Top technopreneurs to offer “Entrepreneurship Camp” in Cebu City on Monday, May 14


High-impact event will bring together “EntrePinoys” to share local and global experiences for individual successes and national development


Filipinos from Silicon Valley, Intel and Microsoft to Share Concrete Steps, Real Tips and True Stories to Success

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (May 9, 2012) – Developers Connect Philippines (DevCon) and the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) are pleased to announce the first-ever Entrepreneurship Camp in Cebu City, Philippines on May 14, 2012, 5pm to 9pm at the Casino Espanol.

Winston Damarillo, Founder of DevCon, and Dado Banatao, Chair of PhilDev are both excited to show why the best targets for entrepreneurship endeavors might be right at our backyard, and how we can enable a world-class environment for local entrepreneurship.

We at PhilDev believe that truly sustainable economic development can only be realized when we have achieved a critical mass of Entrepreneurs in the country,” said Banatao, who founded three start-ups himself before funding other start-ups with great potential through Tallwood Venture Capital.


“It is important that we provide a pathway for our technologists and engineers to become entrepreneurs,” said Damarillo, himself a highly successful technopreneur having founded software companies Morphlabs and Exist Global, Inc., before founding Developers Connect to discover and nurture the natural capacity of the Filipino to innovate and create. “Our talent pool is scarce and fleeting – it is important to maximize our potential through entrepreneurship.

Co-hosted by the Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) and the Developers Connect (DevCon), the Entrepreneurship Camp offers mentoring opportunities from the top technopreneurs in the industry. This event also provides a venue to discuss and advise the attendees of the current startup trends and practices.

The Entrepreneurship Camp will also feature Eric Manlunas (Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Siemer Ventures), and Alvin Gendrano (Director of Microsoft) who will be sharing concrete steps and real tips on how to start and succeed in your own business. Entrepreneurship Camp is the final event to the Start-Up Weekend Cebu, also supported by DevCon. The Entrepreneurship Camp is free-of-charge.


The speakers will also discuss the PhilDev SuperFund Scholarship Grant, which aims to provide 151 brilliant Filipino students with P1M each to complete degrees in the fields of science and engineering: an important step in the course of learning and contributing to the industry and society.

The Entrepreneurship Camp is also a teaser/trailer to a bigger PhilDev event: “Silicon Valley Comes to the Philippines,” being planned in Cebu or Manila this October 2012.

The Casino Espanol is located at 107-109 V. Ranudo Street in Cebu City 6000.

Members of the media are invited for interview opportunities with Banatao and the other speakers at 4pm.

For more information, please log on to /  or call 0917-984-2705 / 0917-595-5480.

Niña Terol-Zialcita

Niña Terol-Zialcita is a “Communicator, Connector, idea Curator, and Changemaker” who uses the power of words and ideas to advocate causes and promote the Philippines at its best. She is’s Deputy Editor, as well as Editor-in-Chief of asianTraveler, the longest-running travel magazine in the Philippines. When she is not writing, blogging, or traveling, Niña is conducting writing workshops with Writer’s Block Philippines, hanging out at art galleries and cafés, and performing poetry with her husband, percussionist and performance artist Paul Zialcita. She is also the author of the book "[r]evolutionaries: The new generation of Filipino youth and youth organizations".

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  • Tourism MSME Funding also Needed:

    I was very happy to go to the Cebu Tourism Congress
    sponsored by Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry June 28, 2012. I learned
    that the marketing plan is to encourage 6 million tourists per year to come to Cebu within the next two years, then 10 million by 2016.
    Voiced out by some of the Tourism Entrepreneurs, who will be at the forefront
    of engagement with this tourist increase, is the lack of funding support to
    make this transition happen at the MSME level. As Cebu
    is on track with its tourism expansion, funding is going to be needed by the
    Tourism MSME Entrepreneurs to setup infrastructure to accommodate demand that
    is beyond their capacity and to increase the standard of accomodations and
    level of attraction to International Expectations. Marco Polo, Waterfront, and
    the rest of the big hotels/resorts will not accommodate all tourists nor will
    these hotels/resorts be available in the far away tourism driven provinces. The
    standard collateral loan as a funding option for most MSME’s, especially in the
    provinces, is not an option due to the lack of collateral needed by the banks.
    The standard 40% collateral is pegged to the loan these Entrepreneurs would
    need in order to make a bigger and more expensive infrastructure that is above
    and beyond their current collateral and capital capacity in the first place.
    It’s a circular problem. — My recommendation is: Cebu
    has to START to setup NOW equity based investment mechanism at the MSME level.
    It will take some time to set up the infrastructure and financial
    specialization to make the equity based investment mechanism functional. It
    will also take added time thereafter to build the actual Tourism Infrastructure
    needed once the Equity based funding is available. — Cebu
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    efforts to increase tourism. The great risk is: If Cebu cannot find viable
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    businesses. I believe with Venture Capital capability, our Cebuano Tourism
    MSME’s Companies can be next best investment attraction in the Philippines in
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