EDSA Shrine as a propaganda tool

EDSA Shrine

Today, anti-RH bill activists from the Church and suspicious politicians will gather at the EDSA Shrine and will form a mini People Power to show the undecided congressmen and senators that shutting down RH Bill is the way to go. The EDSA Shrine as their venue is significant because of its history and the positive associations connected to it. There’s nothing wrong in gathering there. It is within their constitutional rights. What I don’t like about it is how it will makes Catholics who are pro-RH Bill appear as if they are in the wrong path, even evil. That the Church is right and we are wrong. That the EDSA Shrine stands for the truth and the betterment of the country and it belongs to them. I want to see a gathering of pro-RH Catholics at EDSA Shrine too but its management will never approve of it. It is quite sinister how the Church turned the reproductive health into a battle between good and evil, forgetting that mothers’ lives are at stake, that women should have the right to choose whether to use contraceptives or not, that the bill will help the lives of the poor more manageable, and so on.

I won’t list down the statistics and studies which defend the passing of the RH Bill since it has been much discussed and they are freely available online for people to study. It is only my intention to put out there that the Church doesn’t have the monopoly on “goodness.” Goodness comes in different forms with some not apparent at first but will become the greater good in the end.

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  • UPnnGrd

    EDSA shrine IS a propaganda tool.