The Very Sad State of Manila Zoo

Editor’s note: The following are follow up articles by Karen Ang to this entry.

1) The current state of the Manila Zoo by Karen Ang

2) Edwin Lacierda responds to Manila Zoo by Karen Ang

3) Revisiting Manila Zoo by Karen Ang

When I was in grade school, we used to have field trips at Manila Zoo. The zoo was in a sad state back then but after reading my friend Nix de Pano’s blog post, I became upset at how neglected the zoo is now. I will repost photos and some excerpts here.

The Manila Zoo is a 5.5-hectare zoo located in Manila, Philippines. It opened on July 25th, 1959. This zoo is almost 50 years old. The problem? It really does look 50 years old. Another problem? It receives millions of visitors every year, local and foreign. What a shameful tourist destination it is.

Dirt-cheap entrance fees. Probably one of the reasons for the zoo’s poor maintenance. Sadly they have no right to charge more either, based from the condition of the zoo.

Map of the zoo. Looks small and simple enough. But “small” is one of the zoo’s biggest problems.

Old, rusty cages. Hardly any animal in sight.

This is Mali, the zoo’s biggest attraction. He is an Asian elephant that arrived at the zoo as an orphaned calf donated from Sri Lanka. He is the biggest attraction but what kind of an enclosure is that? It’s sad, small, tight and boring.

Yes there is a tiger in this photo. Yes those are dead leaves from who knows how many days or weeks. Why isn’t anyone cleaning up the mess?

An even worse mess–literal trash? What is wrong with this zoo’s maintenance?

You can almost see its bones. Sick and not in the cool way.

How could it possibly get worse than that?

How about this rabbit’s untreated wound?

Or this ostrich with a dead eye?

I also found some more stories from visitors. A visitor from the US went to the zoo because his wife said it would be a good experience. He was able to watch in horror as a zookeeper punished an alligator by stabbing its head with a nail attached to a stick. (source) Another visitor claimed to have spotted a Philippine Eagle lying down dead on the pathway. The same person said a Palawan bear cat suddenly dropped dead in his cage in front of their 7-year-old nephew. (source)

It seems that there are also issues with the people who visit the zoo. A reviewer who used to love the zoo visited again recently and complained about people throwing things at the animals. (source) Another reviewer reported a man who fed a bird to the crocodiles, but was only answered with “that is no longer our concern.” (source)

Some people even called it “The Worst Zoo I’ve Ever Visited”, and said “Needs to be closed.” Another suggested, “Do not support this zoo. Go to the Philippine Avilon Zoo instead!”.

Sad, isn’t it? Our capital’s namesake zoo, a complete and utter shame. This zoo was once a good one. But poor maintenance ruined and destroyed it. Because of this, animals are suffering. I’d say they would be better off elsewhere, because this zoo is no shelter.

Unless things change.

According to the PETA Asia Pacific website, there were reports of Thailand planning to send a new elephant to Manila Zoo at the request of Mayor Alfredo Lim. But fortunately for them, it was found that Thailand had no such plan.

PETA Asia has apparently been campaigning against the zoo for years now. They sent the Mayor many requests to visit the zoo and see for himself the suffering the animals had to endure. The requests were ignored.

How are things supposed to change when our officials ignore these calls for change?

I guess all we can do is keep trying. Spread awareness, and pray that somehow, something will happen for the good of the zoo.

In fact, the zoo is reportedly attempting to improve their facilities.

Let’s see how that will turn out.

Edit: PETA Asia-Pacific has a petition you can sign to Stop More Animals from Suffering at the Manila Zoo. See it here.

How many times have we heard that Manila Zoo is trying to improve their facilities yet nothing changes. In fact, it has become so deplorable and inhumane that I would rather see it closed for good and the animals transferred to another country with better zoos.

Who is answerable to this? The Manila Zoo authorities? The City of Manila? Or us because we allowed this to happen? Certainly it is not the animals’ fault but they are the ones suffering the consequences.

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.  ~William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922


Addendum:  Read The Current State of Manila Zoo for Nix’s firsthand assessment of Manila. My own report can be found here.

Karen Ang

A plebeian who is trying to make small changes in this world.

