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TAYO Foundation launches the TAYO Summer Youth Camp 2012

Want to learn a thing or two this summer? This season of the sun, enrich yourself by jamming with youth leaders from various organizations nationwide for a three days full of fun, exciting and educational activities.

In celebration of  Ten Accomplished Youth Organization Inc.‘s 10th Anniversary, TAYO Youth Camp will be selecting a total of 120 campers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to discuss the country’s issues in an out of the box and fun way.

So if you are aged 15-25 and is looking for a different and productive way to spend you summer, dive into this one of a kind retreat to CamSur with TAYO!

Application is open until April 15, 2012.

Postscript: Expect for some good music so let your hair down and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.


The TAYO Foundation is calling for participants for the 1stTAYO Summer Youth Camp to be held at CamSur Watersports Complex on May 3-5, 2012.

For nine years, the TAYO Search saw the Filipino youth’s living examples of heroism breaking the walls of poverty, lack of resources, and lack of opportunity. As TAYO celebrates its 10th year this 2012, we would like to raise the bar higher and provide more opportunities for growth and improvement for deserving youth leaders and youth organizations not only through the search but also through other activities. Thus, TAYO is launching the TAYO Summer Youth Camp.

It is the first of its kind in the Philippines. The TAYO Camp aims to gather youth leaders from different organizations in the country for a three-day camp where issues of the day are discussed in fun, creative, and dynamic ways. The Camp aims to inspire the participants to cultivate the DOer culture, to spread positive living as a way of life, and to encourage their fellow youth to make use of their talents, skills, and interests in addressing their community’s problems.

Different fields of interests compose the TAYO Camp: (1) Music & Dance, (2) Visual Arts, (3) Performing Arts, (4) Videography & Photography, and (5) e-Literature. Applicants will have the liberty to select which workshop they would like to participate into. However, in every field, only 24 campers shall be accommodated. The Camp will be selecting a total of 120 campers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Application is open until April 15, 2012.

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards Foundation is hailed as one the country’s premier organizations which recognize outstanding groups of young Filipinos who are instrumental in the development of the country through simple, worthwhile, and innovative projects meant to solve problems in their local communities, school, or workplace.

This project is made possible through the help of the National Youth Commission, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, and Lenovo Philippines. To know more about TAYO and the camp, and to download the application form, visit their website at






New Beacons of Hope: 9th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations

I’ve been a part of the search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations for three years already because of the nature of my job. No, I am not one of the finalists, let’s just say our office is pretty much involved in this annual search for youth organizations who have created huge impacts in their communities.

Being a staff in the Office of Senator Kiko Pangilinan, an institutional partner of the search, I’ve been involved in this annual search in various ways, but the 9th search for Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations is probably one of the most memorable TAYO searches I have experienced. Not only because I was chosen as one of the national judges for NCR but also because of the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a seat down chat with some of the TAYO 9 finalists, who, too much of my delight, emerged as part of the Top Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations this year. (5 finalists in our table won)

L-R Joeby Barrientos (Aklan Catholic College Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants); Rox Murillo (Industrial Engineering Council of the Cebu Institute of Technology-University); Cyril Sayre (Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao); Lesly Anne Bangoy (MACO Youth for Peace); Rob Basco (Youth Solidarity for Peace); and Lea Asuncion (Indak Kabataan Youth Organization)

Indak Kabataan, a youth organization in a depressed area in Alabang, Muntinlupa, who’s main program “Organisadong Binyagan,” focuses on kids ages 3 and above in their community to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. The group raise money to fund the project by joining dance contests, cleaning canals in nearby communities, and through support from some City officials. Unknown to many, due to poverty in slum areas, some parents can’t even afford to have their babies baptized. And this is where Indak Kabataan Youth Organization (IKYO) comes in. All the nitty-gritty is covered by the group, the church, priest, clothes and a simple gathering after the christening.

NYC Chairman Leon Flores III explains all about NYC and its projects and advocacies during the NYC Bloggers Night
NYC Chairman Leon Flores III explains all about NYC and its projects and advocacies during the NYC Bloggers Night

Personally, I must admit that This youth organization struck me the most because of how it helps rehabilitate juvenile delinquents, whom, they admitted, were mostly “drug addicts” when the group was formed on 2006. As I have mentioned, I was one of the judges during the NCR Area finals and I was moved by the story of Lea Asuncion, the group’s President and representative for TAYO 9. I thought to myself that the group has a lot of potential if only given the proper guidance and support. And in my personal opinion, helping CICL (Children in conflict with the law) prove that there’s always a room for change and growth really gives a direct impact, not only in their community, via their projects, but also in the lives of their volunteers. Congrats to Indak Kabataan Youth Organization for being one of this year’s winners. This group is a concrete example that everyone can change, especially the youth, if they are given proper guidance and care. Thus, as how they put it, the once “perwisyo sa komunidad” is now the “pag-asa ng bayan.”

