The Monkey and the Turtle (2012-02-11)

Jay Salazar

Jaime Oscar M. Salazar has been blogging intermittently since 2002. He lives and works in Metro Manila. His personal blog is Random Salt.

  • GabbyD ,

    living in a free society is difficult. its tempting to go and name call, besmirch others reputation without evidence. on the other hand, its difficult to think that libel we have now is perfect.

    but at least, lets have a decent discussion of the pros and cons and try to raise the quality of the conversation about journalism, investigation, ethics.

    i actually have a simple solution: when we write accusation (the first one,not the subsequent commentary on the first accusation), how about an honest attempt at getting the other side?

    how about this rule of thumb be held by all writers, journalists or non-journalists?

    • GabbyD ,

      so are you against harrassing people online? i guess the answer is yes, so its strange. if yes, isnt libel an integral part of that? what is the alternative to libel?