Absurd defense motion

The Corona defense has now become absurd.

    In a motion filed before the impeachment court, defense lawyer Jose Roy III said Corona has filed an “urgent petition for certiorari and prohibition with prayer for immediate issuance of temporary restraining order and writ of preliminary injustion.”

    “CJ Corona merely asks to defer or delay the enforcement of the subpoenae until after the Supreme Court has had ample opportunity to act on the urgent petition of CJ Corona, and as a matter of inter-branch courtesy, in order not to render the rights and interests of the affected parties moot.” (FULL STORY HERE.)

In effect, Corona petitioned himself to defer or delay the opening of his bank accounts until his Court can decide on the merits of his petition.

On another front, Raissa Robles busts Joker Arroyo’s double standards. (READ FULL STORY HERE)

Manuel Buencamino

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  • baycas ,

    He is still CJ and hasn’t filed a leave of absence.

    It’s like convening an en banc session.

    • Anonymous ,

      I don’t know about that, ManuB.

      The accused is not putting a stop to the IMPEACHMENT COURT,  the accused is merely putting a stop to a “discovery-action”  because this action (as “Brenda” herself has said) may be in violation of an existing Pilipinas law.

      Consider this thought —-   an illegal act can null the conclusion from that illegal act.  How would you like GLORIA to get away with stealing a building here or a dollar-account there from those names-you-have-alluded-to-but-not-identified  because  deLima had done an illegal action?!

      The predicament really could have been avoidedf had PresiNoynoy done his homework (in other words, if account numbers were already known to the Tupas/PresiNoynoy team) like, say, 3 weeks ago, but that’s water under Mendiola Bridge.

      • Manuelbuencamino ,

        UP, you did not read the petition. Corona ask his Court to stop his impeachment trial. Read before you comment