On the other hand, another youth organization from Mindanao, called Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao (ALEY NM) sparked my interest upon reading their group’s entry this year. Yes, ALEY NM was also a TAYO finalists last year but they weren’t able to make it to the Top Ten so I was happy that this year, they were able to make it.

Their project entry “Improving Food Security among Rural Youths and their Families” rings a bell, especially nowadays that food security is an issue that the Philippines should really focus on.

Cyril Sayre, one of the volunteers and this year’s representative of ALEY NM was very passionate as he was explaining to me their project entry this year. I find their project an out of the box way addressing food security in the rural areas of Misamis Oriental, which is also one reason why others may find it a bit odd. But hey, they won’t bag the the Lenovo Most Innovative Project special award for nothing. ^_^

But really, the technology or system that they use to produce vermi-composted organic matter as fertilizer mixed with human waste (feces and urine) is really brilliant. Not to mention they are also helping poor families to have their very own concrete toilets (yes, believe it or not, most rural families in their area still don’t have toilets) aside from teaching them the value and importance of backyard farming, by providing their beneficiaries with seedlings and teaching them how to grow it even if they don’t have their own backyards. (Most of their beneficiaries live in coastal areas)

Aside from vegetables, tree seedlings are also sold to be able to raise fund for their projects. These tree seedlings are commonly used for tree planting activities. “Food always in the home” is ALEY’s vision.

Me with Cyril Sayre of the Association of Locally Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao

Another entry from Mindanao, specifically in Zamboanga City, is the Youth Solidarity for Peace – Peace Advocates. Like the two previous groups and projects I just mentioned, what could be even more timely, especially in Mindanao, but the issue of peace.

And like ALEY, YSP was also a TAYO 8 finalists but wasn’t able to make it to the Top 10 so I’m happy for the group that they were able to enter the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations this year.

Robert Bacso, YSP volunteer and the group’s representative for this year’s search was overflowing with energy as he was explaining to us during the NYC Bloggers Night their project and how helpful their summer camps are, especially to the Mindanao youth.

Their project entry this year is “Peace Education through Summer Peace

NCR Commissioner Georg Nava explains all about the TAYO Search

Camps.” It is an initiative that aims to “build a peace constituency among children and youth through the culture of peace and framework. This summer camp is being held annually and is composed of youth leaders from different institutions, out-of-school youths, young professionals, as well as young people with special needs regardless if they are Muslims, Catholics, or are a part of the indigenous tribes. Good thing about this summer camp is that it’s TOTALLY FREE! YSP believes that conducting peace camps will help instill the culture of peace in the minds of the young people, which will eventually eliminate signs of apathy and violence. Very interesting indeed! He even told us that we can join in one of their summer camps if we wish. ^_^

By the way, after the awarding ceremonies in Malacanang last October 27, we congratulated Rob (Robert’s nickname) and he handed us (Liz Reyes and I) a sort of kit, which I really find very cute and creative by the way, and a book entitled “The Thread that Binds.” And based on the book’s introduction, “the book is not only a narration of what had happened in the project areas [jn Mindanao] over a period of four years, rather, they are an expression of what it means to be liberated from the grinding chains of poverty and disposession, to finally have something to hold on to, and to know once more what it means to be a human being.” Haven’t read the whole book yet, just scanned through the pages but it seems a nice read.

As how Rob would put it, they want people to see Mindanao in a different light. And one of their projects is actually to keep Mindanao away from the shadow of war, thus they have this vision of “terrorism to tourism.”

The creative YSP Summer Camp Kit and book given by Rob

I would love to get to know more the other groups as well because based on their introductions and project descriptions, their entries are very much interesting, but due to lack of time and for fear that this piece might go on forever, I would just like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the Top 20 finalists for being an agent of change at a young age. Truly, they are inspirations worth emulating. They give hope to our nation that there are still people who, despite their lack of resources and support from the government, still try to help their fellowmen the best way they can.




The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations for 2011 (TAYO 9). Awarding was held at Heroes Hall, Malacanang Palace with President Benigno Simeon Aquino III as Keynote Speaker

Please visit for more information about the TAYO search. Check the LIST of TAYO 9 Winners HERE.