  • Tonyboy

    The Manila Zoo really ought to be closed. The pics may be old but I just went there 2x this year and I may say that those bad pics tell only half the story…stench of urine all over the zoo, depressed animals (walking in circles), poor elephant has been there for more than 2 decades I think all ALONE!!! The pond is so murky and so is the pool for the hippo (lumalangoy na yata sa sarili nyang ebs! The only acceptable place in the zoo is the entrance,it’s well kept but once you are inside you will share my sentiments that it ought to be closed. Wildlife in QC has a better environment, I think they need to transfer most of the poor mammals in QC. The birds in Manila zoo would be better released in the wilds.

  • Ronie

    worse than i thought………. before I’m planning to take a visit at Manila Zoo. but with that situation I’d rather stay home and watch animal planet. much better than that…….just concerned with the animals health, it might affect the visitors.

  • James Reyes

    Sorry for my grammer due to the speed of my mind versus typing. 🙂

    I think it’s about time to rehabilitate the zoo. We need more funds and trained (with knowledge on animals) personnel to manage the zoo. This has been with us for so many years. The Senate and other politicians should feed the animals by giving more fund and don’t feed their wallets. Mayor Lim had his 2nd term as the Mayor yet he unable to attend to this? Private sectors will benefit if the zoo will be closed. I know there are developers who want the area to be commercialized and raise condominium for their own profit. Now PETA, who will benefit more? The poor who want to be in nature or few bullsh*ts rich people who need to sustain their craving for money? For the people who are really concern, OPEN YOUR EYES and OPEN YOUR HEART, not just for the people of Manila but for the future of our children. If you really care for these animals, defend them by giving care, call for fund, and be responsible visitors of the place.

  • my family and i used to visit manila zoo when i was a child and it was a very nice zoo during those times and now…seeing these pictures makes me sick and i wonder…”is that really a zoo?”…well, forests are better than this nasty place…a perfect hell for animals…=(..however i still wish for this zoo’s betterment coz i am not in favor of its permanent closure.

  • Ang Taba mo Karen

    Hi karen ang, I think its better to treat you like an animal and put you in those cages, your as fat as an elephant. Before you post something as stupid and as worthless as this. try to do dome research first

  • Responsible Blogger

    Amidst my opinion, I still have my admiration to the young people like you and the blogger plus the lady from ProPinoy. As I said, we all have the same goal at the end of the day – positive changes. When I was younger, I am exactly the same. I write fearlessly to the point that I risk my reputation and my achievements in school just to voice out a concern and push for changes. There is nothing wrong with that for as long as you write fairly and with facts.

    We all need to talk. We all need to speak our minds. We all need to stand up and fight. The only thing I hope that you guys get to learn in the coming years is to be able to enhance further your ability to put up a battle against the issues in the society by being equipped with justice, fairness and sense of responsibility. Some readers might push you further to the point that soon your mindset will be more on “hunting for flaws” than looking for “good stuffs”. There is a great difference between an activist and an advocate. I won’t elaborate.

    We have so much issues at hand. Raising another de-focus people onto solving prior problems. Aside from that, it has become a habit for the few to criticize without facts and then put people on jeopardy. We also miss the part of patting people’s shoulders when they do good. For us, no one is doing any right. We do not know how to appreciate. We seldom write good things about people doing small things or big things for this country. For all we know, there are people in the background trying to save Manila Zoo whose effort right now are put to waste because the blog article made it look as if they have done absolutely nothing.

    IF I BLOG A PHOTO ABOUT A COP STANDING NEXT TO A CAR TALKING TO A DRIVER, I CAN PUSH A STORY IN TWO WAYS – either a cop trying to extort money from an errant driver or a good policeman trying to give direction to a confused driver. If I want to create an issue, I would use the first story. It would definitely gain attention and lots of hits online. People would definitely be faster to condemn possible wrongdoings. It is easier to throw stones at someone.

    These days, you get more reader if you refer on bad news because good news don’t seem to attract us anymore. It is also easier to make people believe even with less validation of facts. We want to talk about things and we want to pin down people. We may deny this but normally, we all have the habit of asking for the person to blame for. This is the attitude that I hope you guys won’t get used to. You are all good. You all are the hope of this country. I do hope that you get to love your nationality more. It is okay to expose but only when you have already exhausted all means to consult the issue to the proper authority and still nothing is happening – then you blog about it and you can even resort to IMBESTIGADOR!

