MMDA launches Metro Manla Traffic Navigator Project

Yves Gonzales (@doblezeta), iphone developer, Metro Manila Development Authority’s EDSA Ground Commander, Tech Evangelist, Twitter Team and Communications Group Head announced on his twitter, the establishment of the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator Project.

One of the goals of the project is to establish a digital traffic information system of Metro Manila. It will be a real-time traffic information about the major roads that the MMDA has authority over. The goal is to provide people with an efficient way of receiving information.

The public beta begins today.

Photo credit: Yves Gonzales

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Cocoy Dayao

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  • UP nn grad

    Why didn’t a local Pinoy-in-Pinas write the app for it to make it a for-profit commercial undertaking versus a government-funded initiative?

  • One of the beauties of the system is that we can expand it to cover more areas as we get more people on board to join the system. In the future for example, we can add Makati inner roads and the data will be updated by MAPSA people using the same web interface that we are using here in MMDA. 🙂

  • “It will be a real-time traffic information about the major roads that the MMDA has authority over.” I’m more of a backroads kind of guy, but it would be a huge benefit to those who ply the major roadways. I wish they’d thought of this sooner.

  • J_ag

    Being dependent on moving around the city on a working day, having a place to check on traffic conditions in good or bad weather would be a boon