DoH warns against use of geckos to cure asthma, AIDS

The health department expressed concern over the use of ‘tuko’ (gecko) to allegedly cure illnesses like AIDS and asthma.

In a press statement released Friday morning, the Department of Health said that they found “folkloric practice of using geckos [or “tuko”] as a cure for AIDS or asthma” was “unproven” and had “no scientific basis.”

They also warned against the use of geckos because these could “likely to aggravate their overall health and put them at greater risk.”

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Con Yap

  • Esmeralda Ocampo-Macalintal

    We expect trustworthiness from the DOH. Before they make these hollow pronouncements, they better conduct a research into the matter first, because they betray their incompetence to people who are privy to real studies conducted on the bile acids of Geckos and their effects on the human body’s immune system.

    If they can’t do that, then they better resign or they keep silent before issuing embarrassing press releases. It embarrasses the entire country.

  • Esmeralda Ocampo-Macalintal

    The DOH better rethink their statements.