    Anyway, I have stated my piece. I support your advocacy for animal welfare but I will never ever support the closure of Manila Zoo. I will go for temporary closure though for its renovation and I might put up a call as well for people – big and small to help. If we can pool people and resources to SAVE PASIG RIVER, why can’t we do the same to SAVE MANILA ZOO? Besides, I would rather love to see a zoo in the city than see another residential tower take over the precious property! We can do it if we get to help each other. If we do not trust the government enough due to rampant corruption, let’s donate food. Let’s pool money ourselves and seek the help of engineers and architects who may want to volunteer their services and let’s help renovate the place.

    AMIDST MY OPINION AND COMMENTS, I THANK YOU GUYS AND THE BLOGGER FOR YOUR EFFORTS. As I said, you got my support now except for the call to close the institution. I hope you guys will take our suggestions too so someday we will have great journalists and great people in you! Always be proud of your country. Put pride in your nationality. Do not contribute to something that will put our flag down. Our ancestors fought so hard so we can have the freedom that we enjoy today.

    Moreso, THE POWER OF THE PEN (keyboard for bloggers) COMES WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. Maraming Salamat!

    • I went to Manila Zoo to see it for myself and you can read my report here. The volunteers are the unsung heroes in this story and without them, I think the zoo will be in disarray. Thank you for giving your opinion and constructive criticisms.

      • Responsible Blogger

        Karen Ang! Good job!

  • coby

    Well be sure you have the accurate information. Your photos were shot last 2008 right? Well, have you check already the current state of those animals? Nagkakalat ka ng maling impormasyon.

    • gary

      whether these was taken 2008 or 1998 it doesn’t matter… zoo is not appropriate anymore in modern times. these animals are all endangered. pleased help them live the way they should.

  • Responsible Blogger

    In Malaysia and Singapore, people show their pride to their nation by pushing good stories more than the ugly ones! Same as the case in the family, no matter how good you are as a writer, you won’t write and tell the world about your parents’ mistakes or that your siblings’ disgrace. Right?

    You are overwhelmed now that you get all the attention but after all the circus, you will see the ill effects of putting up an issue carelessly. People will lose their jobs, hungry kids will roam the streets and a few parents will either rob or sell their flesh! Why? Because all we know is to put down the government!

    Would you want to see Manila Zoo same as Nayong Pilipino? It was closed down because few people would even care to help keep it? Would you rather see another shopping mall or condominium tower built on a park that once became part of our heritage as a once strong nation?

    Indonesia’s Taman Mini is like Manila Zoo. It is old, dirty but it is supported by the people and the government. None of the citizen would even dare to put it down because it is a place where families who cannot afford Disney Land or Singapore Zoo can spend valuable time.

    If you see the zoo messy, pool people to go there one weekene and cleanup! Instead of thousands of young people spending registration fees for marathons, why don’t you call for all these people to bring brooms and help clean the city? In this way, you are fair – you open an issue and provide resolution.

    If I post an article about squatters, homeless and aged people on streets, would you guys show the same interest in pushing the government to take care of these poor people same as how you all suddenly became animal lovers? How many of you even checked the dying people in PGH?

    This country has been into negativism for so long that no matter how hard the government nor the few people try to put changes, the people would simply not support it. Why? We love criticizing! We are crabs! Believe it or not!

    There is no glory in all these. When you get to close Manila Zoo, will that solve the issue? If other parks are soon blogged as filthy, so we go online and put up a petition for closure? What happened to BAYANIHAN? Can we not all go out one weekend and clean up all the mess we see in this country?

    In a blogger’s point of view, I would be happy that I got all the hits to put my blog in the spotlight! I’ll be happy to get that fame we all wanted. I got the audience I needed! At the end of the day, I have put my country to shame and disgrace. I put all the animals in Manila Zoo in a limbo as they will soon be homeless!

    Would you think that releasing the elephant on the wild would do good? Nope! Because without the publicity and media watching, all of us simply don’t care! There are alot of things that we could do. We need to be positive and proactive. We nees to stop being activists and crabs!

