Returning to face the challenge

To the regular followers and commentators at Propinoy,

I wish to take leave from my regular column here as I have recently been appointed to manage a project funded by an international aid organisation in the Philippines. This will prevent me from commenting on current affairs in the Philippines, at least for the duration of my engagement.

The last three and a half years that I have spent blogging in this space have truly helped me hone my thinking regarding the development challenges facing the country. I am glad to now have the opportunity to put some of the things that I have been espousing into practice (fingers crossed!).

Although this is but a temporary hiatus, I know that I shall miss the interaction, the feedback and the lively, thoughtful discussions I have come to expect from you over the years. I know that my fellow bloggers here at Propinoy are more than capable of keeping the flame alive, so that when I return, we can continue this conversation.

Yours truly,

Doy Santos aka “The Cusp”

Doy Santos aka The Cusp

Doy Santos is an international development consultant who shuttles between Australia and the Philippines. He maintains a blog called The Cusp: A discussion of new thinking, new schools of thought and fresh ideas on public policy ( and tweets as @thecusponline. He holds a Master in Development Economics from the University of the Philippines and an MS in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Bert ,

    Wish you more success, Doy, and good luck.

    • GabbyBD ,

      good luck doy/cusp. can you tell us what the project is about?

      you guys should add writers to the site.

      • andrew lim ,

        Please do come back after your assignment. The blog has been a significant forum for reasoned and informed voices on the national situation.