5 Things you should know about the #DAP

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  1. Disbursement Acceleration Plan (DAP) is a government economic stimulus package created to increase government spending in 2011.

The World Bank noted in a quarterly report on the Philippines that DAP boosted the economy.

“The government’s Disbursement Acceleration Plan was partially successful and contributed 1.3 percentage points (ppt) to GDP growth in Q4″

(please see: World Bank: Philippines Quarterly Report March 2012)

  1. #DAP is NOT a secret fund or program. Has been in the news as early as October 2011.

Ben Diokno has argued the same things he did in 2011 as he did in 2013.

  1. The Department of Budget and Management realigned unreleased appropriations from 2010, and 2011 plus windfall revenues from government-owned and controlled corporation dividends to fund #DAP

  2. As of December 2011, Government spent 85% of the PHP72B initial DAP fund of which, 6% were for lawmaker nominated projects, DBM Secretary Abad says in a press conference yesterday afternoon (October 3, 2013).

  3. DBM Abad argues that the realignment was done through Constitutional provision on power of President to realign. On the argument that you can not fund projects not in the GAA, Abad argues that the budget has two aspects: Programmed and unprogrammed. Programmed are those projects or activities of the government with allocated monies. Unprogrammed ones are projects or activities that have no funding source yet, but should monies become available, for example: SC declares 70 billion Coco Levi fund is the government’s so the government can use that monies to fund unprogrammed parts of the budget.

Image Source: WB Philippines Quarterly Update (March 2012)

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