Morato: I’m no fool

“Tell Malacañang that it’s not talking to a stupid fool.”

This was Manuel Morato’s message on Sunday to one of President Aquino’s media handlers who had challenged him to take Margarita Juico, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office chair, and the PCSO board to court.

Morato, who served as PCSO director during the Arroyo administration and PCSO chair during the Ramos administration, chided the President’s deputy spokesperson, Abigail Valte, for allegedly not doing her homework.

“As early as last October, I filed a case with the Supreme Court. Have they forgotten that?” Morato told the Inquirer.

He noted that he had two issues against Malacañang: the pretermination of the 50-year lease contract of the PCSO with the Philippine Tuberculosis Society and the nondelivery of medical services that caused the deaths of so many patients while PCSO personnel were busy transferring to the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) complex (in Pasay City) that took them months to settle down.

Morato, also a former chair of the Movie and Television Review Classification Board, asked: “Why are (Juico and PCSO board members) diverting the issue, using diversionary tactics when they have not answered the main issue I sued them for?”

“Soon this case will be resolved, for sure. That’s why they have become wayward, charging us left and right to divert from the main issue. That’s their strategy,” he said.

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Con Yap