    Go to Manila Zoo! Pat the shoulders of the employees there and tell them that you all wanted to help out! Save and share! Instead of buying that expensive Starbucks coffee just to tweet that you’re hanging out at Starbucks, save the money and donate it to Manila Zoo! Better, buy food for the animals! Do your share!

    I may think differently but we all have the same goal – to improve things! I hope you guys don’t get me wrong. Sino pa ang magtutulungan kundi tayong mga Filipino. Let’s stop all the blabbing and let’s put actions if indeed we care for the animals and for Manila Zoo!


    • PhilippineYogi

      Great post man, Her blog is just downright stupid

  • TheSenator

    Kanya’t Karen anak, baguhin mo na ang pagsusulat na di katulad na marami sa ating mga peryodista na nabubuhay ‘white envelop journalism’ o kaya ‘envelopmental journalism…all sensationalism (kamukha ng ginawa nilang Pajero Bishop story).

    Magsulat ka ng isang ‘solusyon’ or kaya isang magandang istorya na nakikita mo sa lipunan o kaya paano ba maidisiplina ang sarili para maging malusog ang katawan at isipan ng kabataan. At hindi isang kabataan na napakataba o napakapayat at magiging pasan pagdating ng araw sa buong lipunan.

    Maging kapakipakinabang ka sa pagsusulat, Karen. Wag mong gayahin ang napapanood mo sa telebisyon o nababasa sa ‘front pages’. Unahin mo kaya ang sarili at bawasan mo yang timbang mo nang di ka makatikim ng gamot na galing sa mga malalaking pharmaceutical companies na mas nakakasama (di lang sa bulsa) at di ka rin maospital pag tanda mo.

    Mag-isip ka ng maigi…

  • TheSenator

    A lot blubber in a forum as this. Some good ideas pop up. A lot of lousy, self-serving ideas too. To put the good ideas into action, the forum administrator can consolidate these and bring it up to the proper authority or institution or implementing organization concerned.

    All talk and no action is nothing…it becomes vain…triviality…a forum of dirty linen for cleaning.

    Masakit ba ako magsulat mga kabayan? Damahin natin dahil masakit din tayong magsalita at magparatang…isang napakalalim na bikas ng isang lipunang bangibi. Baguhin natin itong walang kapakipakinabang na ugali! Isamulat ninyo ang isipan ni Jose Rizal na sangkatutak sa kalye at mga paaralan na pangalan niya ang nakatatak nguni’t iilan lang ang nagsasabuhay…national hero natin siya, ‘di ba?!!! Marami dito mas gusto mag-malling lang at tumingin ng bagong gadyet na de koryente (cell phone or ipdad or tablet pc atbp kung di nyo alam).

  • TheSenator

    We Filipinos are so fond of sad stories, lamentations, complaints, and a lot of unpleasant, harmful news stories. We all lack an attitude of patting the shoulder for those who did good. We all lack the positive mind which can bloom towards a better collective societal attitude thereby moving the greater majority towards a better life.

    We should CHANGE OUR MINDS, Renew Our Minds.

    Cease this appalling writeups of a lousy zoo when we should firstly start from our lousy selves…in case we don’t realize it, step back and look at ourselves in the mirror.

    Karen Ang, do write more pleasant news stories so that others will be affected by it…and not this type. THINK, do not feel.

  • TheSenator

    Can you show evidences to substantiate your claim? Details of this incident? Corroborations as well? Or it’s all hearsay?

  • Dianna Pie

    I love this article, i hate those responsible for the zoo’s current state.

    I think it’s better to close it than restore. There’d be no point in restoring if they can’t turn it into a wildlife sanctuary; and I’m sure years after the restoration, it would only go back to its present state unless responsible authorities would really care and take honest responsibility.

    Haay, sobrang cruelty to animals. 🙁 Dapat mga Ampatuan, rapists, drug lords andyan tapos irelocate.

  • Kai

    Me and my sister visited Manila Zoo last December. We were deeply saddened by how the animals were treated. All the lions are gone btw >< and most animals are sick. I've seen the ostrich with the dead eye and it was horrible 🙁
    Another weird thing I saw is that the peacocks' lovely feathers are gone. My classmates also went there recently this year. They photographed said peacock. Sad.
    Their cages are absolutely dirty and the elephant's skin is dreadfully dry.
    I think they should at least transfer the animals to a better zoo like the Avilon Zoo.

