Political Maturity

This is how an Impeachment Trial ends. Twenty Senators convicted Renato C. Corona. Clearly peeved at how we got here, but recognizing the gravity of the trespass that Renato C. Corona did. It was a balance of law, and guided by wisdom.

There was no celebration in the street. Even the palace statement was subdued, just as it should be. Everyone feels relief. Relief that the trial is over. Relief that a nation had grown, and that no matter how the Senators arrived at the decision, this was good for the nation.

Now over, no one could deny that yes, the experience could have been better. The road to conviction could have been better; cleaner. Had the Chief Justice not shot himself in the foot, then perhaps he would have gotten free.

All that is behind us.

We completed the nation’s first Impeachment Trial. In a land of people power, we just proved that our institutions could be a place to air out our grievances. It is a sense of finality we have not experienced before.

This is the bigger picture.

What’s important now is a simple question.

What are we going to do with this new found political maturity?

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.