PostScript: A representative from La Salle Worlds Debate presented their project and the upcoming worlds debate this year and early next year. Mind you, it’s very interesting!!! I’m not a debater but I would definitely love to watch brilliant minds debate. Hope I can watch it. ^_^ Here’s DLSU Worlds website for more information. TAKE ME TO MANILA!!!


Worlds Debate


***Thanks to the National Youth Commission (NYC) for the invite***



Sexuality and Spirituality: Using art and contraceptives to teach sexual health


SAS_ART-H poster


(Quezon City, Philippines—September 22, 2011) Sex and Sensibilities (SAS), in partnership with DKT Reproductive Health (Frenzy Condoms and Filipinay), will be holding a mandala art making contest using contraceptives on September 26-28 at theUniversity of the Philippines-Diliman. A cash prize of up to P15,000 is at stake for groups with a winning mandala design.

The word “mandala” is Sanskrit for both “circle” and “center.” Mandalas are a good way to communicate sexual health, because mandalas are seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself. Mandalas are also reflections of the spiritual self because they offer a unique and powerful way to self-discovery and healing through the use of imagery, symbolism, color and balance.

About 100 UP students are expected to participate in the ART-H contest. On Monday, September 26, registered groups will attend the ART-H primer: a sexual health workshop and mandala art making orientation in Palma Hall. This primer is open to all: contestants, bloggers, journalists, writers, students, RH advocates.

During the contest on Tuesday and Wednesday, the participants will create mandalas using Frenzy condoms and birth control pills to be provided by DKT-Reproductive Health. They are expected to create designs linked to the related key issues: reproductive health, maternal health, women’s sexual health rights, and informed choice.

The mandalas will be evaluated based on a panel of judges and the number of most “Likes” on the Sex and Sensibilities Facebook page. All artworks will also be displayed in front of the office of the College of Social Science and Philosophy Student Council, located at the West Wing of Palma Hall, for a week.

“By using art, students will get to touch, feel, and interact with condoms and birth control pills. We want to create an environment that will allow young people to ask questions about their sexual health and openly discuss sexuality issues. We see this as a concrete step in fostering a healthy and responsible attitude towards sex among young adults,” says Ms. Ana Santos, founder of SAS. “We highly encourage the participants to attend the workshop as a primer to the contest because the story has to be complete–it is not enough that you’ve touched or felt condoms or know about birth control pills. You need to know how to use them properly and responsibly,” she adds.

DKT Reproductive Health, manufacturer of Frenzy condoms and Filipinay line of contraceptive pills, has always been a staunch supporter of SAS in actively promotion positive sexuality and informed choice.

This project is supported by the UP-Diliman based network, RH AGENDA (Reproductive Health and Gender Advocates Movement).

Students must join in groups of 4-10 members, and must indicate time slot for the ART-H primer: 10AM-12PM or 12-2PM. The participants will then be divided in two groups for the contest on Tuesday, September 27, and Wednesday, September 28 from 11:30AM-1PM at the Palma Hall lobby. The group that lands first place will win P15,000, 2nd P12,000, and 3rd P10,000 in cash.

To inquire and/or register, students may email [email protected], or contact +63917-851-0209 or +63917-836-0345 from September 1-22, 2011.

For the complete mechanics and details, please visit and follow @dash_of_sas on Twitter.


Sex and (SAS) is a non-profit website committed to improving the level of understanding of sexual reproductive health rights among Filipinos through the dissemination of accurate, practical and factual information on STI/HIV prevention and population and development in governance. SAS open to all, and is represented in other online media outlets, including popular social media networks Facebook and Twitter.



TOMS is looking for dynamic young Filipino leaders!

If you are a dynamic and passionate youth leader in the Philippines with great ideas, then TOMS wants YOU to be part of Campus Clubs Philippines.


Pioneer projects, help children in need, connect with other agents of change, and promote conscious consumerism by being part of Campus Clubs. Learn more about it during the launch, which happens next week.

When: 7-10PM, Friday August 12, 2011 (International Youth Day)

Where: U-View, Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City

TOMS, if you haven’t heard about it, is a company that matches every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. It’s grounded on the One for One principle. TOMS was created by American Blake Mycoskie in 2006 after he befriended children in Argentina who had no shoes to protect their feet. (Yes, the founder’s name is Blake. Don’t worry, akala ko rin Kuya Tom. The name comes from the word tomorrow and the idea that we will have a better tomorrow. PAK!)

TOMS proves that a successful business can have a clear social conscience. In other words, it’s not just a shoe company, it’s a movement.

