A classmate’s disappointment with CJ Renato Corona

Circulating in social media is a letter from a classmate of Chief Justice Renato Corona. Rene Santayana and Renato Corona were in the Ateneo 1962 elementary and 1966 high school graduating classes. Santayana wrote to his class e-group after he received an e-mail on the Newsbreak exposé regarding Corona’s embellished academic achievements. (Read in Rappler.com “Corona lied about academic honors?”)

An Atenean from a later batch summed up Santayana’s letter as a ” message that reflects the dilemmas that we face when we have to choose between doing good and protecting erring kin, friends, and classmates. In Philippine society, the greater good is subsumed to loyalty to the family, the class, the tribe, the fraternity, the organization.”

Below is Mr. Santayana’s letter to his classmates:

Dear classmates, 
The attached email (the Newsbreaak exposé) caught my eye because of its attachments (Corona’s academic resumé submitted to Malacañan in 1992 when he worked for the Ramos administration; a screen grab of Corona’s resumé in the Supreme Court website prior to its alteration in March 14, 2010; Ateneo commencement programs from grade school, high school, college, and college of law) and so I decided to briefly drop a line to this forum.  I imagine there is a
great deal of ‘talk’ about the on-going impeachment proceedings which is why I am forwarding this to the Yahoo group. 
Many of the attachments in this email will be familiar to you. Certainly, they were to me.  The heavy hitters in our batch were Edjop (Edgar Jopson), Bobby Jayme, Rhett Pleno, Jacques Schnabel, Inggo Diaz, Chito Gomez, Louie Hernandez, Dari Pagcaliwagan, and Benito Diaz.  I never saw nor do I recall the name of Corona having stood out in any honors list during our years in the Ateneo.  Do you? 
The point is … why lie about it?  There are more than a hundred of us classmates – surely a large number will recall what really transpired in school?  What a blatant display of arrogance and contempt!  This I take personally because it touches me and it violates whatever small personal unsullied space I can still cling to in this life.  I cannot stand idly by and allow myself to be made complicit in this. 
If we cannot trust a man in small things, how can we trust him in big things?  Grade school and high-school … who still includes those in a professional resume anymore?  Frankly, it’s not even worth mentioning, much less lying about.  Yet, some people choose to fabricate and weave untruths … and use it for self promotion.  Anyone who can lie about such small things can lie about anything – yes, even the biggest things. 
In this particular instance it is very difficult to show any support even for a classmate, unless you are prepared to compromise your own principles.  Personally I was reserving judgment and waiting for events to unfold.  It seems the wait is over.  This is an issue we are all familiar with.  This has nothing to do with Malacanang, nothing to do with the Senate, nothing to do with politics.  It has everything to do with principle, character and integrity. 
Regardless of the outcome, this early Rene Corona himself has shown me that he is unworthy of his position – or any other responsible position.  The cumulative weight of all those petty lies and belabored half-truths is crushing and it leaves him bereft of any moral ground to stand on.  He should just admit his guilt, resign immediately and hang his head in shame. 
It’s 2:17 in the morning.  More than 5 hours have gone by and still I cannot bring myself to press the ‘send’ button.  In the end I realize that I will have to – or suffer the loss of my own principles. But that does not make it any easier.  What an utter disappointment!  For all of us.

Manuel Buencamino

Buencamino was a weekly columnist for Today and Business Mirror. He has also written articles in other publications like Malaya, Newsbreak, "Yellow Pad" in Business World, and "Talk of the Town" in the Inquirer. He is currently with Interaksyon, the news site of TV5. MB blogged for Filipino Voices, blogs for ProPinoy and maintains a blog, Uniffors.com. Game-changers for him, as far as music goes, are Monk, Miles, Jimi, and Santana.

  • Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good work.

  • Manuelbuencamino

    The evidence against Corona is so overwhelming even Manny Pacquiao can prosecute the case and win…. without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately the judges have the sort of ethics and morals extolled by gMa loyalists and Noynoy haters so …


    • UPnnGrd

      that’s what deQuiros and elPresidente both say.  Dang Enrile and Brenda and even Lacson sometimes, they are in the way. But lamenting is so old-fashioned, pa-iyak iyak is so female, it is time for macho-action and Pilll-pinos to act. Not pray and lament but to act!!!! Sugod na!!! Tara na!!!”

