Midas Marquez lies again

When Supreme Court spokesman Midas Marquez speaks or in this case, writes, he always dresses up a blatant lie with seemingly lofty words. Read “Unyielding Allegiance to the Constitution” HERE. Unfortunately his favorite technique for dressing up lies is as effective as covering shit with a spray deodorant and calling it a rose.

He wrote:

    “The reports reveal this time that the House of Representatives may even amend its own rules and fast track the impeachment process against the Chief Justice by skipping the Committee on Justice stage, and by going straight to the plenary, and thereafter transmitting the articles of impeachment immediately to the Senate. Section 2, Rule II, of the current Rules of Procedure in Impeachment Proceedings, does not allow this: “Impeachment shall be initiated by the filing and subsequent referral to the Committee on Justice of: (a) a verified complaint for impeachment filed by any Member of the House of Representatives; or (b) a verified complaint filed by any citizen upon a resolution of endorsement by any Member thereof; or (c) a verified complaint or resolution of impeachment filed by at least one-third (1/3) of all Members of the House.”

The undeniable fact is there is no need to refer an impeachment complaint to the House Committee on Justice if one-third of the House signs the impeachment complaint. There is no need to amend any rule. The impeachment complaint can go straight to the plenary and voted on by the Lower House once the required number of signatures are obtained. This is what happened during President Estrada’s impeachment in November 2000. If I remember correctly, Estrada was impeached even without a roll call vote. I’ll ask have to check with someone about that but you can bet Ferdinand Topacio’s testicle that I won’t be asking Midas.

In the world of Midas Marquez one can claim unyielding allegiance to the Constitution and a flexible commitment to the truth all in the same breath.

Manuel Buencamino

Buencamino was a weekly columnist for Today and Business Mirror. He has also written articles in other publications like Malaya, Newsbreak, "Yellow Pad" in Business World, and "Talk of the Town" in the Inquirer. He is currently with Interaksyon, the news site of TV5. MB blogged for Filipino Voices, blogs for ProPinoy and maintains a blog, Uniffors.com. Game-changers for him, as far as music goes, are Monk, Miles, Jimi, and Santana.