How Facebook aides Duterte, Marcos in killing the Truth

Images began to circulate on Facebook about a PHP300,000.00 (US$6,000) check issued to Duterte blogger and now Movie and Television Review and Classification Board member Margaux Uson (publicly known as Mocha Uson). Many of the bank details were redacted like check number and the name of the check’s signatory. Many Netizens were quick to compare the signature to Former Senator Bongbong Marcos, Jr., son of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. 

The response was swift as a Nazi-German Blitz.

The Superficial Gazette reported that the private individuals who reposted the image have been reported for harassment from Duterte-Marcos trolls. Another page called “Mr. Obosen” was taken down. According to the Superficial Gazette, he has opened a new page called “Mr. Obosen Obosen”. Assortedge went offline and as well as Madam Claudia. Perhaps, the swiftness in unsurprising. An investigative report by online publication, Rappler showed how Duterte-Marcos followers have gamed Facebook. There is a clear, continuous and organized attempt to game the reporting function of Facebook.

This was the image that’s being circulated: 

The response to the suspicious meme was more telling than the check itself. It spoke of fear, and anger as if it somehow got to them. What then does it say about the authenticity of such a meme? 

This is the Superficial Gazette’s post on Facebook (copied here in case their page goes offline too): 




Cocoy Dayao

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