Archbishop pulls medieval rank

Batangas Archbishop Ramon Arguelles was quite upset that President Aquino did not attend the installation of the new Archbishop of Manila Luis Antonio Tagle.

He said, “The installation of the archbishop of the prime archdiocese in the country is so important. It’s a national, an international event. The absence of the President for the very first time in the history of the Philippines was very conspicuous. He snubbed the most important religious group in the country. We are the third largest Catholic country in the world and this is probably the prime archdiocese of Asia. So, to snub that is really a big hurt.”

The president did not snub the most important religious group in the country. President Aquino was attending an official State function. He was at Camp Aguinaldo for the change of command ceremonies.

Archbishio Arguelles would rather that the Commander in Chief reschedule the military ceremony to accomodate a Catholic ceremony. How about that for chutzpah?

Why couldn’t the Catholic Church reschedule its ceremony? As a matter of fact, why does the president even have to attend a purely religious ceremony?

Archbishop Arguelles, one of Gloria Arroyo’s favorites, must miss the good old days when Gloria Arroyo used to jump at the drop of a bishop’s mitre.

Sorry Archbisop “pero wala ng wang-wang.” Not even for the most important religious group in the third largest Catholic country in the world that hosts the prime archdiocese of Asia.

Sorry Archbishop but in this country, under the Aquino administration, affairs of State come first. As they should. Always.

Manuel Buencamino

Buencamino was a weekly columnist for Today and Business Mirror. He has also written articles in other publications like Malaya, Newsbreak, "Yellow Pad" in Business World, and "Talk of the Town" in the Inquirer. He is currently with Interaksyon, the news site of TV5. MB blogged for Filipino Voices, blogs for ProPinoy and maintains a blog, Game-changers for him, as far as music goes, are Monk, Miles, Jimi, and Santana.