      So deQuiros mouths the elPresidente’s cry of “Tara Na!!!” —   time to kick Enrile and Brenda and all the  non-Yellow-Senators onto the streets,  these senators are so illegal in the way they view errr-bidensiya!!!

      Hakot na the spontaneous demonstrators,  it is time!!!! So the 1987 Constitution has given authority of hire-fire of Chief Justice to Senate, but Presidente asks why let the Constitution be the law?? Why let a few men (and Brenda, too!!) decide for the Many Voices that persi-dente hears. That is not fair!!! Tne evidence is so strong that even Manny Pacquiao can get a conviction…. except…. ahem… nakasabagal for the illegals in the Senate.

      Donidn’tyou hear elPerss-i-dente say “Tara Na!!!” And don’t be afraid of the army and Polll-lis, elPersidente will not call them to stop any surging action against the Senators… TARA NA!!!! – Perssi-Noynoy has repeated said. Yey, Daang matuwid!!! Rule-of-Noynoy law allows for so many microphone talky-talky and television footage!!! I think perSiNoynoy should stay thru 2020, at least.

      • Manuelbuencamino


        Kung ano-ano na lang ang pinagsasabi mo pero nasaan ang iyong rebuttal to the allegation that Corona faked his academic achievements ???

        Bob and weave, duck and slide. Hanggang dyan ka na lang ba???

        Tsk,tsk, tsk. Pathetic.

  • UPnnGrd

    Tiglao will be na-naginip and over-stepping if he were to claim that Tapos-na-Ang-Bola and CJ Corona gets exonerated.  The BIG-Elephant in the rom is el-Persidente — PersiNoy has a lot of government and
    extra-government resources that he can bring to bear.  For example,
    PersiNoynoy can do what guLLO had done /// “Executive privilege” is
    always an option available to Malacanang. No different than when 
    what’s-her-name faked this “…she didn’t know the law  plus  eh
    Utos-Ni-Persidente, eh”…. so she stopped GuLLOOO from boarding the
    plane.  Another reason — mayaman ang Treasury!!! Maybe Corona gets
    bought out, or someone gets bought out.  Maybe the small lady and the
    small ladiy’s driver suddenly testifies with boxes and boxes of
    Ricoh-copier documents. Maybe a tape of a phone conversation hits the
    airwaves. Or this one –> maybe Kris Aquino sings her version of
    “Dahil Sa Iyo”  to remind the senators that it is El Perssi-dente who
    wants Corona kicked out.  

    And as ManuBuen has repeated so many
    times — for these years in Pilipinas while PersiNoynoy is presidente,  evidentiary rules has been declared a commodity.  Commodified so rules can be tossed out the window when PersiNoynoy makes
    utterances on his interpretation of  how Pilipinas law is to be
    followed,  ganuon lang iyon — bakit nga ba hindi eh Perssi-dente si
    Noyi-Noynoy.   Para ka lang nag-punta sa casino.


  • Manuelbuencamino

    If Cuevas and the rest of the defense team are so good and the prosecution is so weak then why do Miriam and Joker have to keep helping out the defense? Just asking….

    • UPnnGrd

       hey….   do your own research!!

  • “The impeachment case against Chief Justice Renato Corona has all but collapsed.”—Tiglao

    Collapsed na nga ang mga defense lawyers at si Cuevas nambobola pa si Tiglao.  Hindi na nila alam kung paano maihahaon sa kumunoy si Corona na habang pumapalag ay lalong lumulubog. Hanggang ilong na ang lubog, nakatulala na nga si Cuevas. 

    Without much effort by the prosecution Corona is sinking so fast while the defense team is circling around the prosecution team, :), hehehehehe.

  • UPnnGrd

    Hey,  did you guys read the April Fool’s Article by this  comedian Tiglao?

    (He’s not a satirist…. that’s ManuBuen. Tiglao appears to be a comedian… he makes people laugh.)   And I quote (namely cut-and-paste):

    Anyone who has actually watched and listened to the 34 impeachment
    trial sessions, and therefore spared himself from the yellow filters of a
    partisan press, can only but conclude:  The impeachment case against
    Chief Justice Renato Corona has all but collapsed.

    This has become obvious even as his defense has just warmed up.
    President Aquino would have to exhaust his resources to bribe or
    threaten senator-judges to undertake intellectual and ethical
    contortions to vote Corona guilty.

