Binay: Fallen from Grace

This week, we saw the self-destruction of Vice President Jejomar Binay. The Vice President quit his cabinet position. He then launched a series of political blunders after another. Once considered unbeatable, he is the hollowed out shell of a candidate.

Mr. Binay showed crassness by first submitting a one line resignation letter— almost as if he was fuming mad. I suppose one could excuse it for being so… bland, and it is straight to the point. It is a far cry from say, this resignation from adulthood, with wit and grace. I suppose it is keeping with his “Rambotito” character.

Second, the Vice President held a press conference washing his linen in public to explain in a long tirade why he quit his position with the president’s cabinet. The Vice President called the President’s administration, inept, and unfeeling. The president’s men, actually, everyone else as well— even those who are not necessarily aligned with the administration— asked: weren’t you part of that administration for 5 years? What did you do for five years?

It seemed incredulous that the Vice President who sat in cabinet meetings couldn’t even raise a point. Perhaps, the reason why he couldn’t be heard was because his points were defeated. Perhaps, the reason why his raised points— if there were any— couldn’t muster any support from bright men simply because such raised points were ludicrous to begin with. Perhaps, again a matter of pure speculation since none of us were there— the Vice President simply kept his mouth shut.

The Vice President’s tirade was no better than the rants of many anti-pnoy, members of the opposition, and the militant left; bitter, and vitriolic. It was an almost word for word recounting of the same tired and old issues that have been going around for five years and counting. It is a point of view that have very little evidence in fact, and yet somehow sticks.

Global Competitiveness Report

If there is a balanced, and fair accounting of what the Aquino administration has done, or not done, the simplest would be how far we have gone on the Global Competitiveness Report. It is a score card that counts everything from infrastructure to law and order to education. It is a picture, a snapshot survey of where the nation is, and where it still needs to go.

The Global Competitiveness Index

This isn’t to say there aren’t any problems. One superficial look around the long lines at the Metro Manila Rail Transit System, or the daily, two, three, four hours or more travel time in the Metro is enough to drive anyone from nice to pissed off. Never mind the necessity to look deeper into the nuances of the problem and contemplate a speedy recovery. The pissed off demand solutions yesterday.

In the grand scale of things, the negativity without balancing it on the scale of reason and balance is simply well-worn childish entitled shallow thinking because it ignores the inescapable truth that whatever solutions we find, no matter who sits on the Philippine throne will necessarily be incomplete. And that’s okay. We are a nation evolving, constantly shifting, mixing and churring.

Third, Mr. Binay sent a rough, uncultured, and unclothed letter to Senator Koko Pimentel. The Vice President practically dared Senator Pimentel to add to what Mr. Binay perceives to be a demolition job against him and his family. The bold roughness of the language used is simply unbecoming of a Vice President, much less a possible President of the Philippines. We maybe a poor, struggling nation, but even the state of being poor or losing in the polls for running to be the president of that poor nation is no excuse to use rude behaviour.

And the simple question in everyone’s mind is this. Is the Vice President going bonkers?

The latest survey result really rattled the Vice President to his core. It showed a picture that Mr. Binay once thought to be unbeatable, and a sure win in next year’s election can be defeated. Crisis shows the true nature of a character. It unveiled it in nakedness. And this week we saw Jejomar Binay, and his family, and the Binay campaign, so raw, and exposed. The Binay narrative, unravelling around them like a house of cards falling down. If Team Binay wants to win they will have to fight it out, slug it out, work hard for it to win the contest.

With allegations of corruption practically drowning Mr. Binay, with bank accounts, and narrative so like the crisis that toppled Janet Lim Napoles, Mr. Binay’s answer to all this looks and sounds so familiar. He prevented his son, Junjun Binay, Mayor of Makati City from attending hearings. He prevented his people from attending Senate inquiries. The Vice President’s actions so very much a reminder of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, when she was president. And Mr. Binay is only a Vice President.