And a green one at that. TOMS was featured in Tree Hugger back in 2008. I support and purchase products that use earth-friendly and animal-friendly materials. The shoes in their Vegan line contain no animal products.

See you at the Campus Club launch!

Stay updated with TOMS news by Liking the TOMS Philippines Facebook page and confirming your attendance to the Campus Clubs launch.

call for applications: Global Changemakers Youth Summit in the UK

Sixty (60) social activists will be selected from all over the world to attend the Global Youth Summit in England, November 13-19. The participants will spend a week in the UK sharing best practices in the areas of human rights, climate change, poverty reduction, education, HIV/AIDS, and social entrepreneurship.

The sixty Changemakers will share best practices in the areas of human rights, climate change, poverty reduction, education, HIV/AIDS, and social entrepreneurship, and will work together with experts and organisations like MTV, Oxfam and Save the Children. The week will consist of five full days of training, workshops, as well as visits to local community projects to help build participants’ capacity and establish innovative youth-led solutions to pressing global challenges.

Who will be selected?
Candidates should:
✔ Be aged between 16-19 on November 13, 2011
✔ Have a proven track record of social entrepreneurship, community activist, or volunteer work
✔ Possess good spoken command of English

How will participants be selected?

On 4 July 2011, an online call for applications will go out on
asking social entrepreneurs, community activists and volunteers from around the world aged 16-19 to submit a written application and 2-minute YouTube video detailing their track record in community work and how they plan to contribute to the network activity and wider impact if selected.

Deadline of Applications: 24 July 2011 (Sunday)

Applications will be evaluated for quality of the applications as well as geographic, thematic and gender balance. Sixty candidates will be invited to attend the summit and join the Global Changemakers network.

There are currently nine (9) Global Changemakers from the Philippines. Six of them were recently selected to attend the Asia Youth Summit in Delhi, India on 17 – 23 July. They are: Albert Gonzalo Bautista, Joseph Anthony Ernest Mansilla, Anna Oposa, Dwight Jason Ronan, Samuel Rottiers and Ponce Ernest Samaniego. They have been selected from over a thousand young people who applied from all over the world. It is the first time that the Asia Youth Summit is being held.


The Global Youth Summit is part of the British Council’s Global Changemakers initiative. Global Changemakers is a global youth network of social entrepreneurs, social activists and volunteers.
They meet to share ideas and best practices, and work individually and together on projects that directly impact the lives of those in their local communities. In addition, each year, a select group of Global Changemakers is chosen to participate in high-level political and economic events like the World Economic Forum, to act as advocates and to raise decision-makers’ awareness of key issues on the global agenda.

Since its inception at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in 2007, Global Changemakers has organised and run over 15 regional and global youth workshops across the world – in Amman, Beirut, Cape Town, Doha, Harare, Rio de Janeiro and London, among others. Global Changemakers have been invited to participate in World Economic Forum events in Cartagena, Dar es Salaam, Sharm el Sheikh, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Davos, the Clinton Global Initiative, G20, UN World Climate Conference, Women Deliver, and the launch of the World Bank’s Youth Anti-Corruption network.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Jennifer Domingo, Programme Coordinator
T +914 1011 to 14 ext 134
E [email protected]

The British Council is the UK’s international body for cultural relations. We build engagement and trust for the UK through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people worldwide.
We are registered in the UK as a charity.

For more information, please visit: or

Join the Blog Action Day on June 8 to Save our Coral Reefs and Seas!

Join the Blog Action Day on June 8 to Save our Coral Reefs and Seas!

Our beautiful and diverse marine resources and wealth need your attention and your help. They are under attack.

Exploitative foreign firms, in tandem with local partners and left unchecked by irresponsible government officials, are illegally harvesting and peddling our precious coral reefs. In one case, coral reefs twice the size of Manila was destroyed, and the plunder continues.

We cannot accept this. We must act now to save what’s left of our coral reefs and to protect our seas so those beautiful and important natural resources are preserved for our and the next generations to enjoy.

We call on all Filipino bloggers, Tumblr and Posterous users, Tweeps, Plurkers and all netizens to join the June 8 International Blog Action Day to save our seas and coral reefs. Your voices, our actions are that important.

What can we do?

  • Tweet, Plurk, or post to spread the word about this event: Share or repost this announcement.
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #reefwatchPH.
  • Spread the URL.
  • Repost and share our official campaign badge (to be posted soon so please come back!).
  • Most importantly, on June 8, join the Blog Action Day from your favorite social media channels (blog, Tumblr, Posterous, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.

