A photo from an anonymous Facebook page called, “The Showbiz Government” went around social networks, particularly the hashtag #epalwatch. #epalwatch is a hashtag used to tag politicians posting their names, or faces alongside government projects as a subtle way of campaigning. The post and image (see above) critiqued the President amidst what it calls politicking during a natural disaster. The package and photo in question, according to Deputy Press Secretary Abigail Valte was made by a well-meaning supporter. In fact, it is an old photo that dated as far back as during the Presidential campaign. To put it another way, it wasn’t taken in the during relief operation for recent flooding victims.

Malicious attacks on the government, specifically, the President by factions that dislike them are not new. (Hey, every regime in the world has them!) In fact, these people believe that the President is divisive. They have spent so much effort, money and time crafting attacks like this when so many people need help in flood stricken areas. These sites twist what is factual to suit their own need. And a lot are neither verified, nor true. They parade to the class of our society that for the most part never agreed with the administration. So they have an audience, and a crowd that immediately nods— hey, anything that validates their worldview is a good thing for them. They’re groups of people who lost out during the last presidential election, or didn’t get a piece of the pie, or never given the President and his administration a chance, at all.

Take groups like the GRP, these Anti-Pinoys, and Showbiz Governments and so many other names they call themselves that hide behind the facade of anonymous eloquent sounding words that Filipinos love to read, and hear. They are eloquent only as far as putting words into a string, but when you strip them– you’ll find those words and those people to be empty, and most often than not, devoid of any value, except of course to rally their crowd. To put it simply, these sites are the Fox News of the Philippine blogosphere.

These people are the attention whores that cry out “look at me, look at me”, and in fact, their content has so much “I” and so many “me” or redirect to an older post to “prove” how right they are. They think they are always right, and people should listen to them, and do what they say. They have this so much hate for their own race. They try to frame their content as sarcasm, and satire even if they don’t know what sarcasm or satire is, if it bit them. These groups too come out of the woodwork in sometimes rabid volume to bully and threaten whenever their point of view is dissed, or sidelined. A friend, God rest his soul once described these people as someone you invite to your home to dine with you, and in the middle of the conversation, craps in the middle of the dinner table. It is these kinds of people that make it shameful to live in a democracy. They give the name “blogger”, a very bad one. It is these kinds of people armed with the greatest gift in human history— the Internet, and they shape it for their own dastardly ends— the spreading of malice, nonfactual, misleading, and intellectually degrading information. They give voice to truthiness. The Internet has a word for these kind of people, and it calls them Trolls.

Not that all this is limited to critics of the President. The same kind of malice, and innuendo persist from Anti-RHbill proponents.

In any society to hold out that everyone agrees with you is a mistake. Like in every democracy, of course everyone is guaranteed the right to voice their opinion, whatever that opinion maybe. An opinion doesn’t have to be an intelligent one. It just has to be an opinion. We’re free to call the President, dictator, idiot, stupid, or lazy, or king, and whatever. It really would depend on the time and day. I mean, a lot of these groups can’t make up their mind on what exactly to call the president. Take the former Chief Justice. How much did he call President Aquino, “a dictator”? You saw his rant before the Senate, and former Chief Justice Corona is an example of these types of people.

Being opposed to the President doesn’t necessarily have to be opposed to the person. You think the President’s budget is out of whack? Point it out with facts, and numbers. Dislike the K+12 program of the Department of Education? What exactly?

Did the DPWH build a road and it broke down? Show us, so people would put the government to task. And what of the PHP352 Billion flood control project that the Department of Public Works and Highways has prepared is awaiting approval from the National Economic and Development Authority. Is this the answer?

There is much to change in government. Just because President Aquino became president and has his “Daan matured” program doesn’t mean it is done. Like magic. In fact, it isn’t. The recent flooding that sank Metro Manila and nearby areas prove how much more we’re behind. Local governments need to step up. Businesses need to step up. Ordinary people need to step up, and the government for all the improvement that has happened in the last 3 years still has a long way to go. So, in short, we need to have leaders— both in government and in the private sector to be less self-serving, and for we the people to do our fair share in building our society.

#epalwatch isn’t a bad idea. It comes in fact from so many people’s desire to have a more intelligent discussion. To have less of the crappy campaigning. To social engineer people to vote for better leaders. We need to social engineer our people to be more considerate of other people. How many times have you hated the idea of politicians putting up their name beside a public works project?