  • marty li

    5.5 hectars of pure wasteland, located on one of the highest land value in manila.. Sayang talga ang lupa diyan… Tourist destination? Saan banda? Tama lng ang PETA sa panukala nilang ipasara nlang ang zoo n yan o zoo nga ba tlaga yan? Kung gnyan lng ang kundisyon ng mag animals diyan…
    Dapat gawing private nlang ito to have it managed efficently…

  • SHI


  • miGz RaLLiv

    aLThoUgH, SoMe oF The iSSuEs oN This bLOG aRe TRue, SoMe aRe ReaLLY NoT.. JusT ReCenTLy ViSiT ManiLa ZOo, aNd my kiDZ KiNDa enJoYed SeEiNG aNImaLz They HaVenT SeEn YeT. .. The PHoTos aTTaCheD GueSs aRe oLD, seeiNG The DaTes 2008 on the first pHoTO aNd SoMe jusT TaKen fRom oTheR WeBsITe.. Im SuRe The BLoGGeR iS iN deeP ShiT oN This..

    • Jun

      May diprensiya yata keyboard mo? 🙂

    • TheSenator

      You may need to type in your comments in the standard fashion as it adds stress to the eyes and the reading mind. But your comments, I agree. The narrative of the blogger needs further verification before reaching anything conclusive and definitive.

      I hope the blogger is not the KSP type.

  • Toti

    Ito ang nagiging epekto ng CORRUPTION! Imbes na ung pondo ng bayan eh napupunta sa mga nangangailangan, mga walang bahay, nagugutom, sa mga biktima ng mga kalamidad, sa edukasyon at sa mga infrastructure sa Pilipinas, atbpang KAPAKI-PAKINABANG NA BAGAY eh napupunta lang sa mga bulsa ng mga GANID AT MASASAMANG opisyales ng ating gobyerno mapa-presidente hanggang sa mga nakapwesto sa ibaba! Damn those people! May araw din kau! Magbabayad din kau sa mga kawalang-hiyaan nyong ginagawa sa taumbayan! May KARMA DIN KAU! Di natutulog ang Diyos!

  • chris

    “Karen Ang
    A plebeian who is trying to make small changes in this world.” MY ASS!

  • eye 4 an eye


  • Responsible Blogger

    This blog article mislead us all! It took away justice to the few people trying to save Manila Zoo quietly. The blogger should have instead visited the place before putting up such a write-up and using old photos to stir reactions! It is not fair!

    Kuya Kim for one has been keen on asking public support for the aging Manila Zoo and so he regularly features the park so that many people would visit it. Obviously, Manila Zoo’s infrastructure needs an upgrade but I am definitely sure that changes were done for the past years to further improve the park amidst challenges.

    The intention is good but the delivery is way too irresponsible! So the blogger owes the public updated photos of the zoo and possible apology for pushing Manila Zoo to close down! This is irresponsible journalism. We write not just to express but to enlighten with facts. Otherwise, your talent is not helping at all!

    You could have closed your article by askinh people to patronize Manila Zoo. In that way, it can regain its glory! Kesa ibagsak nyo anh isang bagay, dapat matuto din kayong tumulong para sa ikaaayos ng mga bagay-bagay! Be proactive! I am also a blogger by the way!

    • miGz RaLLiv

      Nice…. DeFiNiTeLY TRue aND RiGhT .. DuDe..

      • Bert

        miGz, palitan mo na keyboard mo, mura lang iyan, wala pang P400, :).

        • TheSenator

          merong P250 sa CDR-King!

    • ed hagamann

      bago kayo magreact ng sobra-sobrang pagmamagaling sana pumunta kayo sa manila zoo ng malaman nyo ang totoong estado ng lugar na yon. i had gone there about a month ago and what i can say is it is very far from how it was years ago. madumi sya at obviously hindi minimaintain, including the animals. if you really care you would check out the place and then react correctly, hindi yung satsat kayo ng satse hindi nyo naman alam ang pinagsasabi nyo. puro kayo palalo.

