PAL workers to public: We’re willing to work, PAL management problem

Editor’s note: We received this information from PALEA via Facebook:

PLEASE READ: For the information of all friends, family and everyone. The truth is.. our fellow Ground Crew is not on strike. Actually they are inside the airport right now WILLING TO WORK. BUT their access sa computer, phones, radios, and etc were removed by the management which is the cause of this chaos. obviously, they could not work without those access. Pal management just decided to cancel all flights. Eto lang po ang katotohanan. Please repost this to help our fellow brothers and sisters who are actually now harassed by the management and apparently fighting for thier jobs and future of their little ones. Thank you. Msc Council Palea

The Philippine Airlines Employees Association is currently having a dispute with Philippine Airlines management. PAL Management blames PALEA lockout for cancelled flights today.

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    While he was in Japan, Presi Noynoy had comments:
    “Tinitingnan ng mga abugado ko kung gaano ka-clear (ma-consider ang strike bilang economic sabotage),” Aquino told journalists in Tokyo, Japan Tuesday night.  He said what was clear to him is that disruption of airport services is punishable with imprisonment or fine nder the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008.

    “Any person who disrupts the services of an airport is criminally liable under the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008…” Aquino said.  The actions of PAL personnel who refused to perform their tasks, such as manning check-in counters, those who refuse to check in passengers, and the ground crew who abandoned their posts may be considered as acts leading to the disruption of airport services at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2, the President said.