PicLyf, a social photo blogging network which is proudly Pinoy!

I’ve been a user of PicLyf since last year after hearing about the Filipino-made application from fellow bloggers. I like how it automatically posts to my social networks like Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and Google+ whenever I upload a photo. I recently interviewed Andrew dela Serna, one of the founders, about his company and their future plans.

My PicLyf dashboard

ProPinoy: What is PicLyf and what makes the app awesome?

Andrew dela Serna: PicLyf is a social photo diary, it makes it easy and fun to store and share snapshots of your moments, things and interests. I think what makes PicLyf awesome is how it lets you tell more from a single picture and the way it makes you want to document your life more.

PP: How did PicLyf start?

ADS: PicLyf came from a project called Twidl it! which was supposed to be a Meme generator on top of twitter. For that project, Eric asked me (Andrew) and BJ for help in exploring a cool idea and went for it.

PP: What made you start PicLyf?

ADS: Twidl, it was cool toy and we realized we could be doing so much more, something that can change people. We looked inside ourselves to see what problems we were passionate about and a couple of things popped up. We wanted an app that will make us want to document life (it was such a boring task) and a platform that was fully aimed at sharing Life that the noise level will be low. Substantive content will naturally float on top. So that’s how the vision of PicLyf came about.

PP: Who are the people behind PicLyf and what are their backgrounds?

ADS: There’s Eric Su, who manages the product. He’s a former university sys admin turned graphic artist and game designer. BJ is the CTO, he was a lead developer in a few pioneering tech outsourcing shops in Davao. And me, Andrew dela Serna, who helped fund the startup.

PP: Is it doing well in the international market?

ADS: We haven’t considered ourselves launched in any international market. We feel that we need to have a kickass iOS app to be competitive there, so we have spent months and months building expertise in the iOS platform and releasing a globally great app soon. Until that’s done, we are calling it open beta period 🙂

PP: Will there be an iOS and BlackBerry version of the app?

ADS: There will be an iOS app in a few weeks but we have too little bandwidth to make the Blackberry app ourselves. Hopefully we can soon work something out with a 3rd party using our API.

PP: Are you working on other apps right now? What are your plans for the future?

ADS: We are focused on the iOS app, as well as incorporating a proper thing tagging feature. There is also a cooler PicLyf userpage coming in the pipeline. Look for a proper marketing outreach once our iOS app is out. Thanks for the support!

The very handsome Andrew dela Serna

Drew, I’m still waiting for the iOS version. I promise to use it a lot.

Let’s all support the Dava0-based PicLyf! You may download Piclyf for Nokia here and Piclyf for Android here. There’s also a plugin for WordPress available at http://www.alleba.com/blog/2011/02/01/wordpress-plugin-piclyf/Let’s also like their Facebook page and follow @PicLyf on Twitter.


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