    Consider the facts.

    For starters: Recall that the House of Representatives in December
    forwarded with much bravado to the Senate eight articles of
    impeachment—or allegations of eight instances of wrongdoing by Corona.
    On the 25th trial day, the prosecution sheepishly declared they had
    nothing else to present, and were no longer pursuing five of the eight
    allegations (articles 1,4, 5,6, and 8), giving no reason why.

    The reason had become obvious though: these had been hurled merely as
    a propaganda barrage, that there were so many issues against Corona
    that he was better off resigning. They thought they could take out
    Corona just as easily as they removed former Ombudsman Merceditas
    Gutierrez who, after being demonized in the press, resigned a few days
    after the impeachment case was filed.

    But the man fought back, and there were courageous people in the
    country rushing to his succor—the likes of the 83-year-old former
    associate justice Serafin Cuevas, veteran top-notch lawyers, and young,
    cultured defense spokespersons.

    The prosecution had realized after two months of trial that Cuevas
    would be making mincemeat out of the five made-up charges, and therefore
    dropped them. Article 5 involved the Court decision for the creation of
    16 cities and of Dinagat Island as a province, while 4 and 6 involved
    its resolutions, respectively, on Gutierrez’s impeachment and the
    plagiarism case against an associate justice. But all these Court
    actions—and others alleged in Article 1—were by the majority of the
    justices, and Corona’s votes weren’t even tiebreakers. Article 1 even
    claimed that Corona should be impeached because he accepted his
    appointment as chief justice!

    Article 8—the most preposterous—alleged that Corona “failed to
    account for the Judiciary Development Fund,” the reporting systems for
    which have been unchanged since it was set up nearly three decades ago
    in 1984.

    The trial now therefore involves only Articles 2, 3 and 7. Article 7
    accuses Corona of protecting former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
    when the Court ordered the justice department to allow her to travel
    abroad. But Corona in that case was just one of eight justices—against
    five—who voted in favor of Arroyo’s petition to travel.

    The prosecution presented Article 3 only with respect to the Court’s
    rulings on the Philippine Airlines labor case, which however were also
    decisions agreed upon by the majority.

    What the impeachers are in effect saying is that Corona should have
    always voted with the minority. If Corona had done that, he definitely
    should be removed—for being a nutcase.

    The first part of Article 2 alleged that Corona  “failed to disclose
    his statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth.” But the Court
    issued a resolution two decades ago that justices—in order to shield
    them from harassment—must submit these documents only to the Court, and
    would have to get its permission to have these publicly disclosed.

    The second part alleged that “tens of millions worth of assets and cash” were not declared in his SALNs.

    The prosecution claimed that Corona had not disclosed 40 properties,
    with Land Registration Authority head Eulalio Diaz—Aquino’s long-time
    buddy—submitting copies of titles he claimed were registered either
    under the Chief Justice’s or his wife’s names.

    That has been proven to be such a big lie that Sen. Loren Legarda
    demanded that the prosecution should apologize for trying to fool the
    Senate and the public.

    Tiglao should be Social-Media ostracized so that he doesn’t get any audience.   Putting his writings on other blogsites would be  inviting the attention of Mall-kanyang, and that can be  inviting the attention of Persi-Noynoy’s shooting partners.

    • UPnnGrd

       Tiglao doesn’t seem to know that  “lying about his grade school and high school credentials”   is included in the Articles of Impeachment,  which means  CJ Corona is in torrr-bollLL!!!

      • Manuelbuencamino

        Lying about his academic achievements is a direct reflection of his integrity and ethics. No amount of legal acrobatics can make trustworthy a person who is not.

    • “Anyone who has actually watched and listened to the 34 impeachment 
      trial sessions, and therefore spared himself from the yellow filters of a
      partisan press, can only but conclude:  The impeachment case against 
      Chief Justice Renato Corona has all but collapsed.”—Tiglao

      It’s alright, I quite agree with Tiglao this time. 

      And also, Cuevas and co. making mince meat out of the prosecution is alright, too, since it continues to sink Corona neck-deep in the quicksand of oblivion every day that Cuevas is making mincemeat of the prosecution team, hehehehe.

      Methink that the quicksand is the mincemeat, :).

