Aquino to OFWs: Your suggestions are welcome

President Benigno S. Aquino III Monday said he welcomes suggestions on how the government can better serve overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) while belying criticisms that his administration has not done anything to assist Filipinos abroad in times of crisis.

In a press conference in Cebu Monday, Aquino said his administration has not been remiss in attending to the concerns of the eight million Filipinos abroad.

“Ang magki-criticize, maganda nga yun, baka maituro sa atin kung saan pa tayo pwede mag improve pero yung hindi natin sila naasikaso, palagay ko mga kababayan na natin ang mismong magsasabing natulungan, nailigtas, nailayo sa kapahamakan at nandun ang tulong [It may be good to criticize because it can teach us ways on how we can further improve but to say that we have not been taking care of the OFWs, I think our kababayans themselves will be the one to say that we have helped, saved, and kept them away from danger and that the assistance was there],” Aquino said.

Citing government’s assistance to Filipinos in conflict areas, Aquino said his administration may have inherited lax embassies in some areas but this has been addressed and improvements have already been noted.

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Con Yap

  • UP nn grad

    Noynoy should more rapidly fire as many of the Foreign Affairs employees as he can (frommessengers to secretaries to vice-consuls all the way to ambassadors) so he can replace them with his choices (or recommendations from his folks).

    • UP nn grad

      If he can’t fire then, then he can complain (He’s the boss — he can always complain!) but he should also put training programs in place.

      A better trained pool of government employees is win-win — Pinoys-in-Pinas get better service from the government and Pinoys-in-Pinas hear a little bit less of Presi-Noynoy’s whining.