Some ideas and suggestions

While the issue is serious, there are a lot of creative ways to send our message across on or before June 8:

  • An open letter to officials and companies.
  • A photo essay about your favorite beaches or dive spots.
  • Design and share mini-posters, posters and drawings.
  • If you grew up near a beach, tell us about your fond memories.
  • Post about why your (future) kids and future grandkids ought to have the chance to see and enjoy our coral reefs and seas.
  • Why harvesting and peddling corals is bad for the environment and is bad business.
  • Proposals on how to protect or clean up our seas.
  • If you belong to a clan, group, or organization, invite them to join the event.

Taking an extra step or two won’t harm too. You may email your senator, congressman, the Environment secretary, and even the President to demand action.

NOW is the time to act.

We can do this. Let’s make our social media work for something good. Let’s make Philippine coral reefs, seas and the need to save them the trend – to raise awareness, to inspire action, to grow our communities, and to compel government action.

by Tonyo Cruz
First posted at:

Photo credit: Richard Ling, some rights reserved.

Youth Manifesto to Address Planetary Malpractice

Beginning yesterday, the youth of America, led by the brilliant 16-year-old Alec Loorz and Our Children’s Trust, began filing a series of legal actions in every state and the District of Columbia to compel the government to address climate change. The goal is to have the atmosphere declared as a “public trust” deserving special protection.

It’s epic. It’s historical.


To add more pressure for the US government to respond, there will be over 100 marches in over 25 countries around the world from May 7-14, organized by young people who want their voices to be heard.

To further seal the deal, we are collecting online signatures from younger generations of the world, because we need to show America and the rest of the world that our future is at stake here.

The text of the online petition can be found below. You may sign the petition here.


To: The Federal Government and All State Governments of the United States of America

A Manifesto to Address Planetary Malpractice on Behalf of Present and Future Generations

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela

We, the youth of the world, speaking with one common voice, regardless of color and creed, respectfully express our support for the series of legal actions filed by the youth of the United States of America. These actions, based on the rule of the Law, are directed to compel their federal government to take serious, sustained, and effective action to address the challenge of rapid climate change and global heating.


The environmental and humanitarian planetary crisis caused by anthropogenic climate change presents the worst case of environmental injustice. Leading climate scientists today warn us that the Earth is in imminent peril, on the verge of runaway climate heating that will impose catastrophic conditions for generations to come. We are already bearing the consequences of a whirlwind of past misdeeds—floods, cyclones, droughts, crop failures, water insecurity, and extreme poverty made worse by degraded environments and economic losses. For island countries, the very existence of their people and their entire country is at threat.

This is the world that we – the youth of today – will inherit: a parched Earth incapable of sustaining life. No less than our right to self-preservation and self-perpetuation is at stake.

We have entrusted you, and other decision makers and leaders of today, to be the guardians of our inheritance. You have a window of opportunity to ensure that when our time comes, we will still have the necessary sources of life of Land, Air and Water. These are the assets entrusted to you to protect. A violation of this trust will expose us, and generations to come, to irreparable injury and irreversible damage.

Younger generations hereby state our intention to take positive action, and where necessary, legal action against malpractice of the trust reposed in our political leaders. The series of legal actions taken by the youth of the United States of America today, backed by an elite team of lawyers and grounded on the common and general principle of the Public Trust Doctrine, is only the beginning. Younger generations have a right to inherit an Earth that has sustained all of human civilization. It must continue to do so.

How old will you be in 2050? We will be between the ages of 51 and 64, living our lives in the legacy of your decisions today.

The time for talk is over. It is time for action.



Please sign the petition here, and feel free to repost, tweet, and link.

The head, heart, hands and health of 4H Club

Fresh from their victory in the recently held 8th Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO), The Pagaypay 4H Club of Barangay Pagaypay, Passi, Iloilo already has a growing number of young adults who are very keen in joining their club.

Based on a story in Manila Bulletin, these Passi youngsters teach the youth the importance of agriculture while elevating their town’s economic opportunities by maximizing the use of its natural resources. Pagaypay 4H Club teach members how to farm, raise swine and chicken and process pineapple wine. Read more

Senator Kiko Pangilinan's 2010 Christmas message

2010 was a year of change for our country. President Noynoy Aquino’s victory in the elections was the catalyst our nation, aspiring for something better, needed most. Several months hence, we saw and felt these changes happening around us, albeit in a pace that would leave a lot of people wanting. Through sheer determination, we all fought against corruption, even if it meant just starting with not using wang-wangs and respecting traffic laws. With steely resolve, we were able to expose corruption in several government corporations and were able to institute much needed reforms to curb such practices. Read more