    • Manuelbuencamino


      Tiglao’s argument is stupid. That’s to be expected because he is. Anyway, it is common practice in prosecution that if a criminal with a dozen crimes can be bagged with three or one then there’s no need to waste time on the other eleven because one death sentence will do the job of eleven. Naintindihan mo ba yun logic kung bakit di na kailangan bumanat pa ng ibang charges.

      Now if you are the criminal hanging on for dear life then of course you want your trial to last forever, you would even want to be tried for spitting on the sidewalk first before sentence is carried out on your bigger crimes. 

      Now some people think comedy is about saying stupid things. Well that’s the level of their sense of humor.

      • UPnnGrd

        Tiglao is really a comedian, isn’t he?   I’m trying to see where the lies are  in his AprilFool’s writing  which would then earn him the coveted label of    sahhhh-Tahhhyr-Rrrist..

        • Manuelbuencamino

          I explained that already. I said you don’t need to continue with 8 charges when 3 will do. Tiglao should be happy there are only 3 instead of 8 charges to debunk. But why is he whining? Why are you egging Tiglao on? The two of you should be jumping with joy. 

          • UPnnGrd

            Actually,  Tiglao makes a good point that PersiNoynoy is kinda dumb to push his Tupas-team onto initiatives  eh wala palang ibubuga.  Naninindak lang pala.  Anong akala niya,  babae si CJ Corona at iiyak kaagad?

            The result —  you can’t believe PersiNoynoy on 3, then what again is his err-bidensiya with the rest?   Then make dagdag the stupid “small lady”-ploy  with Ricoh-copier or Xerox-copiers in the background,  and pleading that “… pekeng ebidensiya”  puwede na, hindi naman criminal trial, eh.  Dang  that is so weak, but at the same time shows a really angry PersiNoynoy. Makes a few Pinoys think how down-and-low  PersiNoynoy will go to sagasaan his mga kaaway.   Eh paano kung walong Sereno ang nasa Supremo-Korte?   Suwete ang mga Torres at baka mas madalas ang business invasions,  heh heh heh.

            Kasabihang Pilipino — “Ang mga politoco, talagang ganiyan!!!” And then this warning — power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yey!!! Daang Matuwid go Yellow!!!!

          • Manuelbuencamino


            I’m sorry but I can’t bring myself to missing the GMA era as much as you do. It’s Yellow until 2016. You and that Tick-lao guy will just have to keep nguynguying until then. 

          • UPnnGrd

             What I said was that his actions about this CJ Corona impeachment makes PersiNoynoy look pathetically  papetek-petek. Laziness showed — the evidence is PersiNoynoy directing his hirelings to bring several charges that he can not back up.  It shows his stupid words about “…. I do not need any lawyers nor judges to tell me,  I already know Pilipinas law”  and his belief in imperial-Malakanyang and  Puwedfe Na ito,  eh ako ang Nagsalita, kaya dapat tama   Dang!!!!

            Then the ridiculous scene with the President’s prosecution team saying that they can not bring more witnesses because the witnesses are afraid of the Chief Justice.   As one senator laughed aloud — iyong kliyente ninyo, si Presidente,  ano ba naman kayo!!???!!

          • Manuelbuencamino


          • GabbyD

            ” Laziness showed — the evidence is PersiNoynoy directing his hirelings to bring several charges that he can not back up.”

            how do u know it cant be backed up?

  • UPnnGrd

    I kind of mentioned it in passing to Roberto, but I’ll say it again.

    PersidenteNoynoy has already been chatting with his uncle, Kris and others about appointments to the Supremo-Korte.    I have been told that neither Binay and not even mar Roxas has participated in these discussions.    Anybody know who else PersiNoy had talked to?

    And did any of you know who had been in the loop about the Sereno appointment, or did that transpire as smoothly and quietly like when Corona or Bersamin became justices Supremo-Korte.

    I think the old USA-style way is better  so the media can watch senators pontificate and strut as they interrogate candidates for the Supreme Court-de-Pilipinas.   Pilipinas can go back to USA-federal model or Pilipinas can do Nevada-style — the SupremoKorte justices get elected   and El-Supremo-Gobernador (nor the senators)  have zero-role as to who becomes Chief Justice..