It is a time to build, and to create, and though it is a moment in history that is far from perfect, it is nonetheless such a time for intelligent, and real discussion of issues. We must be cognizant that our nation not descend into a nation that validate malice, and innuendo that gravitate to misleading social media post, and into a media that twist the facts. The beauty of this social media, this Internet, is that is makes it easy for anyone to publish, to say things, to express themselves. It doesn’t stop those entries from being dumb either. While we ought to protect a person’s right to say these things, we must correct their malice, and innuendo, with facts, and the truth, and for each of us to raise our bullshit radar, and to stop feeding the trolls and to subscribe to real intelligent discussion of issues. If anyone deserve to be tagged for #epalwatch, these people do. Then again, people like schadenfreude.

Image credit: The Showbiz Government.

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • well what i noticed on the page Showbiz goverment. all of their members are using bogus accounts because almost 90% of them using cartoon profile pictures and ALIAS and not real names. And when they didn’t like your comment they will delete it and you’ll get banned from posting and commenting again…. and for me that page is so evil because it’s very negative and crab mentality is so intense. They have all the guts to say or post something but cannot stand up for what they said or posted. They can’t even reveal their indentities…. why???? because they are all COWARDs!!!!!

  • xyz

    another noytard site, who will again try to paint noynoy as competent asshole.. you monkeys know,that noynoy does not DO a damn thing but bitch and moan all day long, 12 yrs as a legislators and 3 yrs and 5 and half trillion later…WHAT HAVE NOYNOY DONE FOR THE ECONOMY ??? NONE AT ALL … YOU DROOLING PSYCHOPHANT ???

    • xyz, you were educated in what school, might I ask? I’m always curious as to where people of really refined intellect and gracious manners got their instruction.

  • Nik

    The angst shown in this thread (along with the ad hominem attacks) further supports the prevailing opinion of those ‘hive minds.’

    • GabbyD

      @iwriteasiwrite:disqus Who is showing angst?

      • Nik

        The first-timers who are rallying in defense of their beloved ‘sites’ through strident rambling denunciations of Cocoy and anyone who doesn’t believe as they do.

        It’s kind of fun.

        Edit: And UP, though he’s always just fun.

  • Hey, Kooks, where was my eloquent posts? What happened to it? HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! Bago lang ka nagsalita, and all along, you are the one !!!! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! HAWr!

  • What is Cocoy’s eloquent literary piece talkin’ ’bout? It’s beating around the bush. Is Cocoy talkin’ ’bout himself? We’ll never know. Cocoy is the same groupie that he’s sniping about.

  • Come again? What is Cocoy talkin’ ’bout? Isn’t Cocoy shoot his own feet? Or his feet in his mouth? Cocoy just wanted attention folks. I do not need attention, it is secondary. My primary purpose is to titillate people into thinking of their long dormant minds. PROMISE HA? HUWAG N’YO AKO I-BAN !

    HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! Weeeee !!!! Awooooo !!!!! HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR!

  • Of all the people ex-commed by GaRaPal blog, Only “I” was honored by benign0 with a long tra-la-la dissing me out. Others were just unceremoniously ex-commed without obituary at all. The reason “I” deserved a dissing and an obituary is because I can make 1,000-word tra-la-las of benign0 into one sentence, benign0 just hate it. Weeeee !!!! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! And benign0 more so hate me when I start laughing !!!! Awoooo !!!!!!

  • Tagarito Ako

    Sorry but your site seems more propaganda and troll-like than the sites you are bashing. In fact, yours sounds a lot like sour-graping. I have been going to Anti-Pinoy, GRP and Showbiz Govt bec the alternative is what – yellow sites which contains nothing but hallelujahs for this Godforsaken Noynoy govt that sounds more like chants than any thought-inspired comments. Sorry but I can’t stand repetitive prayers. And honestly, reading through this was too painful not bec of the ideas raised, but bec it is exactly like those other yellow sites. Same shit, different name. Oh please.

  • lazerpewpew

    Hi! I’m an avid reader of GRP. Since you think GRP blogs are devoid of anything… Why don’t you come to any GRP blogs and comment why it is empty. It could help us understand what you mean. Stating that GRP is one of the Fox News of blogosphere is rather weak. Such bravado at your home turf.

    I would like to see someone from your side to actually strip one of their blog items and reduce it to nothingness with valid arguments.

    • See my reply to nitesout below. You are welcome to visit my own blog where you will not be thrown out for offering up an opposing view. Rummage around enough and you will find an article that details why I was thrown out of GRP. It was not for obscenity or any reason other than the editor got a burr up his butt.

