Palace: Virgilio Garcillano to tell all

The Aquino administration is forming a virtual “who’s who” of poll manipulators to be topbilled by Virgilio Garcillano, the voice behind the “Hello Garci” scandal, in a fresh bid to prosecute former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronald Llamas said that Garcillano, a former election commissioner, had sent feelers to Malacañang expressing his willingness to finally “tell all” against Arroyo.

Llamas, however, refused to elaborate, stressing that Malacañang never sought out Garcillano, whose potential blockbuster could be the latest in a series of revelations pinning down Arroyo from accused mass murderer Zaldy Ampatuan and newly surrendered fugitive Lintang Bedol.

“There are other witnesses coming out including Garcillano. We are waiting for them. We are planning to create a body of whistle-blowers, a legitimate group to testify against Arroyo,” Llamas said.

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Con Yap

  • manuelbuencamino

    Here are the complete Garci tapes. It goes beyond just those conversations between Gloria and Garci. It shows Garci as the go-to man for all election cheats. In these transcripts we also see the name of Ruben Reyes. To refresh your memory, Ruben Reyes will reappear a few years down the road as part of the Abalos, Arroyo ZTE-NBN gang.

    Enjoy, especially you UP!

    • UP nn grad

      Pilipinas should accept as evidence any illegal wiretaps, that is what Pilipinas should do.

      I remember that it was last month or 2 months ago, in fact Malacanang (via PNP and AFP) wanted looser rules about wiretaps. So guess who said “NO! NO! NO!”

      I think GuLO said… “OVER MY DEAD BODY!!! Illegal wiretaps should not be allowed….. should not be acceptable as evidence in a court of law.”

  • Bert

    Forget Imelda, forget the Webb, the point is Garcillano, if he admits that it was him and GMA talking in that tape then that will give a final answer to our question what it really is that the former president was sorry for. That will solved the mystery and we can now close our mind from it, sleep more soundly, while the GMA fans are having horrible nights in their sleep, :).

    • Bert

      I meant horrible nightmares. Kung tatalaban.

      I very much doubt it.

      • UP nn grad

        Ano nga kaya…. what could Malacanang possibly offer as incentive for Garci to sign an affidavit (plus testify before Court of Appeals or Supremo Court) that GuLO orchestrated election cheating?

  • UP nn grad

    Garci, of course, may provide his “be-all-and-end-all” story-telling, not this year, but 5 years or 10 years from now. It is just as likely that what Cory blog-posts about is just intended to keep “Garci” and GuLO in the news.

    Now, here is a different question. What if??? What if “Madam” Imelda Marcos provides a deathbed “be-all-and-end-all” story about the Ninoy-Aquino murder? To remember — Pilipinas has not yet closed the book on the “Ninoy-Aquino murder”. In particular, there has not been any official TRUTH COMMISSION, much less a government-published report on Who-Had-Ninoy-Killed, that can refute or affirm any such “revelations-kuno” .

    • manuelbuencamino

      What if? Then she will be asked to make an affidavit and sign it. Then there will be an investigation based on her affidavit. If the findings show probable cause for the filing of charges then that’s what the DOJ will do. That’s the way things are done these days, with Gloria out and Noynoy in. It’s called following due process. Those found guilty after trial will be imprisoned. It’s simple really. But we seem to have forgotten how simple it really is, because for the last nine years we were made to forget what the rule of law is all about.

      • UP nn grad

        That is not my point. And did you even see the qualifier “deathbed”?

        Now look again at Cory Yap/Inquirer item with its message — “… hmmm… we won’t tell you what it’s about, but apparently Garci is sending feelers.. apparently.. and we don’t know what he is is inclined to say”. Nothing really got said except for saying “looky here!!! Did we mention Garci and GuLo’s names together? Hmmmmm????”. One may conclude that making innuendos now is as wide-open to anybody sayhing something about what somebody might want to say… unleashing innuendos now just as wide open as it was during GuLO’s days.

        Now, say again “Hubert Webb did it!” and you are faced with the Supreme Court decision declaring “not guilty : Hubert Webb”. On Who-Masterminded-Ninoy-murder? There would be nothing to refute whatever “deathbed-confession” is provided 5 years or 10 years from now.

        And PIlipinas due process has a little tiny detail called “Statute-of-limitations on murder” which becomes a barrier for Dept-Justice chasing down a deathbed confession. What’s the point?

        • manuelbuencamino

          Deathbed is a qualifier? How so?

          There is no need for innuendos as far as Gloria and Garci are concerned because they were caught on the phone talking to each other about “yun dagdag,yun dagdag.”

          There is no connection between Hubert Webb and on who masterminded Ninoy’s murder. Hubert was acquitted. Period. As to your deathbed fantasy… of course an investigation into the facts stated in the confession will determine whether the confession is true or not.

          What’s the point? The investigation will clear the names of any and all innocents who were suspected of involvement in the murder. Those innocents can reclaim their honor and get on with their lives.

          But I understand why you don’t get the point. You still cling to Gloria’s ways. Sorry to inform you but there is a new sheriff in town. Live with it.