    Sec: 3.  Justices of Supreme Court: Election; terms; Chief Justice.  The justices of the Supreme Court, shall be
    elected by the qualified electors of the State at the general election, and
    shall hold office for the term of six years from and including the first Monday
    of January next succeeding their election; provided, that there shall be
    elected, at the first election under this Constitution,  – – – – – – —  —  . They shall meet
    as soon as practicable after their election and qualification, and at their
    first meeting shall determine by lot, the term of office each shall fill, and
    the justice drawing the shortest term shall be Chief Justice, and after the
    expiration of his term, the one having the next shortest term shall be Chief
    Justice, after which the senior justice in commission shall be Chief Justice;
    and in case the commission of any two or more of said justices shall bear the
    same date, they shall determine by lot, who shall be Chief Justice.

    Cha-cha-cha, anyone?   Then PersiNoy can have legal imprimatur if he is PersiDente still in 2019  while Pilipinas re-organizes to trash the JBC-model.  ( I wonder what Hilario Davide would say??  I wonder how BongBong would take to cha-cha-cha?)

    • UPnnGrd

       in the meanwhile,  the Senate has to decide if they will be swayed by  the Survey that has been commissioned by whoever,   by sermons over Holy Week, by phone calls from their colleagues and their versions of KKK kamag-anak, ka-Klase, ka-biruan and business partners.  

      Maybe deQuiros can UP-THE-NOISE  and even organize weekly or even daily hakot spontaneous demonstrations so that the Senators to vote the Yellow-Brick-Road way.

      But please!!!  No envelopes left by small ladies in driveways.

      • Manuelbuencamino


        You mean like those brown envelopes with fake tapes that found their way to Bunye’s house?

        • UPnnGrd

          Wow!!!  Galing!  So many weeks Tupas-etcetera  showed the media kopong-kopong of  fake real tapes,  and  what again did Bunye —- fake fake tapes?  Te-testigo ba si Bunye?  O pekeng testigo para lang sa microphones?

          At wala bang tapes  of GuLLOO in her cell and her conversations…. hindi pa ba ilalabas ng Malakanyang?

          • Manuelbuencamino

            Hahaha. Masakit ba na pinaalala sa iyo yun folly ni Bunye?

    • GabbyD

      uhm, transparency in proceedings is NOT in the US or Philippine constitutions. its a policy stance. 

      it has less to do with WHO is interviewing, but HOW. 

      • UPnnGrd

        The bill for  Freedom-of-Information as Law pushes for transparency.   I remember MLQ3 pushing for this — where the transcripts of meetings by Cabinet-members, by the Bise-Persidente and of course the Perss-idente, too,  get recorded and made available.  Some transcripts to be available within say 12 months,  many others to be available within 3 yearss…  and all transcripts tobe available within half-a-lifetime of, say, 15 years.  (  So it was illegally recorded, hence, couldn’t be used a year or 2 years later…   but history deserves to know the exact words used when  guLLOOO was talking to  what’s-his-name-again??  oh-yeah–Garcillano….     Hopefully before Ping Lacson dies. )

  • GabbyD

    off topic: conflict w the SC is par for the course. this past week, the US SC has been hearing arguments on Affordable care act, and the justices have been arguing about thorny legal issues, esp the individual mandate. 

    its expected that the mandate would probably be rejected. 

  • George Pal-ing, T.

    Yes Manny, I agree on your statement, When i’d watch the chief delivers his speeches, he reads his notes all the way. It means he don’t know what was talking.Every intelligent individual use only a draft code. Not a full length letter to read and stoop all the time while delivering a speech.It means not a qualified person.

  • The JBC goofed. That cannot be undone. That Corona is a morally dishonest person and a liar is a fact. His deeds and actions as justice and Chief Justice stems from his questionable moral values. He must be removed before he can do more harm to the Filipino people and to the country.

    • UPnnGrd

       What about checking up on Sereno and the others who  are in line should  Enrile-and-company deciide against  Corona?  Anyone checking up on Sereno,  or will this be “That’s NONSENSE!!!:  She is the pick of a child of a former president,  no way that pick can be BOGUS!

      • Silly! The taste of the pudding is in the eating, ‘di ba? You tasted Corona already…ang pakla ng lasa, ‘di ba? Itapon mo muna sa basurahan bago ka magluto ng iba, ‘di ba?

        • UPnnGrd

          That’s what you say, Roberto…. but PersiNoy has already shown why he is persi-dente and you are not. PersiNoy has taken action-action very much earlier already, so from me, I say bonus-points has been earned by Benigno-child-of-former President.  Points because as early as December, he had been talking with his uncle and other close-circle KKK’s,   the close-knit circle familial-JBC  doing the JBC while the official JBC isn’t official yet. Galing, ano!!! And PersiDente saved money,, too… by having the meetings on Hacienda Luisita grounds. That’s called “…really knows how to watch over government money!!”.

