Today is world hepatitis day!

As we contemplate on this silent killer that affects 1 out of 10 Filipinos, let us join the Hepatology Society of the Philippines, the Department of Health, the Department of Labor and Employment, MSD Corporation, and the Yellow Warriors Society of the Philippines in committing to fight Hepatitis in the Philippines when they signed “The Yellow Manifesto:”

“We commit to take bold, concrete steps to lessen the burden of Hepatitis among inflicted patients and their loved ones, to champion their inclusion and acceptance in society by upholding equal employment opportunities, and ensuring provision of attainable access to health care towards a more productive society.

Our ultimate goal is to decrease the prevalence rate of Hepatitis in the Philippines.”

The first step is to increase awareness about Hepatitis. Though it is one of the most prevalent and fatal diseases among Filipinos, it can also be prevented, treated, and sometimes cured. Visit the following websites to know more about this disease that affects more than 16 million Filipinos, many of whom are not even aware they are infected: