What are the odds of surviving Cancer?

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Bert

    Odds of surviving cancer? Depends on the area the cancerous cells are located. On vital organs, the odd is zero, and that’s because there is no cure yet for cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can extend survival by inducing remission but extension is limited. On areas where it can be operated on and all defective cells removed by surgery the odd is higher than 95% survival, there is a 5% possibility it might sprout again in another part due to its hereditary nature.

    I am a quack doctor.

  • UP nn grd

    SMOKING!!!!! Medical science from USA, Japan, Canada and many other nations point to SMOKING as leading cause of cancer and other ailments for their population.

    The same body of literature points to the importance of EARLY DETECTION for increasing survivality rates.

    SIDE NOTE: Marlboro costs about $3.50-a-pack at a 7-11 in wasghington, DC. A 30% tax-increase on cigarettes would likely result in better health statistics for Pilipinas.