          • Because, UP n, if you kept on cooking and cooking without disposing the thrash of dishes that you cooked, you will end up with your house full of thrash as what’s happening in the House of Supremes.

          • UPnnGrd

            You are not complaining about  PersiNoynoy and his early discussions with Danding and others, are you?   The house of Hacienda Luisita is magara, hindi ba?

          • Manuelbuencamino

            Hacienda Luisita is responsible for Corona’s undeclared real properties and bank accounts?

  • UPnnGrd

     Pill-pinas has to just  swallow whatever the JBC  shoves down their throats.   There is no interest in Malakanyang for a Con-cha-cha-cha,  so  tough!!

    Maybe the YellowArmy can remind PersiNoy that a  concha-cha to undo the JBC also allows  cha-cha to legally allow NoynoyAquino to be Presi-dente 2018,  he will have more enthusiasm for the task.

    But then again,  PersiNoynoy can always say “NO!”  to names given him by the JBC, so it all works out.

    • Manuelbuencamino


      The post is not about the JBC. It is about a classmate’s reaction to Corona lying about his academic record.

      Are you not going to defend Corona?

      • UPnnGrd

        the post seems commercial.  Didn’t mention  Justin Montano nor the Red Cross-dude whose name I won’t mention because he dared run against Noyi-Noy for Persidente. Didn’t mention Freddie Lo (now PhD, Stanford)  nor even Gary Makasiar (woo-hoo!!1 party!!!) nor Sonny Henson  nor even that now-in-Jail-had-gone-to-mountains-because-he-had-passion dude —- Alan Jasmines. 

        But you gotta say this about CJ —-  at least he didn’t say his parents are former presidents.   I guess the  great-ones children of former-presidents  the list is very limited, huh?

        • Manuelbuencamino


          Bobbing and weaving, is that all you can do? Defend your Man!

      • Weezy

        UPnnGrd is the typical GRP residents. They can’t frame their arguments that is why the forum looks more like palengke.

  • I’m a gonna research this JBC group and its rules. They goofed.

    • Manuelbuencamino


      Start with the Constititional provision on the JBC. Then maybe this article will show you why and how a cure can become worse than the disease http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/2625-eyes-on-the-jbc 

    • UPnnGrd

       to JoeAm:  the alternative instead of JBC was  to let Senators/Congressmen participate in the selevction.  You know — like USA style!

      Pilipinas said  USA-style does not work in Pill-pinas,  Pilipinas does not trust the senators and congressmen they elect,   so therefore the chosen model —> the JBC.

      Maybe the next model that Pill-pinas chooses is to let the Iglesia-ni-Kristo-Plus-the-Buddhists (as a friendly committee of “for-the-greater-good” types”  do the selection???  You think this is possible?

      Or maybe,  the results of next constitution cha-cha-cha is where Pill-pinas do what has not been done yet — let PersiDente choose the justices of Supremo Korte.

  • Butchdurias

    … The Truth will set us free ! ….

  • GabbyD

    to my mind, the problems with the corona’s tenure is that the people who are supposed to question, be doubtful and cross-examine his records ALONG THE WAY dropped the ball, and decided that checking these things didnt matter, so didnt check them. 

    specifically, the JBC at the time should have done its job. it did not. 

    for academic achievements, IF it were important, the solution is simple: have the candidate PROVE that he got the awards by attaching certifications (OR photocopies of originals) from the issuing institution. 

    for all the selection processes that i have been part of, IF the requirement is important, there is always  a note that the candidate is obligated to prove his credentials that he alleged is true.

    for instance, if u want to be awarded a tourist visa, the country issuer would demand proof that this person has means, and a reason to enter (japan even wants you to give them an itinerary and include your bookings in the request for a visa).

    i would have hoped that this would be SOP for the jbc, but maybe its not.

    • Manuelbuencamino

      The JBC was supposed to be the cure against the politisation of the judiciary. Unfortunately the cure turned out to be worse than the disease.

      • UPnnGrd

        What is PersiNoy’s position on the JBC? Does he also say that the Cory-administration’s “Eureka-idea” of the JBC gets A for imagination but Super-big-F in the implementation? Cory failed, didn’t she?

