Impeachment trial resumes; Cuevas eats crow

The Corona trial resumed after a six-week break. The defense presented witnesses whose testimonies were irrelevant and immaterial to the case prompting Sen. Jinggoy Estrada to speak out…


Sen. Enrile did not like the response of defense counsel Cuevas to Sen. Estrada.


Manuel Buencamino

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  • UPnnGrd

     PersiNoynoy should compel CJ Corona to testify.  COMPEL…like use everything in the Persident’s power.   Maybe  deQuiros’ plan of having truckloads of spontaneous demonstrators will work,  PresiNoynoy should do what it takes.  He is Perdrident, after all.

    • baycas

      He should compel himself, after all, Corona said about the dollar accounts, “Ako lang ang puedeng magpaliwanag nun.

      Renato C. Corona, March 16, 2012

      • justwondering

        what would he want us to believe? all those money are in his accounts for safe keeping the way his wife’s money ended in his account? 

        magandang pagtaguan ang justices ng pera kung ganun.. kaya siguro di nila mailabas labas yung mga SALN nila.. 

        maybe he will explain that it’s all GMA’s money! hahahah