  • audrey

    Manila Zoo needs a new owner and volunteers. I don’t trust the government. They are too busy with other things. I bet the zoo is the least of their problems. If someone will organize a fun run to get funds for the zoo’s improvement, count me in. I’ll run for our animals. =)

  • Kenneth

    Pakatay na lang yung animals.. tapos pakain nalang sa mga poor people… wawa naman sila..

  • TM

    You know? If you’re thinking of donating money at the Zoo, it would not be a good idea. No body can trust this people anymore. It would be a good idea if this facility will be close and ask help to some organizations who are concerned and wiling to give aid to this animals. They have the right to live and we must not take it from them. The zoo will kill all of these animals. time is running out for them and they must be set free….

    • Good heavens. People don’t become veterinarians and zoo keepers because they want to kill animals, they become veterinarians because they want to help.

      If you’re worried about corruption, donate time.

      And if you’re really convinced that the zoo is unsalvageable and can’t at all be helped, visit first, instead of relying on pictures that were taken in 2008.

  • You know, you can do something about it. Donate. Donate money, or better yet, your time.

    My sister (Kathy Chua) helped set up a volunteer organization that worked alongside Manila Zoo people to plan better animal enrichment and improve the facilities. She told me stories about making friends with the tigers (Daktari used to lick her hand!).

    My dad (John Chua) was so inspired by what my sister and the volunteers did that he ended up going to the zoo a lot too. He made friends with the elephant. (It’s amazing how far peanuts and mangoes can take you.) Yes, that guy who gives Mali a shower or brings her (the elephant is female) watermelons to enjoy in the summer heat is a volunteer. He’s my dad. Say hi if you see him.

    You should see the workshops my dad helps organize under the initiative called Photography with a Difference. He helps people with disabilities – often kids who’ve got far too little else to smile about – connect with volunteer photographers for a magical day at the zoo, with pictures besides.

    The kids love it – seeing all these different animals, being able to touch the rubbled texture of Mali’s trunk or the surprising muscles of a snake. Sometimes this is where love for nature starts – looking a chimpanzee straight in the eye and wondering how different and yet similar we are.

    It’s one thing to complain about it, and another thing to do something about it. The zoo could be better, but it needs help to get there. It’s very easy for us to say the zoo should be shut down and that private zoos like Avilon are better, but that just reeks of privilege. What do you do for all the people who can’t afford to go there or don’t feel welcome there?

    I like the zoo. I was there last year, and I saw kids playing in the water fountains they put in. It’s becoming more and more of a place that a family can go not just once a year, but as a regular place to spend time together and learn. It needs so much help, but I think it’s worth it.

    Care about the animals? Make things better, don’t just shut things down.

    • I agree with you, Sacha!

    • This is irresponsible! Why re-post an equally irresponsible blog? The writer said he/she does not own the photos which are dated back to 2008, ergo, not reflective of the real images of the zoo! And the worse part is: he/she has not been to the zoo lately.

    • TheSenator

      Now this is a more positive comment…developmental and solution-oriented.

      Why not some NGO involve themselves in reviving the Manila Zoo biting on some congressmen’s pork barrel or corporate CSR program budgets?

      My NGO is involved in another area – reduction the incidence of poverty through enterprise development.

      Any volunteers and takers? 🙂

  • franc

    my last visit to manila zoo was, if i recall correctly, at the age of parents brought me there and it was already a bit of a boring tour ‘coz there were very few animals back then.. my school field trip at the avilon zoo was way more enjoyable..the fact that manila zoo is in bad shape only shows how incompetent its administrators need to blame the caretakers.they were not screened and trained properly for this job..what happened to billions of taxpayers money that was supposed to be used for maintaining historical landmarks like this?do we even need to wonder?the answer, it went down to the pockets and bank accounts of inconsiderate and corrupt bastards in the government. to the respective people, pray that you won’t find yourself reincarnated as an animal in this zoo. you’d wish you were sent to the fiery depths of hades rather than be sent to this zoo..

  • newell

    kuya kim,..sana ikaw mgsimulang ibangon muli yung manila zoo..

