to video edit. Apparently the software is so bad that pro editors who use Final Cut as their bread and butter are pissed.

Team Coco weighed in the debate. Conan’s Editors absolutely love Apple’s New Final Cut Pro X. Here’s that video:

Why does it matter to you? Jalkut sums it up: “Apple will happily piss off 5,000 professionals to please 5,000,000 amateurs.” Great time to be an amateur.

5. So many rows! Like this small tiff between the Palace and GMA’s allies on the flood control program and the row with China on Spratlys, well we published yesterday a piece on Filipino buffet in Beijing that offers a rare taste of Filipino cuisine.

Why should you care?

Good food smoothens the conversation, a lot.

Oh, one more thing, the Gay and Lesbian communities are thrilled with the passage of New York State’s same sex marriage into law. The Empire State Building, in New York City was lit in rainbow colors to mark the occasion.

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Thai anton

    So tell me about Final cut pro ?

  • J_ag

    Foreign income supports the house of cards that is the Philippine economy. Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain all had investment grade ratings before 2008. Today Greece is in junk territory. There is a danger that all three remaining may move into junk territory.

    Any politician like Purissima who says that the government is responsible for fiscal health in the country is lying. Total foreign debt (private and public) is at an all time high. To replace foreign income growth that is mainly drives consumption to investment led in the productive tradeable integral sectors in the economy is still non-existent almost.

    In that respect Pnoys goivernment is no different from GMA’s…

  • UP nn grad

    The candidates for Merci-replacement fo Ombudsman should look at that Business World Article. What’s up??? Malacanang looks at Ombud-Office as an extension of Malacanang — Ombud just another Direct Report. The Businessworld article says that Malacanang has assigned a task to the Office of Ombudsman. I guess Malacanang will start firing deputy-Ombudsman if they do not march to Malacanang orders.

    I really think there is a Constitutionality-Issue here ( this is my opinion, JP-Enrile and bert can disagree with me).

    Another surprising thing : The BusinessWorld article says Malacanang does not know who to assign the “nepotism-in-government” problem. Now that one is definitely an Ombudsman-assignment (in my opinion). Malacanang may be too busy with “stuff” to audit its relatives and BFF’s —- nepotism is Ombudsman to investigate and litigate ( Congress to do “…hearings for pogi-points and in aid of legislation-blah-blah”).

  • Thai anton

    Why should Apple and Final cut pro x be one of the subject here ?

    • KG

      gusto ng author, it is his article.
      Puro poltical commentary na lang ba dapat? Kung di ka interesado sigurado merong ibang interesado.

    • Cocoy

      Hot topic on the web that normally would have been apple-centric, but the story went mainstream, ergo team coco video.

  • That’s six things, not five. 😉

    • Cocoy