    • GabbyD

      if they dont like what you have to say, they delete comments without warning. yey, open communication!

    • Cocoy’s snotty-englsichtzes-snobbery did not pass the standard of GaRaPal. To publish article in GaRaPal you have to have masters in englsichtzes-snobbery, perfection of spelling and most of all the editorial board of benign0 has to approve it so it will not surpass the “intelligence” of benign0 ! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR!

      • UPnnGrd

        oh…. I thought PrtoPinoy had deleted all of your comments…..

    • tweed

      Whenever someone gives an opposing comment in AP, their anonymous trolls gang up and brand him an enemy with insults. AP has frequently mentioned that they are against the one-tracked mob mentality and idiotic comments of “Da Pinoys” as evident in their Corona Incident article, yet they allow their commenters to do the same to people who oppose AP’s views.

      Their leader BongV, though he is very good in getting facts and does indeed have good points, is unfortunately rude, unwelcoming, insulting, closed minded/stubborn in some cases, and is showing signs of a form of superiority complex possibly stemming from a bitterness/inferiority complex evident in his view of AP i.e. him as the “parent” scolding his child the Philippines for the sake of discipline. Aside from the pretentious implied self title, what kind of parent disciplines their children by calling them “morons”, “idiots”, and “yellow zombies”? I get the impression that BongV is using AP to release some kind of bottled up anger and bitterness
      This is why some people, including me, refrain from commenting in such sites. We have this saying in psychiatry regarding closed-minded people: “walang saysay makipag sabunutan sa kalbo” (no use getting into a hair-pulling fight against a bald guy).

      • UPnnGrd

        Fishball is a brave soul and he/she continues to post pro-Noynoy comments in AntiP. You should continue to post on AntiP to lend support to fishball.

  • nitesoul

    strong words for someone who is outside the group. i am part of the GRP and Anti-Pinoy. yes, benign0 and bongV are 2 of the people who are not scared for showing the Filipino people that we need to open our eyes. you say that we are “behind the facade of anonymous eloquent sounding words that Filipinos love to read, and hear.”? i don’t think so. in fact, what the GRP and AP says are like a slap on the face of a Filipino who refuses to wake up and act. come on, be true to your words. we do not speak words to entice the people to believe us, we speak words that hurt the so called-PINOY PRIDE just so the people can realize that pride is not enough. like a verse said, “open rebuke is better than secret love.”

    • Some of us are outside the group because benigno has banned us from commenting. I’m not scared of offering up a thoughtful opposing view, but am not allowed to do that. So understand that you are getting only a part of the whole picture from people who simply don’t wish to hear contrary views. In that way, GRP is a collection of closed minds. Enjoy the camradarie and support there, because you won’t get the discomfort of having to think about things differently.

      • nitesoul

        i highly doubt that benign0 will ban you for no reason at all. the only way you will be banned at GRP is if you keep on calling names at the people you interact with.

        • I know Joe America. He is an analytical gentlemanly blogger. benign0 just hates competition because benign0 is a FILIPINO. FILIPINO hates competition especially na ma-i-i-sahan siya !!! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR!

          • You are a kind and loving soul yourself, my good man, with a lip that won’t quit and a sense of humor that keeps me ROFLMAO.

        • GabbyD

          really? according to B0s comment policy, he can arbitrarily decide to ban a person, or delete his comments. and he does that! but people never know it, coz it gets deleted within the hour. very efficient, that B0!

        • nitesoul, With apology to Pro-Pinoy for splattering the discussion with a link, here is the transcript of the dialogue that led to my ejection. Kindly explain where I went wrong, because I still don’t know:

      • HA! HA! HA! HA! Hey, Joe, benign0 is truly a Filipino. A Filipino hates “ma-i-i-sahan”. benign0 wanted to be a star !!!! Unfortunately, he is not a rock star.

  • Joe America

    Well, I carry the fact that I have banned at GRP and deleted at Anti-pinoy as a great personal honor. These people pretend that they are above the “common” Filipino whilst behaving in the most dysfunctional of Filipino styles: thin-skinned, ego-bound, closed minded, manipulative, vindictive. They have hammered themselves into an indefensible corner by opposing everything the current government does. They are opposed to the well-being of the Philippines for the sole and simple reason that any success at all would prove them wrong. I’m a more genuinely patriotic Filipino than they are, and I’m an American.

    • UPnnGrd

      One thing to remember about benign0 (and bongV) and cocoy may want to keep their e-mail handy for JUST-IN-CASE. Who is to say? Maybe ProPINOY in 2017 or later becomes the enemy of some Pilipinas POWER.

