Viloria wins by unanimous decision

Filipino-American fighter Brian Viloria got a unanimous decision over Mexico’s Julio Cesar Miranda on Saturday night to win the World Boxing Organization (WBO) flyweight championship bout.

Vi lor ia, the “Hawai ian Punch, ” jumped and pumped his fist in the air when he was announced the new world champion.

The former Olympian was in tears as his father gave him a bearhug and proudly lifted his son as the crowd roared.

The 30-year-old Viloria controlled the fight from the start, flooring Miranda in the opening minutes and landing body blow after body blow throughout the fight.

“I started off quick and I think Miranda got caught by surprise. But like a champion, he came back,” Viloria said of the fight which was aired over TV5 in the Philippines. “I give him a lot of credit. He fought his heart out and I also fought my heart out because I really wanted this.”

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