Conrad de Quiros is correct: we need perspective

Conrad de Quiros wrote on his op-ed column about the need for Perspective in light of Falcon that sank the capital.

When Falcon hit the country last Thursday, you could reasonably expect government to be part of the cure and not of the disease. You could reasonably expect government to mount a relief drive to assist the distressed, to take in private donations and distribute them rather than steal them (or put premature campaign paraphernalia in them), to not try to figure out how to profit in some way from your misery. When Falcon hit the country last Thursday, you had the comfort of knowing you had a government on your side and not against it. As you would when other disasters strike.

And you complain?

I agree with de Quiros. As I wrote in yesterday’s op-ed piece, it’s a beautiful day When Ondoy hit, did we have a government? However imperfect, we at least have a government this time.

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • I always agree to Conrado De Quiros. I’ve been reading his columns in PDI almost everyday. I’m even waiting for his thoughts about the issue on Mayor Sarah Duterte’s and the sheriff.

  • I maintain what I said in the other article: that rather than point at PNoy, self-styled “opposition” lawmakers should look into the LCEs who are directly responsible for flood controls in their cities and municipalities.

    @UPnGrad: “Presi-Noynoy is urged to bribe/cajole/urge/ to lead so that the various NCR-region mayors (with funding from contral government) puts flood-mitigation infrastructure in place.” If LCEs need bribing, cajoling or urging to do the job their constituents voted them into office to do – heck, it’s what they AGREED to do last September – then it is not the President who has the problem.

    • UP nn grad

      P20Billion, raggster.

  • J_ag

    Quiros is on the money on his perspective. Now as even Congressman Tanada says it is time for PNoy to focus on real economic reform…

    GMA likes to talk out of her ass about the economy and how well she manged it.. For her and her clique they made out like bandits.

    Pnoy now wants to make the big boys make out like bandits.

  • Thai anton

    How do you know its different ? Because they say so ? Yea, a different perspective alright . GMA dirty flood Pnoy clean flood .matuwid na balikung landas. Flood is Flood however you look at it.

    • UP nn grad

      Falcon remains the shot across the bow.

      Presi-Noynoy is reminded … Presi-Noynoy is on notice. Come 2012, if another 10mm-per-hour downpour results in Falcon-type flooding, maybe, just maybe…. Pinoys of metro-Manila will not be that matiisin. [ Valte should be told so Valte can tell Carandang so Carandang can tell Presi-Noynoy —- Falcon is 10mm-per-hour ; Falcon is strong but it is not the strongest. Ondoy is significantly a much more torrential event, and another Ondoy is guaranteed to SINK metro-Manila — guaranteed. ]

      Presi-Noynoy is urged to bribe/cajole/urge/ to lead so that the various NCR-region mayors (with funding from contral government) puts flood-mitigation infrastructure in place. Maybe the completion of that last kilometer-highway/flood-control in CAMANAVA will be something that Valte will crow about when 2012 rainy season arrives. And if metro-Manila is lucky, maybe Presi-Noynoy will spend for NCR-flood-mitigation some of those farm-to-market project-money that Presi-Noynoy decided not to spend.

      P20Bllion for Paranaque Spillway. Presi-Noynoy should spend on Paranaque Spillway even if GMA had urged for this project. [Reminds me of Cory killing Paranaque Spillway because it was a Ferdie-Marcos project idea.]

      • UP nn grad

        Conrado and other can keep looking bac2`k to Gu-LO, but at least add a forward-looking big-time solution. Twenty-plus Billion Pesos. Maybe the entire project will need P50Billion — and Noynoy is on the hook to pushing for the funding of a multi-billion-peso flood-control project.

        Laway can only get to so far. (Not very far!) P20Billion for Paranaque Spillway — raise the taxes on GMA, Mikey and all else who are in their income brackets. Raise the taxes on cigarettes. Do something, laway can only get to so far (Not very far!). If Noynoy still sings the song of “… no new taxes”, then Conrado de Quiros can keep saying “… mabuti na lang, si Noynoy ang nasa Malacanang”… but at the same time, NCR-residents have to be ready for Falcon-2 and probably Ondoy-2 in 2012 and 2013.