Court Administrator Midas Marquez gives marching orders to RTC judges

Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros typifies the mind-set of the allies and supporters of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.

He said, “I am sad with the turn of events and surprised with the speed…it was politically motivated. Sabi nila walang pakialam ang Malacañang pero kitang-kita naman ang kamay nila. Politically motivated ito.”

I wonder what the bishop and his ilk think of the speech of Court Administrator Midas Marquez at the oath-taking ceremony of the Manila Judges Association (FULL SPEECH HERE)

Below are excerpts from the speech of Marquez. Keep in mind that Marquez is the Court Administrator. That means he is the general manager of the judiciary. He oversees programs and personnel in the judiciary, specially the lower courts with its 2000 judges and 27,000 court personnel. He delivered his speech at the swearing in of the new president of the Manila Judges Association, Judge Antonio Eugenio.

    “Make no mistake. This is an assault not only the person of Chief Justice Corona, not only on his Office, not only on the Supreme Court. This is an assault on all the rights, power and privileges of the entire Judiciary. We are being forced to surrender our constitutionally-mandated powers and functions to the whim and caprice of political machinations.”

    “If I may be allowed to speculate, and I say this not as an official of the Court but a lawyer speaking from my own little understanding of the law and the Constitution, these charges can have no genuine motive other than to malign, to smear and to destroy the reputations of the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court, and the entire Judiciary for obvious political reasons and personal ambitions.”

    “I offer to you, to all of you judges, this brotherly warning that the forces and the issues at play here are aimed at our very offices, our sworn duties, and our important roles in our constitutional structure and administration of justice. To be sure, the perpetrators of this dastardly assault hope to intimidate and inspire fear amongst us with the loud clamoring of their ill-advised leadership. If they can toy with the public’s mind, to put the Chief Justice at the precipice of disaster, how much easier can it be to pressure any other member of the judiciary or anyone of us?”

    “We often refer to the Chief Justice as if he were the Supreme Court itself, and rightly so, because he is the physical embodiment of judicial power. He is primus inter pares for administrative matters but also for upholding the court and our system of justice. As he said in his speech yesterday, not only is he our Chief Justice, he is also our defender.”

    “I am emboldened and inspired by his courage. For me, it is not only a source of strength but a call to duty. It is the same call I ask you all to heed.”

Sounds like marching orders from the Court Administrator, right?

Now here’s Judge Eugenio’s response to the call to arms of Midas Marquez the Court Administrator.

    “When Hitler assumed power in Germany, he was a most popular figure. He put up the Third Reich and trampled on the rights of everyone because he was very popular. We all know what happened to Adolf Hitler.”

    “Today, we cut the umbilical cord…Let the branches be separate and let us be independent on our own. They act, they measure righteousness by sheer numbers. They act on the basis of popularity, saying the perception that the majority of the people believe in their actions, and they measure that popularity is always right.”

Judge Eugenio could have saved a lot of saliva by cutting his speech to three words, “Aye, Aye, Sir!”

Manuel Buencamino

Buencamino was a weekly columnist for Today and Business Mirror. He has also written articles in other publications like Malaya, Newsbreak, "Yellow Pad" in Business World, and "Talk of the Town" in the Inquirer. He is currently with Interaksyon, the news site of TV5. MB blogged for Filipino Voices, blogs for ProPinoy and maintains a blog, Game-changers for him, as far as music goes, are Monk, Miles, Jimi, and Santana.