        But PersiNoynoy may be following in his parent’s footsteps. Trying to get the president of prior administration nailed to the cross (or at least to get the money back) … and threading a narrow road about agrarian reform so to protect history.

        • Manuelbuencamino

          He is not a member of the JBC

          • UPnnGrd

            … and PersiNoy does not seem interested in getting “money back” from the persi-dent of prior administration, is he?

        • GabbyD

          the JBC itself is fine, but the ONLY real problem is the lack of transparency. 

          there should be public interviews, and info on all the possible shortlist candidates ought to be available. 

          no system is perfect, and ultimately, transparency help by making all of us part of making sure the system works.

  • GabbyD

    how important is the CV for hiring decisions? once you get your first legal job, how important is past achievement in school, really?

    i’m not defending his alleged misrepresentation. 

    1) i’m saying: does it matter substantially to the jobs that he has held since graduating from law school? for hiring purposes, i’m not sure that people who make hiring decisions after the FIRST JOB looks at academic performance.

    recommendations and job performance matters more.

    you can make the argument that had hirers known about the lie, they wouldnt have hired, so were hurt. so the question is: if being truthful is SO IMPORTANT, why didnt they check independently?

    2) its not clear who is hurt by this misrepresentation. the most likely people/person who is hurt from this is the school from which this person graduated.

    i was reading recently about military people lying about military awards in the US. the us has a law that makes it a misdemeanor to lie about receiving military awards.

    “One after another, the justices wanted to know whether a decision upholding the Stolen Valor Act could lead down a slippery slope to new laws against such things as lying about the Holocaust, an extramarital affair, a high school diploma, college degrees or to impress a date.
    “Where do you stop?” Chief Justice John Roberts asked at one point.
    But the justices also suggested that it might be possible in this case to uphold the 2006 law anyway by reasoning that Congress has an interest in protecting medals it created to honor war heroes.
    Justice Anthony Kennedy, who asked about lies about college degrees, also seemed open to sustaining the law.
    “Here it does seem to me that you can argue that this is something like a trademark, a medal in which the government and the armed forces have a particular interest, and we could carve out a narrow exception for that. I think we would have to do that,” Kennedy said.”

    • Nik

      Back at university, I sat as a student rep on the admissions board for a year. If there was a misrepresentation in the application the student was automatically rejected. If a student slipped through the cracks and was accepted, then later it was discovered lied on application or CV, then was expelled. The latter happened once if I remember correctly.

      In the corporate world, I have seen people’s job applications rejected for misrepresentations on the CV. It isn’t even about manufacturing achievements, but also about withholding information (arrests, disciplinary action etc).

      I think has less to do with the qualifications contained there in, but by the lack of transparency. The future performance of a candidate (job/university) is based on their track record. Manipulating that track record calls into question the ethics and suitability of the candidate.

      • GabbyD

        “In the corporate world, I have seen people’s job applications rejected for misrepresentations on the CV.”
        academic record misrepresentations AFTER the first job? honestly i doubt. 

        specifically for corona’s case, as a judge, i wonder if any hiring authority cares how u did in law school. your track record as a judge seems most pertinent.

        i learned that from MB’s rappler link — thanks mb!

        • Nik


          There has been a long-standing debate over whether there is a ‘statute of limitations’ on fudging the academic record, or for that matter misrepresenting items in the CV (not just limiting to academics).

          Look up the story of the MIT applications dean (Jones I think) who was fired a few years ago for misrepresenting her undergraduate degree. It becomes an ethics question.

          • Manuelbuencamino

            Yes Nik it is an ethics question and there is no statute of limitations to that, specially for the position of chief justice which requires the utmost integrity and ethics.

          • Nik

            I would probably agree with you there.

            Precisely why MIT applications dean was fired. How can you have someone evaluating student applications who lied on her own?

  • Angelita Coronel

    What you have done is a big leap of courage and hope to rid the country of the bad people who have made innocent people suffer for so long. People power has rid the country of Marcos but the roots of his evil are all intact.That was 26 yrs. ago and look at how the country and the people have become!! We need people like you to start doing what is moral and good and hopefully, one person will cause a domino effect to topple this social cancer that our hero Jose Rizal tried to do during his time but failed. Thank you for this quantum leap!!!