Americans get it right a second time

The Republicans portrayed Obama as an empty chair but the American people disagreed and so told the Republicans to put away the empty suit they pinned all their hopes on. Goodbye and good riddance Romney, the world will be a better place without you.

Manuel Buencamino

Buencamino was a weekly columnist for Today and Business Mirror. He has also written articles in other publications like Malaya, Newsbreak, "Yellow Pad" in Business World, and "Talk of the Town" in the Inquirer. He is currently with Interaksyon, the news site of TV5. MB blogged for Filipino Voices, blogs for ProPinoy and maintains a blog, Game-changers for him, as far as music goes, are Monk, Miles, Jimi, and Santana.

  • Skin pigment strikes again, 99% this time, :).

  • GabbyD

    ang nakakatawa, are the parallels between the anti-polling mentality in the US with RP.

    akala ko sa pinas lang ito. but in the last few weeks, there was a huge pushback from republicans against pollsters and polling.

    incredible. i’m reminded of the accusations of “bias” in the philippines’ polling outfits.

    now the anti-polling mentality in the US isnt as bad as it is in the Philippines — pero konti na lang, magkaparehas na sila…

    • The attitude reflects Republican tight butts about anything they can’t control. But being against polling is like being against knowledge. Done correctly, polling allows the strategists to read the tea leaves accurately and plan accordingly.

  • UPnnGrd

    Hey, Romney may be called on again to shore up how the next Olympics should be run, so don’t piss on the loser too gleefully. And don’t forget that White Men of USA voted for Romney, and Pinoys-of-USA may have joined them, too, so give space for a graceful exit to the Republican Party standard-bearer.

    Obama’s economic policies’ and where USA is today can’t be it —> my guess is Reproductive Health was a key factor why Women voted Obama.

    Reproductive Health….. I wonder if PersiNoynoy will claim “Reproductive Health” — DELIVERED in the next Pinas elections?? And will PersiNoynoy really deliver chunks of Mindanao to Murad?

  • Beautifully said. Crisp. Spot on. What a bag of bloated sand that guy was, devious, no principles but the win, undermining Obama abroad, flip flopping, favoring the fat cats, tryng to turn the military against the Commander in Chief. All the charisma of a used sock. A stuffed shirt saying “Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, I can do it. Trust me.”

    Yeah, and GW Bush was an intellectual.