The Supporter’s Dilemma

I don’t speak for the campaign. I’m a supporter too. I am a mere peon removed from the halls of power. My only strength is the conviction of my posts, and my tiny voice in social media. 

I’ve been supporting Daang Matuwid since PNoy was just merely “Noy”. I’ve been called a rabid dog— not more than once— for what people think is my undying loyalty, and blind trust in all things “Yellow Army”, and all things Liberal. I’ve been called many names too, and ridiculed for my unwavering stance. Anyone who has breathed, and walked under Daang Matuwid knows— the fires are many, the fails are numerous; but when we weigh the good, and the bad, I’d like to think— and the facts support it that this administration has done much more good, and set our nation on a path to prosperity than Daang Matuwid destroying it. That’s just how life is. It is messy, and imperfect. That’s what I think is the difference— I can’t presume to speak for others— but that’s how i see the world through a prism of reality balancing the good, with the practical realisation of how absolutely imperfect our today truly is; and hope and potential of where our nation can go. In short, PNoy and Daang Matuwid did good. Why shouldn’t we continue it? 

When Mar Roxas decided to run, and when PNoy gathered friends at Club Filipino, of course, it was a foregone conclusion that I would support Continuity; that I would without question support the reform candidate, Mar Roxas. 

The criticism on how Roxas’ campaign, of course are many. Every so often I see tweets or Facebook messages or blogs and private messages from “supposed” Mar Roxas supporters criticising the campaign for… something. The critics range from supposed images being spread on Facebook to how yucky the ads are, or how Mar Roxas is, or how he is suppose to act. There are many who say he should distance himself from the whole Daang Matuwid mantra, as if it is some stigma— a stigma fabricated by media perception that is entirely, untrue. 

Mr. German Palabyab: “Mar Roxas was there [in Tacloban], before, during and after. Help came. No one can deny that.”

Posted by Mar Roxas on Friday, January 1, 2016

In the whole whirlpool of this discussion, there are even those who say they have stopped supporting Roxas because of the quality of their supporters. Translation: they don’t get along. 

As I’ve stated earlier, I’m a mere peon, removed from the halls of power without any sort of influence. Yet, almost every week since I started meeting fellow supporters both online, and offline, I’ve discovered many groups forming. There are many who are coming together to campaign for Mar Roxas, and for Leni Robredo. They’ve created supporter pages; they’ve created their own communities. They’re campaigning online, and offline.

It is simply humbling. 

Many of those groups have no connection at all with Balay. They’re simply people who passionately believe in Candidate Mar, and Candidate Leni. So they self-organise, and funny thing is, they campaign on their own. It is humbling to think— to belong to such a group, and be a small part of this process. 

So whenever someone comes up online, and says, Mar Roxas’ campaign should shape up, and change this or that— guys you’re only seeing the view that’s right in front of you. The campaign sees much more. They have a wider view, and deeper perspective than any of us— any single individual can hope to organise.

I have only this to say. If you truly believe that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo should win, put your conviction into deed. Does it matter then if the person beside you who you dislike is for your candidate; who shares the same conclusion that you yourself have reached? 

If you truly believe that Mar Roxas should succeed Noynoy Aquino— for whatever reason then why are you spending more time complaining about things neither of us have the power to change, and instead helping Mar Roxas succeed by campaigning for him?  Campaign in your little neighbourhood. Join the many groups or start your own. Talk with fellow supporters. Spend less time on social media complaining, and more time engaging potential votes— or engaging fellow supporters. Why do we have to waste our time washing our own laundry in public, when there are multitude of avenues to not only campaign for Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo, but also to engage fellow supporters? 

The other thing that typically pops up in my timeline is that supporter A is for either Mar Roxas or Leni Robredo, but not yet convinced for the other. If you truly believe that Leni Robredo is needed in government, then you have to partner her with Mar Roxas. While it is an either or proposition on the ballot, the reality is— it shouldn’t be. Because how can you believe in what Leni Robredo believes in, if you don’t believe in Mar Roxas? How can you believe in Mar Roxas, if you don’t share in what Leni Robredo believes in? They have shared beliefs. They have complimentary goals. Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo are the team to move the nation forward. Both are neither corrupt. Both are self-made people. Both have time and again put the nation’s interest above their own. 