      The thing to remember is this —> benign0 (and bongV) became targets, but they withstood the move to shut down their website. benign0 (and bongV) got on the bad side of a Pilipinas political family (or maybe it was a Pilipinas candidate… you can ask benigno himself). They got on the bad side, one Lydia Sharmi was spokesperson/point-person for the action to get the antiPinoy benigno/bongV websites shut down. For, well, being rudely anti-PINOY etcetera etcetera.

      Freedom-to-be-an-internet-annoyance upheld!!! Hooray for those 2 dudes.

      So….. should in 2017 or later, ProPinoy becomes target for closure by POWERS-of-PILIPINAS…. chat with benign0 on how to preserve right-to-be-a-RUDE-annoyance on the internet.

      • GabbyD

        really? sige , kuwento ka pa. what happened there?

        • UPnnGrd

          i thought the story was clear… but the proof is in the pudding. The benign0 website up and alive — pushing out stories and innuendos and stuff (from hyden, benK, Ilda… even a fishball but fishball is an oddball who does not conform to the GRP program) Website operational, active, continuing to get on JoeAm’s nerves.

          • GabbyD

            oh, its not clear at all. How did she “try” to shut it down?

          • UPnnGrd

            She may wrap a yellow-ribbon around the tactics calling it “TRADE-SECRET”. But the “what did she do?” is for cocoy or any others who have blogsites they want to protect against Pilipinas-Power-movers who get mad at them. But cocoy can worry less because to remember — grade is FAIL for her lawyers or “agents” or whatever or whoever — FAIL ‘cuz bongV and benigNO sites remain operational.

          • GabbyD

            lawyers? sige kuwento ka. alam mo pla eh. sige, i’ll read whatever you have to say.

          • UPnnGrd

            You can do more…. like maybe ask cocoy ( or manuB or even Primer Pagunuran should you meet him again) any recollections they may have.. Or cross the line to chat with benign0 and/or bongV.

          • benign0’s GaRaPal site is still up and running ? I thought it succumbed to Natural Selection. benign0 just hate my style.

          • UPnnGrd

            Oh, wow… RenPacifico is posting his patented
            HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! Weeeee !!!! Awooooo !!!!! HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR!

            The internet is alive and well and those folks keeping track of RenaPacific’s IP-addresses just don’t realize RenPacifico is a SpeedyGonzales when it comes to playing games with firewalls.

          • HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! GaRaPal site is still up and running ? Never heard from it a long long time. benign0 and Ida tried to snare me in but I just cannot be a gentleman like they thoughting they are. And most of all benign0 just hate my englischtzes. HAWR! HAWR! HAWR! HAWr!

      • Well, I don’t agree with shutting the sites down. That should come by natural selection, as more and more people understand that they are working aggressively against the Philippines, and ought not be encouraged by reading or commenting. They then become just a warren of tinny lunatics yapping at themselves as if they mattered at all. That’s what happens when you lock out opposing views. You become lunatic, like interbreeding within the same family, the brain miss-wires, loses touch with reality . . .

        • I absolutely agree, Joe ! Other sites just cannot wait Darwin’s Natural Selection.

        • UPnnGrd

          Hey!!! a latest benign0 post is where he agrees with a PersiNoynoy pisition. PersiNoynoy has been quoted via to have given approval to one of his cabinet members, and benigno has echoed same-oh same-oh that

          It’s about time the Philippine government blasts squatters out of the water

  • manuelbuencamino

    I guess a blog that would keep an eye out for sites like GRP, these Anti-Pinoys, and Showbiz Governments and so many other names should be called Kupalwatch. That’s what those nasty attention whore sites are: cheesy bits in and around the genitals of unhygienic males and females..

    • GabbyD

      I was thinking of writing up satiric pieces on these site, on their essays… maybe i’ll do that one day.

  • UPnnGrd

    Hey!!! FoxNews is not devoid of value!!! Not fair!!! Stringing words just like that to make impact is not fair at all.

    But that style — stringing words into sentences and paragraphs, some sentences with some facts, some sentences with opinions and biases and prejudices, some sentences with facts stretched into guesstimates…. that style IS BLOGGING just as it is, well, FoxNews or even NewYork Times or… Inquirer-dot.. Which is, to me, why I understand when Persinoy harangued Noli deCastro to remind deCastro to self-censor himself so that deCastro’s opinions become less anti-Malakanyang.

  • GabbyD

    I knew something was fishy. i first saw this on benk’s blog and said so there.