GMA’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand “One Ball” Topacio on Adolf Hitler

YouTube has a video of Ferdinand Topacio at his desk. Behind him is a large portrait of his idol, Adolf Hitler. CLICK HERE

Topacio says of Hitler,

    “His main crime was that he lost the war. History is written by the victors.”

Over at, Chay F. Hofileña reports:

    Single-minded vision

    Under threat of being charged with revisionism, Topacio says that Hitler was, in fact, a revolutionary.

    “Very few people know that the concept of the paid vacation for workers was a brainchild of Adolf Hitler because his party, the Nazi party, is the national socialist workers’ democratic party. That is national socialism, and national socialism was formulated for the benefit of greater rights for the working class.”

    Topacio adds, “From a relatively obscure retired corporal in the German army, he rose to prominence. He was not wealthy. He did not have pedigree. He did not have a high degree of education. He became chancellor of Germany through sheer will power and his vision of a greater society for the German people.”

    What is worth emulating in Hitler, according to him, is his “single-minded vision for what he felt was better for all members of society.”

    When Germans were starving in the streets, Hitler rose up and said that “with a determined leadership, Germany can be a great power again. And in fact, he made Germany a great power – something that the Germans can be proud of. It’s just that he lost the war,” Topacio says.

Now I understand where Topacio’s famous “ipapuputol ko ang bayag ko” outburst came from. His idol, Adolf Hitler, reportedly had only one testicle. What greater tribute is there from a fan than to emulate his idol’s physical attributes?

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