NTC to Telcos: Set minimum speed and reliability on Broadband

Newsbytes reported that the National Telecommunications Commission released a memoradum circular ordering Broadband Internet providers to set a minimum connection speed and 80 percent service reliability.

Newbytes wrote,

“The service offers shall specify the service rates for a minimum broadband/Internet connection speed and the service reliability. For example: a broadband service provider can offer P900.00/month for 512Kbps minimum connection speed and 80 percent service reliability, or P1,000.00/month for 512Kbps minimum connection speed and 85 percent service reliability, or P1,000/month for 1Mbps minimum connection speed and 80 percent reliability, etc.” the circular explained.

The NTC said it issued the circular to correct the practice of service providers who are specifying only the maximum speed in their broadband offerings.

For context on the whole minimum broadband connections issues, please checkout our coverage on it.

Cocoy Dayao

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  • I had been looking for a copy of the circular since the news came out but so far even NTC had not posted it on their website. Did they really come out with a circular on minimum broadband speed? If yes, where is it?

  • has it been published in a newspaper of general circulation already? which one and when?

    we need to parse it to see how it affects us consumers.

  • Bert

    this sounds good.

    i’ve been grappling with that globe collector by phone for months and months telling me to pay for their broadband program I bought but never/cannot use due to its failure to connect, maybe due to very low service reliability/minimum speed.

  • i want to read the full text of this circular.