The Presidency is about character. The Aquino administration’s Daang Matuwid is anchored on that premise, but equally important that for the first time in a generation we have now an administration government running on its success. 



Para kay Elena, ito ang Daang Matuwid.

Posted by Mar Roxas on Monday, January 4, 2016

More than once, President Aquino said that 2016 is a referendum on Daang Matuwid. It is a referendum because for the first time in a long while, we are entering an election cycle with a present administration having done well. For the first time, in a long while, there is an opportunity to break our Boom, and Burst Cycle. For the first time, in a long while, there is a chance that our nation can succeed. So it is a choice being posted before voters. Do you want to go back to the traditional— the Binays of the world; the Dutertes of the world; to take a chance at fluff and window dressing with the likes of Grace Poe, or do you want to continue on the path PNoy has set. 

Would you put self-interest or bruised egos over what’s good for the nation? 

“Bayan bago ang sarili,” isn’t merely a mantra we demand of our candidates. It is something we ought to live by too— or at least try. How then can we transform Daang Matuwid into Bayang Matuwid, if we do not? That too is the supporter’s dilemma.

Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • Concerned For Mar ,

    I heard the same spiel from Mar supporters days, weeks ago. I was asking what the handlers/publicist of Mar is doing about the poor survey rating. I heard them (2 persons who do not know each other) saying what you just wrote now. To start campaigning for Mar and Leni, not Mar, not Leni, but Mar and Leni. To go out and campaign, actively campaign and tell your friends about Mar, your group, your club, everybody you bump into, tell them about Mar. Stop complaining, start campaigning. Put yellow stickers in your car, gate, give out Mar car stickers to your friends and peers. My cousin said: do it for me, dont ask about Mar now, just campaign for him. i was told that Sec Jimenez will start working on Mar after new year and they will drop “Daang Matuwid”. Tell people how worse PH will be with Duterte, Binay or Poe. I am for Mar Roxas and i plan to campaign for him but like i asked my cousin, what will Mar do for the country. He has been a public official for 20 years and he was among the decision makers. What did he do to improve MRT/LRT/Airport/Pier/EDSA during when he was SOTC. What was his long term agenda for PNP, welfare of policemen when he was SILG. What is his strategy to improve lives of entrepreneurs and to help fathers to support their families when he was STI. In some interviews, if Mar is asked about current problems: traffic, taxes, china/philippine sea, corruption, infrustructure, MRT/LRT, MAR would say : we have to study these matters carefully to provide solution. are these problems not present 20 years ago for him not to see it? he travels along EDSA and sees the mrt/lrt, has he not come up with a solution to the problems we are facing. The reason why i am not convinced campaigning for Mar is his lack of resolve and decisiveness to act. Proper government action would have been timely done during PNoys time because we are in the period when we have so much money we resort to corruption just to spend them. In previous administration, the solution could not be implemented because of lack of budget or resources. With PNoy, government had to device schemes how to spend money/accelerate spending because we have so much. But how much of it went to building hospitals, building houses, building classrooms, farmers, fishermen, micro entrepreneurs. I am sure hundreds of billions or even trillions of it went to officials and bogus NGOs, they could even fake SAROs and government will just say: we will conduct a thorough investigation!! this government as the previous governments consider the Filipinos stupid. Even if we see it on video or actually happening, the government will just say, we will investigate. If Mar Roxas will just stop studying the problem and start to tell the Filipinos what he plans to do with EDSA, MRT/LRT/Airport, Corruption, Poverty, how many houses he will build, how many classrooms, hospitals he will put up, how to solve problem of civil servant salaries, high tax rates, rising cost of living and his actual way of doing it, i will not only vote for Mar but i will also pledge to campaign for him and deliver minimum of 100 votes from my friends, relatives, co-workers, co-parents etc whom i will persistently convince to vote and campaign for Mar.

    • Janet L. Reyes ,

      I teared up reading this. So eloquent and so true. This article should really be read by every Mar and Leni supporter who needs inspiration and encouragement.