Dear Steve Jobs

A while ago I was looking at and saw that I can send an email to [email protected]. The following is what I wrote.


You have greatly touched almost all the lives on earth. I live in the Philippines and even here your genius has affected our lives. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to computers but the first one I ever touched was an Apple II. It belonged to my cousin and it was very foreign to me. Many years later, after frustrations with any Windows-based computers, I finally switched to Mac. I couldn’t afford a brand new one so I bought a second hand iBook. It was great and it truly met my expectations and more. I became a fan ever since and saved money to buy Apple products. The iPod Classic and Video accompanied my many moods and solitude. The iBook, Macbook, and Macbook Pro gave me a chance to make new friends, make extra money, and express my thoughts and opinions, and so much more. The iPad was a wonder which exposed me to more literature new and old, games to drive away ennui and applications which helped me with productivity. Then there is the iPhone.

I used to think that the iPhone is an overpriced piece of crap but when Beni Gelzer who lives all the way in Switzerland generously gave me his old 3GS, I became a convert. The iPhone changed my life and I never imagined a smartphone can do so many tasks. It was definitely beyond my imagination. So when the 3GS gave up on me, I bought a brand new iPhone 4. It was expensive but I know I will never regret it. My iPhone 4 has a lot of stories to tell. From how I accidentally left it in a restaurant in Singapore and how Joel Ramos selflessly tracked it and found a person going to the Philippines who can hand me the phone I lost. How can a single device transcend boundaries and travel so much distance? I suspect what happened was sort of magical.

Your passing away didn’t come as a surprise but I still felt a loss in my life. We never met, you probably never think about my country at all, but just the same your life has left a mark which can never be replaced. I wonder if there will ever be a dropout, deviant, megalomaniac, genius like you who will have the same effect on millions of lives. Maybe not in my lifetime. I bid you adieu, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for changing my life somehow.


Karen Ang

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Karen Ang

A plebeian who is trying to make small changes in this world.

  • Anonymous

    We switched to Mac 6 years ago. Very thankful for all the innovations Steve Jobs brought to the world

  • J_ag

    When  the passing of one who obviously is a human creative genius of our modern times one cannot help but reflect on the fact of the frailties and wonder of the human being. 

    He pursued his vision with total and absolute commitment. When faced with the truth that he had a short time to live he became obsessed with using his time to create magic. 

    He became the conductor leading so other many creative people who he shared his visions with.  

    The money was secondary. 

  • I never really got into the whole “Apple” thing, I may have owned a few iPods in my life and an iPad, and somehow Mr. Jobs passing has seems like a big loss to me, I consider myself a gadget freak and Steve has been a big part why I become one.

    RIP Mr. Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    I just found this out,  and again, it is food for thought.

    Steve Jobs’ father is Syrian!!!   Steve Jobs is a first-generation American — Syrian father.

    Maybe Pilipinas should seriously consider doubling the number of citizenships a year that it grants to  non-natives. 

    • Well the Koreans are invading us…