  • apolinario bonifacio

    The main reason these animals are so emaciated is because the caretakers eat the animals’ share of daily food. Instead of feeding the animals, the caretakers first think of what their family members will eat. So, don’t wonder where the budget for the zoo goes.


  • kcr111

    This has always been under the Mayor’s jurisdiction, which also reflects the kind of person he is. PETA should hold him accountable as well! Manila City is a JOKE.

  • Manila is full of crap! Didn’t know that the zoo was still open. I thought it was closed for renovation or something. I really hope someone would do something. And I hope someone file charges against the person in charge there! I’m sure he/she is taking the money that suppose to be for the animals. I really hope this post could help. I’ll share this.

  • almon

    These photos do not show date when it was taken. I recently visited Manila Zoo just a few weeks ago and the animals were in great shape. this blog is way misleading. please provide the date and time the photo was taken. thank you.

  • danvangent

    I know the Philippines (and Manila Zoo) since 1981. Already in those time I wanted to shave their sheeps and other animals to help them to get rid of their old (winter)hairs. Unfortunately, I could not do so, cause I did not brought an animal clipper.
    Its sad to hear that things are terribly worsened!
    Shame on you Manila Zoo and its visitors who like more to eat candys, buy cheap “souvenirs” and throw their basura where-ever it can reach!
    You can easily know the moral value of the people on the way they treat their animals and environnement…

  • nos9286

    I really felt sad for those animals.. u know what i think.? we should return those animals in their natural habitats and put the maintenance team on those cages instead! or better yet corrupt government officials! still, for the children to learn something..: moral values! hahaha!

  • This is really sad. I remember having photos during my childhood from the Manila zoo and watching its current state now somehow drags down all those good memories to the slums. You’re doing something good here, keep it up and I hope the people concerned will do something about this.

  • IJ

    After reading the story, I felt sad and pity for the animals. When I was young, we used to go to Manila Zoo on many occasions coz it’s one of the coolest places to visit during the 90’s era. Now, it’s a midway to death for those poor animals. It’s a no sanctuary. :((

  • If they’re having a hard time maintaining this zoo, they should just let the animals free and turn the place into something else. =(

    • yup…and if they could just have an animal clinic.or veterans who could give enough care for animals…they could not easily get sick and cannot spread the disease to other animals..At first, it really start from cleanliness and good maintenance by manila zoo management or personnel..

      • I agree. That’s the thing. The zoo is badly kept that even with the best zoologist they can hire, the animals will get sick

  • manuelbuencamino

    Good job, Karen

  • Juliet

    please sign the petition to close this place. It is hell for the animals.

  • OMG! they should have take good care of those animals and we should have do something about it. It’s also our duty and responsibilities to protect animals, as they balance our planet.

  • Ax

    Avalon Zoo in Montalban is a very nice zoo!

  • Ax

    Judging by the number of ice cream vendors ringing their bells, the only thing doing well at the zoo is Nestle.

  • gene

    this is so sad…my last visit was when i was 10 i guess…and im thinking of going back to bring my kids…i dont think they’ll appreciate that either.

  • I really feel sad about this. It’s been almost ten years since my last visit when the zoo was still looking well. Hope they can do something to address this issue.

  • weq

    alert(“sad truth”)

  • Yvie

    Poor animals! The last time I visited the zoo it was in a sad, sad state. I feel so sad for all the animals captive in that area. :((

  • awww…. I was about to bring my daughter and husband there to tour them…but unfortunetly, it couldn’t be happen because I don’t want them to get dissappointed after telling them the history of the zoo. I pity those animals.

  • We went there just last month and indeed, lots of the animals in there are very thin. And the zoo’s not well-maintained. -_-

  • kat

    i meant Avalon Zoo. woops.

    • Bert

      Avilon is correct.

  • kat

    hi, i think that’s why its better to have a privately owned zoo just like Avilon. I don’t work for them, but when i had a meeting…. i appreciated it more. They charge way more expensive than manila zoo but you get healthier animals, more physical interaction, a tour guide and a reaaaaallly massive park!

  • Ths is very striking.. I also remember when I was in grade school how organized and clean the Manila Zoo was.. May the admistrators may it be goverment agency or not resolve such issue as this landmark once become one of the Philippines famous tourist spots.