It also doesn’t help that Mr. Binay’s children— public officials in their own right have showed how entitled they are. The apple seemingly doesn’t fall far from the tree. Junjun Binay and his bodyguards were caught on closed circuit television pulling out their firearms at Dasmarinas Village gate. Ms. Nancy Binay, decades long on the job trainee for her father, now a Senator of the land, hasn’t seem to have done anything at all. Recently, in an interview the Vice President’s other daughter, Makati Representative Abigail Binay spoke on the political program, Dos Por Dos following her father’s resignation from the Aquino Cabinet. This is a transcript of that conversation: 

Transcript: Dos Por Dos

VP Binay nagbitiw na bilang miyembro ng gabinete bilang resulta ng paghihiwalay nila ng pangulo. bumitaw na si binay bilang taga pangulo ng HUDCC at opisinang may kinalaman sa mga OFW. sinabi ng kampo ni binay na ang pagbibitiw ay irrevocable. ang anak ng pangalawang pangulo na si Cong Abby Binay ang humawak ng liham.

Interview with Cong. Abby Binay

Cong. Abby Binay: Dumating po ako sa Malacañang ng mga 3:30 at naghiwalay kami ni exec. sec ochoa ng mga 4pm. irrevocable po yung resignation na ginawa ni vp kaya wala na pong bawian

Anthony Taberna: Ano po ang initial reaction ni ES Ochoa?

Cong. Abby Binay: Ayoko mag comment doon sa mtg eh. Gusto ko kasi hintayin yung statement ni VP Binay kung bakit po sya nag resign tapos dun na lang po ako magbibigay ng statement.

Gerry Baja: Kamusta naman yung mood sa ofc.

Cong. Abby Binay: hindi naman sya mukhang malungkot. expected naman din na magreresign si VP kasi tatakbo nga po sya.

Anthony Taberna: Hindi niyo po ba pwedeng sabihin samin kung ano ang nilalaman ng letter?

Cong. Abby Binay: i hereby tender my irrevocable resignation.

Gerry Baja: Ito ho ay unilateral or may parinig?

Cong. Abby Binay: Talagang kusa po sya nag resign.

Anthony Taberna: Hindi po ba kaya nag bitiw ang inyong ama sapagkat nakita niyo na wala na ring saysay na makipag plastikan sapagkat alam niyo na na ang LP ay kay Sec. Mar Roxas?

Cong. Abby Binay: Ayoko po sana pangunahan eh. hintayin na lang po natin ang kanyang statement. wala po ako sa posisyon para mag comment. sya na lang po ang bahala na mag sabi ng kanyang statement. pero masaya po kami sa resulta ng pulse asia kahit na grabe po yung paninira sa amin.

Gerry Baja: May mga kinunsulta po ba si VP bago sya nag resign?

Cong. Abby Binay: Nung time na nag desisyon sya, hindi na para ibahin pa namin yung desisyon nya.

Anthony Taberna: Masama po ba loob ni VP Binay kay Pres. Noy?

Cong. Abby Binay: Hindi naman po personally kay pnoy pero yung grabe po yung paninira samin. dun po sya nadedepress pero hindi po dahil kay pres. aquino

Anthony Taberna: Eh kay Sec. Mar Roxas??

Cong. Abby Binay: SINO YUN?? Ay joke! tanungin niyo na lang po sya.

Anthony Taberna: Ngayon po ba malaya na sya to strike back?

Cong. Abby Binay: Ang ibig kong sabihin is ngayon makakapag bigay nga sya ng mga polisiya nya.

The Vice President in his speech following his resignation didn’t open with a policy statement.

The good news for Mr. Binay is that there is still plenty of time. May 2016 is months away. The official campaign season doesn’t start until February. There is still time to recover the negative trend that Team Binay has been on since 2014. The bad news for Mr. Binay, if he couldn’t arrest the decline that’s been happening for almost a year now; his campaign unable to plug the holes in a sinking ship can he come back? Fallen from grace, can Jejomar Binay win? 


Image: Courtesy, Wikipedia. Some rights reserved.

Screenshots were taking from the Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015.

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