Top ideas where to spend your Valentine’s

It’s Cupid’s month again and couples are definitely scouting for the best place to celebrate heart’s day with their special someone, which, admit it or not, is kind of stressful, especially for the male species. Good news is Pinoy All Occasions already did all the legwork for you. Below are some of the events, places and restaurants you can choose from this coming Heart’s Day, depending on your taste and budget.


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1. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Pampanga.  The annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is the most anticipated event in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga every second week of February.  Heart’s Day usually falls anywhere during this one week festival but this year, the 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will commence on February 9 until February 12, just two days before Valentine’s Day. Entrance fee is Php200.00.

The balloon fiesta aims to fuel the passion of people, both young and old, into flying to help the aviation industry and tourism in the Philippines. On the other hand, this event also helps to instill discipline and volunteerism to participating young pilots.  Aside from the 6:30 AM flight of the hot air balloons, which is represented by various countries, the event is also jam packed with lots of aerial activities and exhibitions everyday like skydiving, paragliding, aerobatics, ultralight flights, RC aircraft displays, professional kite exhibitions and more.

The PHABF (Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta) is definitely a one of a kind place to be with your love one to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  And any returning guests of the fiesta can attest that the balloon fiesta has been a witness to various marriage proposals already.  If you plan to propose to your girlfriend in the most unique way, then how about a proposal in the sky sounds? If you want everyone to know how you love your girlfriend so much, go to PHABF, talk to the skydiving crew and ask if they can do you a favor of diving your marriage proposal banner for you. An act that will definitely sweep your girl off her feet that saying “no” wouldn’t be an option.

To complete the romantic experience, it is highly suggested for you to at least book an overnight stay to any hotel inside the Clark Freeport Zone. If you have more than enough budget and want to stay in a swanky hotel, you may try Fontana Resort and Country Club, but if you are working on a tight budget but still want an overnight romantic get away with your sweetie, then Clark Hostel, a cozy, boutique hotel inside Clark is definitely a must try. And since you are already in Pampanga, what’s a date without a dinner in a fine dining restaurant? C Italian Dining, located along Don Juico Avenue in Angeles City, Pampanga was said to be one of the best Italian restaurants in the Philippines. The place is always packed with people, especially during weekends so it is best to book your reservation ahead of time.


BUDGET:  Starts at Php2, 000- Php6, 000 good for two (depends if you opt to stay overnight and eat at C’s)

PHABF Website:

C Italian Dining:


2. The Oasis, Gateway Mall. Located right smack in the middle of Gateway

Photo taken from The Oasis' Multiply site

Mall in Cubao, The Oasis offers shoppers a breath of fresh air with their 450- square meter garden restaurant that opens up to the sky . Accentuated by towering 60-foot royal palm trees, exotic giant ferns, koi pond, small fountain and pipe-in music under the sun or blanket of stars, this floating garden is the perfect ambiance for a romantic date with your beau.

The place looks quite intimidating at first but surprisingly, a date at The Oasis is actually affordable as it has a wide variety of dishes from nearby restaurants like Rasa, Café Adriatico, Pizza Hut Bistro, Sachi and Itallianis.

Aside from candlelit dinners, The Oasis is also open for private functions, definitely a great idea for al fresco cocktail parties. Now who says Valentine dinners need to be expensive? At The Oasis, you can enjoy a lush tropical setting without having to drive hours away from Manila.


BUDGET:  Php 2,000 good for two (depends on your choice of food)


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