Just because it’s the South China Sea, doesn’t mean it’s all yours!

There’s been a standoff at the Scarborough Shoal for about a week now, between Chinese and Philippine vessels. Yet another chapter in the South China Sea maritime drama.

But let’s just take a long hard look at the map below, from BBC News:

‘Nuff said.


  • UPnnGrd

    A long long long time ago  (or maybe not long ago), the accepted “claim-to-the-oceans” was 3 miles only.  Back then, though,  3 miles was not “only” because 3 miles was the range of heavy artillery of the times.

    Nowadays, United nations pencilled a two-hundred mile limit (not two-hundred-fifty miles, not three-hundred-10 but two-hundred mile number).   Sounds like the range of some missile (that Pilipinas does not own yet).

    But, this, people have to know about the history of China’s claim to that territory — when China signed UNCLOS,  China never gave up its claim to the seas and islands that is based on “claim-by-reason-of-history”,  namely that China history books have mentioned those islands as China’s, and that China fishermen have been plying those seas since the ages many many years even before the 3-mile limit got pencilled in as  Law-Of-The-Seas. 

    • Maybe so, but I hope France and Spain and Portugal and Great Britain do not haul out their old historical claims to the U.S. land. If the 200 mile standard is adopted as reasonable by the U.N., to avoid the spats that are now taking place, it ought to be the law of the sea. Maybe China will find some other old map that says Biliran Island belongs to them, in which case I’ll brush up on my Mandarin.

      • Manuelbuencamino

        And I have a map drawn by aliens from another galaxy some twenty thousand years ago and it clearly identifies all the seas and islands west of what is now called the Philippines as part of the kingdom of Manuel. Now all I need is a ballistic missile that flies and I’m tearing up that goddam 14th century map drawn by Fu Manchu and his spawn.

  • Nice map. I’ve been wondering where that idiotic 9-dash line ran. Thanks.

    If the UN has a purpose, this is it.

    • UPnnGrd

      Maybe the UN will do a Binay-type Solomonic judgment  (like Binay’s decision to allow Persi-Marcos (the elder)  to be buried with honors I-forgot-where-already).  .

  • Manuelbuencamino


    West Philippine Sea and Panatag Shoal.